Tuesday 29 March 2016


... the challenge ..... on day 2 my quote is yet another from when I was working ,and it is ...

....... Movement is life....

this is one that was very often hard to get patients to agree or comply with xx Muscle is a unique tissue that if not used just fades away .. SO.. although lying in bed might seem like a good idea at times ...IT ISNT!!! lol x

I have noticed as I get older my muscles are not as strong as they were so I am especially careful to make sure I keep them going every day xx

My nominee to join for yesterday lives in Australia .. so today I decided to come a bit closer to home and nominate Maria (www.dottysdaughter.blogspot.co.uk) from Wales xx

I don't have a picture that really shows movement so I decided to go with ..

... just for fun xx.. he "moves" around in my garden on a spring xx

Diane x

Monday 28 March 2016


... that I had been set a challenge by another blogger...... Terry (whos blog is called... On Going Projects ...and when I try to link to it Blogger keeps telling me it does not exist but I can have the name if I wish!! .. even though I can go straight to the blog .. ON BLOGGER!!!!!) .........set me a challenge where by I am to....

Post a favourite quote on my blog for 3 consecutive posts
Then nominate someone else to join in .. naming the blog so that we all find new blogs to read

I don't always join in with these challenges but after some thought I decided to have a go x

To-day I am going to nominate Sue from www.kiwikidspage.blogspot.com to join in x

My quote for today is ...

I like long walks especially when they are taken by people who annoy me..

I understand this is a Noel Coward quote , but I could be wrong .. I heard it many years ago and when I was working I would think it to my-self in various forms!! It helped that when I would think this to myself I would  NOT say some of the other things I would have liked to ....out loud!!!

Since I finished work I find myself thinking it less and less... ANOTHER good reason to retire xx

I myself go for a long walk everyday with these two..

.......who then snore loudly while they recover xx

See you next time xx

Diane xx

Sunday 27 March 2016


... this week is all about challenges. WELL the word for this week in the Word Photo Challenge 2016 (www.alshasspace.blogspot.com) is UNCLUTTERED .... mm I have many that I could enter for this one ... however I have decided to go with ...

I can hear you saying .. what the ...? Let me explain xx After dad had his stroke he could not get in ..or out.. of the bath ..SO a request went to the council to remove the bath and install a walk-in shower ... YES ...14 months later the job is done x .. better late than never x

It was a stressful week for them while it was done BUT .. the bath is gone

 they have a new walk-in shower  (that they COULD use everyday .. but that's a whole other story!) ... new tiles on the walls ...AND new flooring

It is bright and for the moment .. uncluttered x SO.. that's my entry for this week x

(I just went over to post my picture to the link ... and we have TWO WEEKS to get our entry in !!!! OH WELL! .... check back next week and I may have another post/picture to enter!! lol x)

Diane x

Friday 25 March 2016


... has involved a few "challenges".. not least getting round to writing this Blog post! lol x

I have been issued with a Blog challenge .. that will come next week .. most probably starting on Monday.

I was hit by something that .... thankfully... turned out to be inspiration and NOT something harmful or smelly! I have been looking for a "theme" for the Sandbach Quilt Group Summer challenge ... and now I have it x

SO.. I needed to work out the details .. and make some samples .. DONE xx I think its fun .. just hope the ladies agree x NOW I have to make a couple of prizes .. got the ideas for them too... OH! Im on a roll x

The next "challenge" came on Tuesday ...it was Congleton Quilt Group meeting and I came home with 2 bags..

...containing the left overs from the members raffle quilt .. there are 3 blocks left over and they wanted "something" as an extra raffle prize..... DONE x I feel I need to show it to the committee (to see if they like it!!!!)   BEFORE I can share it with you .. only fair x

CAN YOU SEE ... why this Blog post has been a challenge ! SUPER boring with no pictures xx

SO.. I thought I would share some of my  recently finished shawls .. I know not everyone likes knitting ... so if you are going ..Bye .. see you tomorrow x

(NOW REMEMBER.... a Blog with NO pictures is boring ... so NO complaints about the number of pictures you are about to see.... and remember this has been over the last several weeks xx lol x)

I showed you the yellow specked shawl .. well I was obviously craving sunshine because I made a yellow sparkly one..

SO much fun .. then a BIG yellow one with a gradient ..

that was 4ply .. so look a while x

Then I made grey one ...



which I liked the pattern of VERY much .. I had a gradient called Golden Peacock .. yes sparkles again .. that I thought would work well SO..



I LOVE this one xx THEN.......!!

(I KNOW .. its an obsession people ! lol x)

I found a pattern that worked REALLY well with those variegated wools that you (well me!!) ... see.. love and buy and then think .. mmm..

They were fun and fast to make x I then wanted a bit bigger and warmer one .. the sun went in and the wind came out!! ... So back to DK I went..

I liked the pattern and wondered ....what it would be like in 4ply (yes I found a LOT when I cleaned up!).. SO..

