Saturday 31 May 2014

TODAY was...

.. a celebration of a quilting blog birthday at ... x the idea was to have a sewing day and something bubbly .. and join in with the celebrations on her blog xx

My usual companions were ...

a bit unenthusiastic at the start of the day x By the end ...

it hadn't got much better!! However I had another companion ..

who was much more enthusiastic xx He doesn't like bubbly drinks and so settled for..

something different x My drink had bubbles..

and was ..

none alcoholic xx as I don't like alcohol xx 

I started with making a broach that we had from Congleton quilt group last week..

it was a quick and easy project that was a lot of fun to make x

the next project was to make a cushion ... you may remember Blair's Blocks ... well I still had 2 blocks left over .. one was a little small .. so this I made into the back.....                                   
I just need to quilt the main (big) quilt and he will have 2 quilts and a cushion xx                     
The next project was another quick and easy one ... I made my post card for June .... the theme for this month is English patchwork ...I decided NOT to go with hexagons but chose a different shape  .... so this is the one I made .....      
Hopefully my partner will like it x           
My last was a "finishing off" project . Last year ... as we were eating our Christmas dinner!!... my mum announced that she would have liked a table runner!! NOW I had asked her previously if she wanted a runner and she always said NO!!!  SO .. I have used some of my blocks from the Christmas Block Swap .. and made her a runner ...
I DID say if she doesn't like it.... it fits perfectly on my sideboard ... however she has taken it home with her!! OH well! I suppose I can make another for me xx
My sons partner has her birthday tomorrow .. so we went out for tea and then ... we had to have some cake ...
mm delicious xx..... it has been a good day......
Hope you have had a good day and managed to get some time to sew and maybe spend time with family ... better still ... had some cake xx
Diane xx


... there is a PARTY .. at ..... it is to celebrate the anniversary of her blog xx I'm off to get organised to join in xx

Will post later with the projects I manage to do xx

Pop over and join in the fun xx

Diane x

Friday 30 May 2014


.... to work on the challenge piece for Congleton quilt group . You may remember that the group will be 30 years old this year ... PEARL.. and we were given ..

a piece of muslin and a pearl bead. I have had several idea floating around .. but I made my mind up and ... went for it to-day xx

First off it was the fabric selection .. the main /background fabric is wonderful in the flesh.. trying to get a picture was not so easy..

it is a pinky silvery shimmery fabric..

hopefully you will have an idea of what it is like . Then the second fabric..

this also has a shimmery look as it is shot through with gold and silver thread. WHEN the fabric was decided on I turned to the pattern. I LOVE children's picture books for their simplicity... I dug out this one ..

and on the page for 8 there are ..

SO.. to work xx  I appliqued the numbers ..

and quilted the clams around them..

then around the edges I sewed on 2 sets of 30 pearls x.....

AND THE MUSLIN? ... well it needs a hanging sleeve and a label...

AH! All done ... it says June because that is when the piece is due in xx I'm very happy with it x

Diane x

Thursday 29 May 2014


.. a miserable pup..

the last couple of days ..( have you noticed when you DONT want them in a picture ..they wont leave! when you DO want a picture they become shy!!) Sam has pulled his shoulder .. he is a bouncy .. jumpy little dog .. so who knows how he did it! He has been restricted and kept in for a couple of days ...that was fun! trying to stop him jumping ...and leaving behind a sulky dog when we went out for a walk!  and now ..

 ... he is back to normal xx Gus?

he's fine xx

To-day I have been playing with fabric xx OHH! my idea of fun x The Queen Bee for June in the British Stash Bee is on holiday so has sent her fabrics out early..

she wanted us to improvise and make a 8 1/2 in block. NO RULES! I was not sure about this ... BUT I have had fun x First off I made some strips ..

then I sewed them together..

THEN I nailed my courage to the mast and cut it apart!!!!!! ... and sewed it back together again...

NEXT .. I sewed all the bits left over together ..

and once again cut it up .. and sewed it back together ..

SO .. blocks are made and ready to go home in the post x

 Tomorrow I am going to play some more and have a go at my pearl challenge for Congleton quilt group

I was shopping this morning and ALL THE WAY round I could smell bacon coming from the café!! SO...

YES I gave in and had bacon butties for dinner xx A good day all round x

Hope you get to play today xx

Diane x

Monday 26 May 2014

THE BAG... for my partner the BAG SWAP ....that I was NOT going to do!! ..  has been made ... and is in the post winging its way to America xx SO.. that means I can post a few sneaky peeks of it xx

First off when I made the practice one (in the air also .. going to daughter in Australia x) I used this...

...closure. WELL I changed my mind and went with..


..!!!!! I know! A zip!! I am soooo pleased with myself because it went in like a dream!! Who knew I could do that.. NOT ME!! lol x

I used this..

 for the lining, and I made the pockets (just showing a few)    scrappy .. as requested ..

and tried to incorporate colours from her mosaic. NOW just need to wait to hear that it got there safe and sound xx Then I can show you a photo of the whole thing xx

It is a Bank Holiday here in the UK .. and most unusually the sun is shining! SO .. into the garden I go to make the most of it .. rained every day for nearly a week now xx Hope it is nice where you are x

Diane x

Sunday 25 May 2014


..... we are on week TWENTY (already!!!) of ...  Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge ?

The word for this week is THREAD. I LOVE threads .. esp the variegated ones ..

I'm not a snob when it comes to using them ..I'll use what ever weight or colour .. as long as I think it fits with the project I am working on . The picture I have chosen for this week is ..

.. the centre is VARIGATED embroidery THREAD worked  by hand in chain stitch....

 the borders are worked on the machine with a VARIGATED thread xx

Don't forget to pop over and check the other pictures ... and maybe post one of your  own .. anyone can join in at any time xx

Diane x