Wednesday 27 February 2013


... what I was given today...

my mum and dad gave them to me to say.. Thank you .. for keeping an eye on them over the winter xxx AWWW! They don't need to do that.... But, I love it that they did xx

 I was in my garden this morning and saw this little beauty...

there just might be some spring flowers this year xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 26 February 2013


... to make another of the little felt bags x I KNOW I said I was going to make something else .... and look at the CHAOS that caused !!

So, requests in mind I set off ... and now I have ..

a bag for a special person...

Hope she likes it xx ... I do x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 25 February 2013


...first off a very WARM welcome to Annie, who is joining us here at The Cheshire Quilter x You are very welcome to visit any time xx

NOW the warning .. at the end of the post will be a grizzly picture of what I did to my finger yesterday! So feel free to skip off into the warmth of another blog xxx He-He x

The ladies at Congleton Quilt group have sussed out that I am a bit of a sucker for a challenge! You may remember last year Joan gave me 2 projects that she had given up on ... a Christmas hanging, and a Halloween hanging... and I finished them both x Well, Gwen gave me 8 stack-and-wack blocks..

and a bundle of fabric...

My mum LOVES PURPLE , So, I thought I would make her a lap quilt for her birthday... now I KNOW that every machine has a different quarter inch ... BUT .. some ..OK MOST.. of the points were at the ends of the blocks!... NOT EVEN a sixteenth of fabric to make a seam! Gwen had already put 6 of the blocks to-gether ....and discovered this! (I think thats why she gave up and gave them to me!)

NOT to be defeated I set to and started putting them together .... and now Ta-DA....


I have a finished top xx mmmm I also like it ... so MAYBE mum will get it for her birthday!! lol x

NOW THE GRIZZLY BIT........ turn away now if feeling delicate! As I was coming to the end my rotary cutter slippped... You know the rest! It would not stop bleeding for HOURS!!.. as a nurse I knew the last place I wanted to go was the hospital ... so squeezed it into submission myself!! OH! and by the way....... I am pretty sure that at some place in there I said ...oh! dear! ... or words VERY similar to that!..

BE CAREFUL with your cutter x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Sunday 24 February 2013

HAVE YOU NOTICED...., the COLOUR of the quilt you are working on effects your work? I was recently asked to make 2 baby quilts. The first one was requested to be,  a pastel rainbow in a simple design . OK .... I can do that, although pastels are not so much a favourite... I can do it ...

it came to-gether quickly ......and I managed to slip a bit of BOLD in there ... delivered and VERY happy with x

The second was to be ,any design... I can do that x AND .....(drum roll!) .... PINK! Can you believe any-one would ask ME for PINK! and BABY pink at that! groan ! I CAN DO THIS!

Well, it took me a while ... and I dragged my feet! ...and I muttered under AND over my breath! BUT..


We have a PINK baby quilt x I was MUCH happier with the back (s)...

Bright...and Bold...and FUN x

Hope you have a project you like the colour of to work on to-day x (I now have bits of PINK fabric that I have hidden at the bottom of a DEEP stash pile !! He-He)

Keep smiling

Diane x

Saturday 23 February 2013


... a wonderful day to-day.. it started with delivering 2 of the little bags I made the other day x ,to 2 little girls who were .. OVER THE MOON with them xx

THEN it was off to Area day for The Quilters Guild x

A speaker in the morning ... with LOTS of show-and-tell x Then a make in the afternoon. We made LOTS of pinwheels that are to be made into a Linus quilt xx

I managed to buy some fabric..


ALL of them made me laugh... I think I may be able to use them x

When I got home I had this magazine to read...

AND the simply solid crew fabrics for February to drool over...

A GOOD DAY all round x Hope you have a good day  x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 21 February 2013


....I made the two little bags....


well.., I was (just browsing you understand! lol x) in HobbyCraft and found you can get pre-cut felt pieces..


so I set to making a few more...


THEN I made some more ...


I think maybe I should stop now and make something else !lol x I can always make some more another day xx

OOPS! I just noticed I did not turn the red bag over..

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 18 February 2013


... has flown in from Australia...

in the note that came with it ,Jeneta said she was sending some Australian warmth..

can you see the shadows? This is the first sun we have had for days and days xx TWO gifts in one go ... what a lucky girl (cough, cough!) I am xx

For those enquiring minds out there she tells me that the design... and the fabric is by Australian designer Sarah Fielke.
Keep smiling (as I am x)

Diane xx

Saturday 16 February 2013


...Simply Solid Bee there has been a fat quarter swap... the idea was to get 8 fat quarters to complement/kick start our stash xx

LOOK what I received...

The colours are sooo vibrant xx WONDERFUL x I am sure I will be able to use them all xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Thursday 14 February 2013


.....IF you are reading this ... it means I remembered to click "publish" !!! I went back to work last night ... first of 7, AND I will have been up and about for about 25 hours!!

To-day... Valentines day... is THE BIG REVEAL DAY for the Quilt-you-be-mine Valentines Round-Robin xx

There were 4 of us in my group... 3 in America... and me xx The other girls in the group did a wonderful job x Adam and Caroline LOVE it ... yes already claimed! LoL xx

Here is my quilt and ...


.....A BIG BIG thank you goes to all those involved (esp Michelle who organises us all XX)

You will be able to view the other quilts at

Keep smiling

Diane x 

Wednesday 13 February 2013


... quilt group in Congleton. We had to take our sewing kits with us, Bernadette from our local quilt shop came to visit us xx ( )

She brought her fabrics!!!!! Well...... I HAD TO BUY some xx Have to keep the local business going..

AND they were just too nice to leave behind xx

We had some hexagon rosettes to sew to-gether... raffle quilt to be made x AND Bernadette brought us a little make ....

she is a fob for a key ring xx Quick and easy to make ....OK I brought mine home and made it this morning.... BUT ...... there was gossip to catch up on, and tea to drink, and pancakes and biscuits to eat, and fabric to touch.... you get the picture I'm sure xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 12 February 2013


.... putting off making the Stash #3 blocks for Kat. I just did not fancy making wonky bargello! Especially when I read the instructions .... lots of sewn strips ... then cut the strips and make more strips ... then cut the strips ... you get the idea I'm sure xx

WELL... I bit the bullet today AND ... honestly it wasn't that bad! AND they came together really quickly!! He-He x What a twit!! x

Here are my 2 blocks ...

They are going in the post this afternoon. Just hope she likes my fabric choices now xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Monday 11 February 2013

WORK HAS TAKEN PLACE.... on the first block I receive for the 2013 Mystery-Round-Robin....... I cannot show you ....ITS A MYSTERY!! BUT...

I can show you a couple of teaser pictures xx..

It will be on its way to Virginia to-morrow for the next border to be added. The big reveal will be later this year ... so much fun xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Sunday 10 February 2013

I HAVE HAD A ......

...VIRUS!! Well not me... my laptop! NOT GOOD! A family member had their e-mail hacked ... and we got a BUG! I just don't understand the ...WHY.. of this stupid and destructive behaviour!

Never mind , thanks to the hard work and expertise of my son I am back up and running .. and safe xx

Just because I could not use the lap top DID NOT mean I could not use my needle xx I worked on my WONDERFUL valentine Round-Robin...


The big reveal is 14th February...

so I can only show you teaser shots ...

TRULY the girls in my group did a wonderful job...

I also made my 2 mug rugs for the swap..


It has been organised by Michelle at the Quilting Bloggers site xx They were soooooooooooo much fun to make xx These patterns will be getting another work-out soon...


I hope you are all safe and sound

Keep smiling

Diane xx