Friday 31 December 2021

Are You Ready ..

 ... to go for our walk, while the sun is out and the rain holding off?

You will need your sturdy shoes, and also, some  parts are a bit up hill and down dale .. so maybe a stout stick ... although I am happy to link arms x

Most of the trees are sensible and staying dormant,, however, these catkins seem to know something  that the rest of us don't !

Mind there are NO trolls under the bridge..

I started to bring us back through the woods..

But it is just too muddy under foot.. and I don't want you falling ....and then blaming me for the mud and wet!! SO.. its back to the path for us x

 I hope you enjoyed our walk. Exercise and fresh air, with the company of friends .. and the dogs and their walkers along the way x lol x What could be better ? Well maybe the cup of tea that is brewing in the pot x

(By-The-Way .. you have to clean the mud off your own shoes ! lol )

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year x I will be tucked up in my bed at midnight and so I will see you all in 2022 x

Diane x

Thursday 30 December 2021

YESTERDAY... grandaughter came to spend the day while her parents were working. I would LOVE to say she came to see me .. but in all honesty it was to play with the grandsons x lol It makes for an interesting noise level when they get going!!

The weather here has been wet, wet, windy and WET !! However this morning the sun is out ... OH YES!! Later on we will be off for a walk and get some fresh air x I will TRY and remember to take my camera and show you the lovely walks around here x

I am considering taking down some of the decorations .. I do it slowly and then it is not such a shock to go back to "normal" x 

Hope you have a chance to get out in the fresh air today x

Diane x

Tuesday 28 December 2021

I seem....

.. to be getting the hang of Blogger once more .. however while I have been away comments have changed. They are coming to the blog but not to my e-mail (well a few randomly have) and there does not seem to be a reply option .. I hope you will be patient while I sort it out.

In September Sandbach Sew-and-sews quilt group opened its doors after 18 months of lock down, it was WONDERFUL to catch up and get together again. ALL socially  distanced rules in place x

A project for Christmas was to make a mini wall hanging ..

I managed to make2!! lol x They have made lovely presents x A friend of mine especially liked the "make-do" hanging rods !! lol x

Hopefully we will continue to meet in the New Year

Diane x

Monday 27 December 2021

TODAY ....

 .. was our trip to PANTO xxx 

We could not go last year as we were back in lockdown .. however we have been able to go and see Sleeping Beauty this time x It was funny and daft and just what was needed x 

Everyone had masks clammed to their faces .. even some children.. and the doors were open ! A bit drafty at times .. but HEY ! Who cares?

A good time was had by all x 

Hope you have had the oportunity to have some fun x

Diane x

Saturday 25 December 2021


 .. that to-day has been happy and safe for all of you x

We were woken (at not TOO early an hour! lol ) by 2 very excited grandsons .. who very soon turned the living room into a toy room! With LOTS of paper and boxes x 

They are VERY happy x

Off to stuff our faces very soon x

Diane x

Friday 24 December 2021

OH! My Goodness..

 I just came to Blogger to wish everyone BEST Wishes for what ever holiday you celebrate , and realised that ....I have NOT posted since January 2019!!!!

OH MY!!! 

SO much has changed in that time .. for the whole WORLD  not just me. I do hope that you are all still well and staying safe.

For me there have been loses of MUCH loved people and animals. 

Both Gus and Sam left me, just 12 months apart .. I miss them everyday x 

I moved house, my daughter and family came to the UK (to stay) from Australia and I broke 2 bones in my foot .. just to name a few of the changes !!

I am not going to promise to be back everyday .. but maybe now and then x 

VERY BEST WISHES for a safe holiday time from my home to yours x

Diane x