Thursday, 13 January 2022


 .. I like to share just how crazy our weather is .... I can tell you that at 08.00 am it was so cold and frosty .... the car windscreen had to be cleared so that the school run was not a disaster!! It is now 3.40pm and it looks like this..

... AND getting worse as I look out !Its madness !!

Is it any wonder I have finished my second book for this year..

It was a lovely read x

I also added this little cat ..

and also THIS cutie...

... to my grandaughter's collection and OFF her list xx The boys are now shouting that she has THREE and they only have ONE ! lol x ... oops x Back to work grandma !

Stay safe and hope you can find time to craft and read x

Diane x

3 comments: said...

That is quite the menagerie that you are crafting! I love that the boys are shouting for equality! LOL!! Go Grandma Go!!

kiwikid said...

The weather sure is crazy! Lovely collection of soft toys - no rest for grandma obviously!!

Maria said...

While you’re having wild wet and windy weather it’s HOT 🥵 here…..
Nice to sit in the warm cosy home and read….
Oh I love those cutie animals….