Tuesday 31 January 2012


I am not very original with the blog titles this week! I need to concentrate I think!! xx

A big GREEN Cheshire welcome to Wendy who also likes GREEN!! NOT just me then?

This is the last day of January and the last GREEN  post from me, I am sure the colour will creep in there somehow now and again.... cannot have you getting withdrawl now can I? HeHe!

When I post tomorrow the background will have changed ... I did not think I would be SOO fed up with it! Its got a bit boring !! Also I checked out the project and colour for February .... I am SURE this must have been Sally's choice! The colour is VIOLET !! I hardly use this...sort of pinky/purply... sort of!!!?( Not sure I chose the right one there!)   AND the topic is .......... INSECTS ....... I need a VERY BIG thinking cap for this one xxxx

SO I thought I should find a picture to TRY and link the two, this cover was made quite a few years ago. It is on the settee in the back room

I COULD call it the sewing room, because my things are in there... but the dogs sit in there (notice WHO'S settee it is!) The grandsons climb all over this room, and it is the through-fare between the front room ,hall and kitchen!!

I chose this one ...because, it has some GREEN ,some BLUE and ...a sort of VIOLET !! See the link there? TRY HARD ...its there I promise lol x The sashing IS straight its just the way it is draped over!! REALLY!

I am going to miss GREEN but then I do have other colours to blog about....honest lol

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 30 January 2012


Today it is cold, but, we have glorious sunshine here in my corner of Cheshire.... SO a sunny welcome to Catherine xx It is SOOOO exciting to get followers and comments, to think  someone WANTS to read my twitterings is just stunning xx

Because I am going to be busy with other sewing projects this month (will share I PROMISE!!) I had to get my mouthy stitches project DONE ... and of course the zip in the right place ! lol

SO this is where I am at with it . Now we do NOT send it until the 25th of February, but, it is ready to go.... I really like it ..BUT ...now I have that awful sinking....OH! I hope my partner likes it! OH! I hope she will not HATE it!

OH! WELL! I don't have time to make another one ...or do I? NO! I am going to put it in the envelope ,and LEAVE IT ALONE ,we are to post teaser pictures ,so, will post them on the mouthy stitches  page and here later in the month xx

For your GREEN offering today I thought I would share some fabrics....

I am off to do some ironing...funny how when it is MY fabric I skip to it....when it is clothes etc I crawl!!

Keep smiling

(ps did you notice I got the mouthy stitches button/thingy? Adam posted it yesterday.....we got the size wrong first time and it was as BIG as the page!! TeeHee)
Diane xx

Sunday 29 January 2012

good morning

You are getting this post early today... I actually got my self organised!

I am going to take the dogs for their second walk,  get myself ready, collect mum and dad and then we are off to Adam and Caroline's for dinner...AH! I do like Sundays. Food ALWAYS tastes better when cooked by someone else xx

Also when I get back this pm, I want to work on a bag with the zip in the RIGHT place !!!

My GREEN offering for today is this picture

It will be 39 (!!!!) years in September since I left home and began my life as a student nurse. I was lonely, tired and VERY skint! But when I saw this in a sale .....I just had to have it.... dry bread is OK when you get used to it!!! lol AH! To be young xx

It has been with me ever since. It is battered (much like myself!) and bruised around the edges... but still going.

It has hung in every room, flat and house I have lived in from then to now. Not always in a prominent place..... but it has been there. Old friends xx

Bye the way do you realise there are only 2 more days in January and then NO MORE GREEN POSTS!!!! What will I talk/post about?.... mind you I wont be sorry to see the back of the background of my blog...bit fed up of it myself!! x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Saturday 28 January 2012


Thank you all for your kind comments...we had THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME xx It far exceeded my expectations...and as you know they were HIGH. Adam and Caroline came to keep me company...and came away FANS!! Adam even said "that was fantastic" now ...that IS praise indeed.... I dont think I was able to say more than about 10 words all the way home!

 ah! ....... Sorry drifted off for a moment. See how close we were... I could have wiped the sweat off his brow!!

The Bridgewater Hall is a wonderful setting, it looks like a great ship ...

We were in as soon as the doors opened

WHO cared how long we waited....it only felt like seconds....

If you  get the chance to see someone you like ....GO and I am sure you will have a wonderful time ... just as we did xx


To day I worked on a practise bag for the mouthy stitches....you may notice this is the perfect partner for me as she like GREEN

I must have have had a certain concert on my mind because I put the zip in the wrong side and I now have a pocket into the lining PPPHHHEW (that was me snorting!!)

OH WELL! ..... Made me laugh ... back to the drawing board xx (may just have to send this to Australia!! Sally wont mind...she likes things that are not quite "right"))

By the way our theatre outing for February is go and see Madam Butterfly ... I may just have to tell you about it xx lol x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 27 January 2012


Just back from being ROYALLY  entertained by a MASTER showman who is blessed with the most FANTASTIC  voice xxxx

Just HAD to share that with you


Diane xx


I  am trying to be calm!! I'm TRYING!! I wont be wearing GREEN as his symbol on his site is a RED rose for Lancashire (his home county).....so may just find something to reflect that xx

Your GREEN for today is really a repeat of yesterday! I realised what an awful picture it was of the Christmas quilt....so this morning I nipped outside and took some better ones for you...

