Monday 25 June 2018


….. "crafting" this week has centred around my kitchen walls! I was having a clear-out and found 2 part tins of paint that I thought would work well together .. one a milky chocolate brown and the other a cream. I mixed them together and made a lovely creamy colour that made me happy ... and began  to paint!

NOW my poor arthritic shoulders know what I have been doing …. even though I went slowly and took the whole week for the project.... I am happy its DONE x ….AND the kitchen has had a good clean as I went along!! 

I knew there would not be enough for the whole kitchen (remember I live in a Victorian terrace and ..its BIG!!) … but I also had some white that I knew would work with it … I got a bit creative with the wall I started but couldn't finish...

.. its above a cupboard ..and I can live with it SO that is all that counts xx 

My black current bushes are LOVING the hot weather and EVERY morning this is what I am getting ..

SO tasty .. and I am sure my vitamin C levels are well up x

I will leave you with some colour from the garden as I go and find the gloss paint and … THINK about starting to paint the woodwork xx …. has cost me NO money ..just energy so far .. it is a bit like using up the stash!! 

Have a good week x

Diane x

Thursday 14 June 2018


.. the bees are loving the poppy's and foxgloves..

..they LOVE them xx Their back legs get loaded down with pollen and it looks like a strain to fly! However they keep doing it so I can only imagine its good stuff x 

We had MORE cake last week...

it was my sons birthday..

..and of course there was LOTS of sharing of cake..

… that is a word we are "encouraging" at the moment ..SHARING not CAKE!! lol x

I finished a scarf that I started while mum was having treatment.. was ideal in plain stocking stitch with the occasional garter bump that took NO thinking about!! lol x AND I used up some left-overs from my cardigan to make a jumper for the youngest grandson ..

..they are going into winter in Australia (as I am sure ALL of you already know!!) and it will come in useful I am sure x AND less to go to the stash!!

At Congleton Quilt group we had a session about positive and negative.. I came home and found some time to play.. (OF COURSE I made a bag with the bits!!)..

.. got to keep the granddaughters obsession ( 2year olds get SO obsessed!! lol x) with bags going xx 

I notice that BLOGGER has STILL not fixed whatever is going on with notifications.. I think I have kept up with replying to comments .. if not I do apologise .. will try to do better x

Diane x