Are you exhausted! lol x You were warned xx I am now back to Dk... sparkles .. and cables .. GOT to be a winner ...

OK that's it!!! I KNOW... ! lol x

If you got to the end...well done x

Off for a cuppa and a bit more knitting x See you tomorrow x

Diane x

Monday 21 March 2016


.... TWO feet .. and I always wear TWO socks ..ALWAYS!! SO... why do I always have an odd sock after washing? I check the washing basket.. no odd sock. I check the washer ... nope! I check the dryer .. nothing! THEN next time I wash .. there is the missing sock!

WHY!!!!!...... (WELL I just found out that to-day 21st March.. is WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY.. and the idea is to wear ODD socks to promote a conversation that then promotes the day!! KNOW I know WHY xx )

Ok.. rant over .. smiley face once more xx lol x

My oldest grandson became a teenager recently .. I have no idea how that happened so quickly! Yesterday dad was feeling better so we went out for a meal THEN ......

.....did you guess we had cake? ..OH YES!.. you know us xx lol x

It was a lovely day .. mind you the heat from the candles was a bit intense xx

I have 2 friends with birthdays in April .. both have had bag requests in for a while xx I DO like it when they tell me .. makes it soooooooooooo much easier xx

The first is done ..

hopefully I will be able to get to  the other one soon x

I am now going to tackle the ironing mountain that is threatening to topple over and cause an avalanche xx Wish me luck xx

Diane x

Sunday 20 March 2016


... in Alshas Word Photo Challenge 2016 (www.alshasspace.blogspot.com) is THANKFUL...... once again she has made us stretch the grey matter!

After some deliberation I decided on ..

....this little hanging was given to me when I retired... it hangs in my kitchen and I look at and bless the saying MANY times every day xx

I am thankful that I payed into my NHS pension for 40 years and that allowed me to retire at 59 and be comfortable without having to slog until I am 66 .. when the Government have decided they will pay my State pension... I am thankful that I now have the TIME (that's a laugh!!) to craft and be there for my family instead of saying .. mm I will have to see if I am working before making commitments x I am thankful to be able to spend holidays and Christmas with my family ...

I COULD go on .. but I am sure you get the picture xx BIG smiley face here xx

Diane x

Wednesday 16 March 2016


... this morning and brought me a lovely parcel all the way from New Zealand x My partner .. Kimberly (www.creativechaosnz.blogspot.com) has done me proud..

such a fun parcel. I especially like this key ring..

the shower cap is soo funny..

and I LOVE this bright and cheerful tea-towel..

Its great when a swap works xx

I had a couple of hours free yesterday.. by the way my dad is much stronger this week, he had an ECG which shows changes from AF but nil else , a repeat x-ray that will be compared with the last one AND repeat bloods that are ..again.. for comparison ! BIG thanks to everyone who sent messages I am SURE that helped to make him feel better xx  .... SO .. I tired out a few blocks to see what I felt like making next..

I decide a small quilt would be the order of the day ...

this top is now waiting to be layered xx ... the other blocks are "waiting" for a bit more inspiration to strike xx lol x ALL fabrics from my small mountain of course xx lol x

I hope you get to play and have fun to-day xx

Diane x

(ps. I forgot to say... you can see what I sent to Kimberly on her blog post x)

Sunday 13 March 2016


... is my entry for Alsha's Photo word challenge 2016... (www.alshasspace.blogspot.com )the word for this week is ..ice cream.. this immediately makes me think of days out at the sea-side ..and as my dad is in my thoughts a lot at the moment I am going with..

this was taken a couple of years ago in Prestatyn xx A lovely memory x

Yesterday I went off to Frodsham for The Quilters Guild Regional day .. we are in Region 13. The theme of the day was dying and using that in quilts.. it was a GREAT day my favourite was the lady in the afternoon who was using the cyanotype technique ..STUNNING she is very interested in Ernest Shackleton ..well obsessed actually x She has made quilts by transposing old photo negatives from his epic journey ..again STUNNING .. off the top of my head I know her name was Cathy !! I will look it up and let you know x

There is always a small display of members quilts and these were 2 of my favourites...

I have been going to Regional days twice a year for 16 years .. I always buy raffle tickets .. and NEVER get a sniff at a prize.. well yesterday was different! I won a prize wooooo-hoooooo ..

...it is not easy to see ...but it is a blank canvas all ready to be creative on xx Thinking cap on xx

I tried VERY hard to resist the allure of the fabric .. I failed BUT I only bought 2 small pieces and I know I will use them ..sometime xx lol x

My journey takes me partly through Delamere forest .... it was raining on the way home ..AND I must have been in a receptive mood because with the rain and the overcast sky and the sodden branches it was easy to see why the Celts and Tolkien for that matter thought trees have personalities and can move!! lol x time for a cuppa I feel x

Have a great day.. Im having my Sunday dinner cooked for me .. and I wont have to wash the pots either xx

Diane x