I forgot to post the pictures of us stuffing our faces on Wednesday night!! There should have been 8 of us but 2 did not turn up. WHY do people do that? Just say...NO I'm not coming ! Oh well the ones who DID turn up had a great time xx

Mind you not sure what happened to this side of the table!! We look a right bunch xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 26 January 2012


This time tomorrow I will be on the way and (hopefully) able to concentrate on the most wonderful time xx OH! YES! It has been a long wait....but OH! I am sure it will be worth it. When we saw him in Les Mis. he was FANTASTIC... and all the reviews have been for a fantastic show.... may NOT remember to think about you all ... but will try xx

I have been sewing today... making up for working for the last week and NOT sewing at all xx You will notice there is some GREEN in there x

I made the Block-Of-The-Month (see the button on the side bar) for January, it was published on the 25th. I DON'T love it, I DO (sort of) like it , I am hoping it will grow on me. The other blocks I LOVED straight away... we will see.

I also made the little Christmas quilt... you may remember I bought the kit from Joan last week at the Congleton quilt group... and she challenged me to have it done for next meeting.

It is simply quilted with a zig-zag stitch.

I was going to use the GREEN fabric for the back, but I decided to use it for the binding

and used a cream fleece instead.

Keep smiling ...I may just be doing just that

Diane xx

Wednesday 25 January 2012


AHH! Rota finished...some time for me, some time to sew.......BUT wait!

I am off out tonight for the night staff Christmas party!!...I know! But getting us all together is a NIGHTMARE! We are going for an Indian meal..... and remember the BLUE cushion? That will be delivered tonight...pictures tomorrow!

I am off out on FRIDAY....mm wonder WHERE...mm wonder WHO to see xx?

My GREEN offering for today is some of the little ornaments that the grandsons have bought me for in the garden..

Keep smiling....I'm BEAMING

Diane xx

Tuesday 24 January 2012

how long?

3 days to g, 3 days to go....AH!! Alfie is calling!! We have a plan.... I collect the kids from school, Adam and Caroline finish work a bit early, we all go to their house for tea. The baby sitter takes over, Adam drives, Caroline knows the way (and the best car park xx), I have the tickets !! WHAT a plan xx

We are going to The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.... WONDERFUL XX

My GREEN offering for today is a couple of views of my garden from last spring, it is such a dark, wet and dismal day I feel I need a bit of sun and a promise of what is to come xx

You may also notice...if you have sharp eyes ... that the window sill and the bench are GREEN

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 23 January 2012

the countdown continues

HELLO, I am driving everyone CRAZY with my countdown.....SO why should you not all join in .....

FOUR days to go....

BEFORE I see Alfie Boe....

NOW I know you cannot hear it but that was SUNG to you xxx

My GREEN offering to you today is this little jar

I have had it soooo long I don't know where it came from, it obviously had a lid at some time

Normally it is full of pens.. but when I came to take the picture.....I realised a wash would NOT hurt lol x

The patterns on it are really lovely... and I really enjoy seeing it, it sits next to the phone on the kitchen worktop.

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Sunday 22 January 2012


OH my goodness I have so much to do ...NOW I sound like I am in some trashy soap opera!! We are certainly dashing across the TV this week...lol x

I got my partners details for the Mouthy Stitches swap.... I have to "stalk" her to find out her preferences ....then make her zippy purse!! OH my goodness!

I have to go to work!

I have to post to all you lovely people.................did I mention I am going to see Alfie Boe in 5 yes FIVE days xx Amanda you made me laugh out loud with your comments.. YES I did hear the Desert Island Discs interview... he caused quite a bit of controversy with it !! lol

I have to walk the boys

I HAVE to go to mum and dads because she is cooking my dinner .....MOST IMPORTANT one xx

AND I have to find a GREEN post!!

OH! The pressure xx

This picture is my GREEN offering for today, it is one of my favourite ones of Sally, it was taken just before they went to a wedding...within just a few days of arriving in Australia.

Keep smiling...(off to eat my dinner xx)

Diane xx

Saturday 21 January 2012

the countdown begins

Its official....the countdown is ON ... in 6 days we go to see Alfie Boe xxxx SO excited. We are going to see him at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. His whole tour (began in December) has been a complete sell out ... wonderful xx

I am going to use this GREEN fabric as part of the backing on the little Christmas quilt, I think it is a really fun fabric, I only have a small piece which is a shame xx

The postman has been again... no more on the way..I need to save some money!!

I am ready for the mouthy stitches challenge now xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 20 January 2012

round robin...in rows!

Hello. and a very warm welcome to Karen O and Indianna....I sound like some trashy game show host!! So sorry ladies..I could not resist!! I hope you both enjoy visiting here with the rest of us. xx

NOW today's GREEN offering is (for new readers my challenge is to post something GREEN every day in January) a wall hanging that I am very fond of. It hangs in my hall at the base of the stairs so I see it all the time x (moved it to take the pictures)

It was a round-robin that we made at Congleton (Beartown Ps and Qs)....we made it in rows!! I know it sound weired ...but it worked!

As you can see my theme was a garden. Each month was a different technique and a different person made the row.

I especially like the frog.

Of course I added embellishments to mine xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx