Sunday 28 August 2016

OH MY...

... another week has flown past as we hurtle (or so it seems!) towards Autumn. I have to say it is one of my favourite seasons .. so not complaining .. it just seems to be coming too fast xx NEVER happy xx lol x

I have been out and about quite a bit this week .. and of course knitting! Sitting and doing nothing is REALLY difficult for me!.. you may have noticed lol x I finished this one...

....using up wool from the "stash" is just as much fun as using fabric xx.... you may notice we have had some beautiful sunshine this week too x

The sewing this week has been concentrated on..

... my brother has requested new cushions for their patio furniture!!... WHY do I keep saying YES????

I managed to unpick and re-use the zip from the previous covers .. they are cream ..BUT..

I think I have done a fair job of re-using with out it being too obvious.. and the zip will be at the back .. so don't tell! lol x


....young lady has been to play with Grandma and diverted my attention somewhat too x

Hope it has been a good week where you are xx

Diane x

Tuesday 23 August 2016


... team GB had their best Olympics EVER xx We won 67 medals overall with 27 of them being gold .... and we were second on the medals table xx WOW!!

My aim was to complete 3 shawls....... NUMBER 1 was soon done ..

I got carried away while watching the swimming x lol x

NUMBER 2 also flew off the needles..

.........they had all these exciting events going on!

NUMBER 3 was fun and I really enjoyed it..

... saved me biting my nails x , and I wanted to choose and use the next colour.

NUMBER 4 (!) I thought would be my bonus one ...

but they kept winning in the hockey and had me on the edge!! ... and the stripes just flew x

NUMBER 5... yes 5!! was a super fast project..

I was watching the closing ceremony as I finished x PHEW!! ... I think I need to award myself a GOLD medal xx

I have not touched my lace shawl for weeks ...  I have a sewing project cut out and ready to go ... OH! ....I need to get my brain back in gear xx

Mmmm I wonder what Santa will be loading onto his sleigh this year? lol x Off for a brew x

Diane x

Sunday 21 August 2016


... this week are not from the garden .. but from our local park..

.. mum is much better and now has only TWO more hospital appointment THIS month xx lol x SO.. a walk in the park was the order of the day AND.. of course.. there has to be an ice-cream treat ...

This week Sam was jumping and racing around trying to get to the cat next door .. THIS.. how Gus has been spending the week !! well it has been hot x.. lol x Its a hard life!!

The  2016 OLYMPICS are just about over .. I was hoping to get 3 shawls made .. did I do it?.. well I just may be casting off during the finishing ceremony!! lol .. will let you know x lol x

Diane x

Monday 15 August 2016


... a gap in the Olympic action I nipped outside to get your ..COLOUR-In-The-Garden pictures..

.. while I was out Sam..

.. started barking and jumping and generally kicking up a racket....... (notice the FABULOUS sunshine at 10 o'clock in the morning x). The reason was...

.. one of next doors cats.. JUST .. out of reach on the bottom wall xx .. made me laugh at their antics .. and cunning .. I know which one will get tired first!

Have a good one x

Diane x

Friday 12 August 2016


.. are the photos that I could not insert earlier xx...

.. as I said bit difficult to show the colours as they are in "the flesh" xx

Diane x


... of the RIO 2016 shawls is finished and blocked..

....I am very happy with it . The pattern is written for DK but I tried it out in 4ply..... so it has come out quite big x I hope you can see the sparkle in the wool x

The next one is on the needles.....

..for some reason Blogger wont let me insert the pictures!! .. hey-Ho will try again tomorrow x

..... it has been difficult to get the true colour .. it is greens and greys ....simple pattern again .. so that I can concentrate on watching the Games x

Any one who wants to see the fabulous introduction we are seeing as the games start can go to YouTube and put
RIO 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES : TRAILER-BBC SPORT into the search place .. it is a wonderful animation x

Off to watch some more x

Diane x

Tuesday 9 August 2016


... The Olympics in 2008 I put together this quilt....

....there were lots of beads and different threads involved...

.. and it kept me going through out the games xx .. I may have mentioned before how much I LOVE the games xx lol x

During 2012 in London I MUST have been busy with ..SOMETHING.. I just don't know what it was!!!!!!!!! Hey-Ho x

So far this time I have been working on ..

(in-between appointments and taxi duties that is ! lol ) I find I am knitting faster as the races .. it has been swimming the last 2 evenings and rowing to-day ... get more exciting ! I will be finished with MANY projects at this rate.. and be exhausted!

Have fun

Diane x