Saturday 28 May 2022


 ... May did not turn out as I thought it would x I spent most of this last month helping to care for my dad x

He became ill and needed 24 hour attention. As a family we agreed with his wish to spend his last days at home, along with the GP and District Nurses we were able to make this happen x I like to think that he is now with my mum .. who was the love of his life x They met when she was 15, and he was 16 ,and, until she died 2 years ago they were ALWAYS together x

He died (at the age of 92) the day before, what would have been her birthday .. and knowing her .. she came and got him x

There has been a small amount of sewing and crochet going on .. , hopefully, I will be back to posting soon x

Stay safe ... and give your loved ones a hug and some time x

Diane x

Sunday 1 May 2022


 .. remember the piece of fabric from Sandbach Quilt group? Well I collected some scraps ..

.. YES I ironed them .. so MUCH more fun than irong clothes! lol 

Then using stitch-and-flip I made my background..

( my design wall in this case .. was/is a cardboard box! lol )

NEXT time this project is on the programme I am guessing we will be discussing applique.. watch this space x

I was "in the mood" to continue SO, I started on a project that has been mulling around my head for a while. My mum was an avid counted cross stitcher .. and had several projects that she did not use for anything .. so, I have used one as the basis for a bag..

.. the "other" side was a continuation of the stitch-and-flip....

I ALWAYS imagine that I am going to use MANY MORE scraps of fabric than I actually do! The boxes are just as full! lol 

I am VERY happy with the results x ...... we all need more bags-for-life x Hopefully mum would approve of my way of using her work .. and keeping it in circulation x I will be looking out some more of her folded projects x

Hope inspiration strikes you also x 

By the way .. how did MAY creep up so fast!!?

Stay safe 

Diane x