Sunday, 29 May 2016


... it is a week since the last Photo-Word-Challenge ?!! The word for this week is ... UNIVERSAL.... mm when you think about it its not so difficult.. but then how do you take a picture to express your thoughts?

ANYWAY... I eventually came up with ... seems that devices for communication are everywhere ... ie. UNIVERSAL... and they all need to be charged up ! lol x

Something else that seems to be universal is that when things go wrong and you keep going ... IT KEEPS GOING WRONG!!!!!!! lol x My mum "found" some bananas and decided I was to make some banana bread! thanks !!

SO... FIRST I discovered that the shelf holding the pans and bowels had collapsed.. and my bowl was in pieces.....

it had only been up for 29 YEARS for goodness sake! Gone to the garden now to fill the bottom of pots before planting xx .. gotta re-cycle x

SECOND when picking up the pieces I cut my knuckle...

...every time I bent it .... it bled some more!!

THEN when I look the loaves out of the oven they were lovely and raised .. turned to pick up the camera...

Hey-Ho !!! Tastes good x lol x

Your garden colours for to-day are..

Hope its been a good week x

Diane xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


... for the baby blankets keep coming in .. and I have got SO behind!

SO.. the last couple of days have seen me "attempting" to catch up! lol x

I had some panels from my friend .. and some fleece for the backs ..and away I went x

NOW I have ..

...... they have gone off to their new owners .. just one more to do and I will be all caught up xx Whoooppppp ! lol x

A little bit of garden colour inspiration for you from my morning walk around the estate! lol ...

Hope you are having a good day x

Diane x

Sunday, 22 May 2016


... has come around for Alsha's Word Photo Challenge 2016... the word for this week is...

GALLERY .... what? where did that come from?

I was stumped .. then my friend pointed out that many times every day I walk through my hall ... and I have pictures there.... so my own mini-GALLERY xx lol


now you can share my little picture gallery x

Hope you have had a fun weekend

Diane xx

Thursday, 19 May 2016

IN JUNE......

... we have an on-the-night-make at Sandbach Quilt group. The topic is "an introduction to foundation piecing" ... and guess who got that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey-Ho xx lol x The thinking cap went on as to WHAT to do .. and HOW best to do it in the limited time we have.

The last couple of days I have spent the "ME" time to put to-gether packs with .. pattern.. interfacing .. and fabric I would LOVE to tell you that I now have LOADS of room in my stash... naaaaa ! You cant even tell xx lol .. the packs are done..

.........and am I glad!

For those who like to see how the garden is doing .. these pictures...

are from earlier to-day .... before the rain came back xx

Diane x

Monday, 16 May 2016


... here!! lol x My time leak turned into some sort of fountain ...  hopefully it will slow down a little ..  we can only hope xx

My mum is doing OK .. thanks to all who asked x As is the case when resistance is low .. the infections we would normally shake off attacked.. she had a cold and chest infection .. then a dodgy tummy .. not fun! Now she has some balance issues that are making life ..interesting .. shall we say xx .. she will be 85 on Saturday so thoughts are turning to the celebrations for that x We have had quite a few birthdays with an ..0 on the end recently and we had a celebration at my aunts house last Saturday .. for someone with little breath mum had a wonderful time ...TALKING xx

I have been spending time in the garden .. due to the weather deciding that May will be sunny and dry....

..I'm not complaining  xx AND the colour of the sky must have influenced the colour of my latest shawl..

I had a bag to make for a birthday present ..

.. that has gone in the post xx I do like it when I can cross things off my do ... list x

It was Sandbach Quilt group meeting on Thursday last week and we had Amanda Hall from ( )... it was a great night with LOTS of show-and-tell .... and there was a raffle in which I WON A PRIZE xx It was something that made me laugh xx I worked on it over the last couple of days and now I have ...

SO MUCH fun xx

My granddaughter and her mum are doing well ... I have to say that while boys clothes are getting better...

than when my son was small ... Little girls clothes...

are a lot more fun .. although I'm not so sure my purse would agree x!! lol x

I am off for a brew now .. hopefully I will find time again this week to talk to you all x

Diane x 

Monday, 2 May 2016

I AM...

... able to join in with The Word Photo Challenge 2016 this week on Shazs Blog. The word for this week is GREEN ... mm ... the obvious one to go for is the garden in its Spring wonder .. however the last couple of days we have had rain ..hail ..and a bit of snow with high winds.. so not at its best! lol x

SO..... I am going with ...

.....this ticks my GREEN boxes ..with the colour and with the fact of being made out of 100% British wool.. manufactured in Devon .. not too local but the same country! lol x.. and with no artificial content will Bio-degrade at the end of its (hopefully long) life ..... LASTLY I made it so its precious to me xx

Hope you like my choice x Why not pop over and have a go yourself.

Diane x