Saturday 31 March 2012


To-day I got up to a wonderful post.... have I mentioned recently that I LOVE my postman... don't think he knows though!!

I got a parcel from Karen... she is my first partner for the Modern Round-Robin... this is her block..

I have a couple of ideas already for what I am going to do.... next week when I am off, I have time to decide exactly WHAT xx She also sent me this lovely little thread catcher... its too nice for that ,so, I will be finding something else to put into it xx

ALSO I got these...

AHH! You may have noticed the date... THEY ARE GOING LIKE HOT CAKES!!!! Definitely something to look forwards to xx LOVE IT xx and him xx

I had a sneaky peak and the colour for April is ................. PINK !!! who chose that? NOT me!!

So, I went in search of colours to bridge PINK and YELLOW... and I found some!! There is also GREEN in all of these... YOU KNOW it is my favourite xx

The first is a bit MANIC,

I was using up some truely (is that a word?) awful fabrics that I had from who knows where! YES they are manic but they sort of went together xx ( snort!)

ALL the colours and lots of embellishments ... SO me!!

The next is a quilt that combined 2 block of the month collections... again linking all the colours together ....

embellished again!!

With this next one I gave up on the "artistic" draping of the quilts!! This one was a using up scraps one

It has been well used over the years..

NOW I have to find a PINK background I can live with for the next month !! 

Hope you are happy today... I am xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 30 March 2012


Oh dear! The sun seems to have gone away for a while (hopefully not too long x). I know it is more "normal" weather for this time of year... but it is rather sad to have clouds and low temperatures again xx

I am SO much happier with the BLUE background for this times New-York-Beauty..

I need to decide how I am going to quilt it now...

Josh (grandson no 1) is coming for tea tonight... so once again I have to go look in the cupboards for something to feed him with .. the boys got fed last night with NO complaints.... OH!! THE PRESSURE xx LOL xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 29 March 2012


Well, back to work last night.... usual manic Wednesday! I thought the sunshine might have encouraged a few folks to stay at home... NO! Oh well! Pays the wages I suppose xx

I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got there, one of the girls has been making badges..... and she made me this one ...

I am enjoying the sunshine... the only down side is it does encourage SOME people to take OFF far too many clothes!! OH DEAR! It makes you wonder if they ever look in the mirror before they leave the house!! lol x

I started work on the latest New York Beauty block (no 11!!) yesterday. I wanted to move away from the white background... and so worked on ...PINK

However it is NOT working for me..... I have not chucked them will maybe change them into something... not sure what !

So ,I have changed to BLUE .... I'm happier with this and will hopefully have the top done to show you tomorrow.... Adam and James coming for tea to night , so, need to go raid the cupboards and find SOMETHING  for them to eat.... lol

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Quilts From My Crayon Box: Announcing the Halloween See Saw Swap!

Quilts From My Crayon Box: Announcing the Halloween See Saw Swap!

Want to be involed with a swap?

A small one?

Head over and have a read xx

Diane xx


I am back at work to night... wonder if the lovely weather will reduce the number of admissions we have ... or will it just be the usual mania? We will see !

It was quilt group in Congleton (Beartown) last night, LOTS of owls came to show-and-tell, some finished ... some not xx ALL wonderful.

Because of the Easter holidays  we will not meet for 4 weeks so... somehow... I have ended up with TWO lots of hexagons to make into lozenge shapes! How do I get talked into these things?!! (for new readers ... this is a group quilt that is being made for a raffle... from donated fabric x)

We had a make evening..

I did not make it last night ... but I will when I am next off, I find it is best to concentrate.... AND ... you ALWAYS leave the "ideal" fabric at home when you do these things xx

Annabelle, you do not have much longer to have to be exposed to YELLOWlol, I have not looked at the colour for April yet.... fingers crossed it will be something you like better xx .... wonder what background I will be "inflicting" on you all this time ? xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 27 March 2012


PHEW!! Sunday the latest block-of-the-month block was published, and,on Monday the New-York-Beauty block! As I was working on the stroppy teenage owl I am a bit behind.

SO... today I began the catch up. I made the block-of-the-month

I have to admit I made it twice... the first time I was not concentrating ....and it came out too big Hey-Ho! So, I made it again.... stubborn? ME? OH! OK I admit it xx lol x

I like the block ... so, will find something to do with it xx tomorrow I will be having a look at the NYB block .

Just in case you thought I had forgotten here is a YELLOW offering from my garden xx

Last but NOT least we welcome Julie who is our latest friend here at the Cheshire quilter... she comes to us all the way from Japan xx Hope she stays a while xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 26 March 2012


First off tonight we say hello to Samm who is joining us here, she is one of the group members for The modern Round Robin swap... lists are out and addresses sent... SO EXCITING xx I have sent mine off today.(the button/thingy is on the side bar)

 I posted a picture of my block a couple of days ago... then Michelle (our intrepid leader) let me know I am one of the lucky ones who gets to "play" twice... so here is my second block..

both went to the USA today...ALL I have to do now is wait and see what the first blocks for me to work on are like xx

NOW... for the story of one owl... this is MY owl

It was such fun to "dress" him we were given iron on wadding and muslin for the back. I layered up... and that's when the problems started.....

I turned my machine on and the bulb blew! should have stopped then... but I kept on......

The tread broke MANY time... should have stopped

The thread made a "nest" underneath... STOP? no I kept on!! Eventually I did give up.

To cut a long and boring story short...

I undid ALL the quilting, I threw out the fusible wadding, I found a light weight backing... then ,I put on a border, I FREE MOTION QUILTED... get me!.. with metallic thread

I appliqued letters

I NOW love this stroppy teenage owl.(back view)

I did not think I would ... but I do ...NOW!!

Keep smiling
Diane xx

Sunday 25 March 2012


Well, did you guess what we made yesterday?

We made Owls....everyone started with the same patten... and then.... went WILD!! Each one has its own personality xx I am NOT going to tell you which one is mine .... explanations tomorrow xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx 

Saturday 24 March 2012


If you are in the UK don't forget to put your clocks forward tonight.... or you will be waaayyy behind everyone else tomorrow xx

I have had a wonderful day...a playing with fabric workshop with Liz Wall.. here are some pictures of us hard at work

I just realised I did not get anyone to take MY picture!! DUUH!!

WHAT did we make? You may be able to see what is on the have to wait until tomorrow for the BIG reveal !! Mean !.... I KNOW xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx