Tuesday 31 December 2013


.. to be spent making swap blocks x As the simply solid swap ends in January..... this is our last ever block (s)...

They went in the post this morning to Manchester x She did say it was easy ... and in fact it was fun to do xx

I also made my Australian Christmas Block ... my partner this time lives in America!! ... I know .. go figure xx lol xx... My partner likes applique and wanted traditional colours x ...SO..

I thought.... keep it simple I'll do the block .. she can do the applique xx WORKS for me xx

I wish every one of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR x I hope it is a year where there is LOTS of fun and VERY LITTLE sadness xx

Diane x

Monday 30 December 2013


 thinking of a project for 2014 ? Want a project that doesn't take too much effort?

Check this out ...  Alsha's Space: Some Things to Follow ... oh and the post previous to this one .. might just make a bit more sense then!! He-He I get a bit ahead of my self at times xx

Happy New Year xx

Diane xx

Friday 27 December 2013


..... a good one x We had another wonderful dinner yesterday with Adam..

...in the kitchen ..where he excelled himself this year...even though he forgot to do the stuffing!! And the rest of the family (despite some of the faces we had fun xx lol )..


Then in the evening OFF we went to THE PANTO..

Peter Pan this year xx Such a great show .. sides and face ached from laughing xx

This morning the wind and rain are BACK with a vengeance!! The wind was blowing me and the boys along this morning ..SO off to the kitchen I go ..!!

FIRST the savouries..

THEN the sweet..

My freezer will be full .. to say nothing of ME!!! LOL xxx

Stay warm and safe where ever you are x

Diane x

Thursday 26 December 2013


... yesterday xx I have been very good and kept them all wrapped x My reward is that ..

I got the most beautiful bag..

all the way from Australia ...and a calendar..


now ..when Sally is talking about the wild life instead of going to google I can look at my calendar xx The bag has already been used as it went with me yesterday x

I also got this wonderful lot of goodies in my stocking ..


soo much fun x I feel very spoilt x

As I said yesterday I was with my mum..

and dad ..

x x It was a lovely low key day... although some found it exhausting!..


TODAY we are off to spend the day with Adam, Caroline and the grandsons xx We have dinner .. more presents to open .... AND THEN... its PANTO time x I do love Boxing day xx

Hope you are all having a wonderful and happy time x

Keep smiling

Diane x

(ps I had another swap parcel on 16th December .. and I posted about it then xx)

Monday 23 December 2013


... to-day has been cold wet and VERY windy ... so the best place for me to be was in the kitchen xx

I am now NOT doing any more baking .. until after Christmas xx lol x

I had some apples given to me .. enough to make..a pie..

and a flan ..

I made some more mincemeat rolls as a present ..


and a couple of fragipane flans..

I also made some VERY scrummy chicken..

and the ham is marinading xx mmm now just HAVE to eat it all xx

The postman came in the midst of all this ..

this is my last Christmas swap package xx ..

I am being good and NOT peeking even though the top is not fastened down

Smiling xx

Diane x

Sunday 22 December 2013


.. I have ranted and whinged about this before ... BUT... I feel the need to do so again!! ....OK you have my permission to skip over this bit if you want I am just getting rid of my frustration !!

When in a bee/swap they say .. this is SO easy to do .. I want to run screaming! BUT I joined up .. and I have to full-fill my obligations! AND I WILL! I realise I am an idiot at times .. but when the practice piece just wont work .. and I CANNOT make the instructions work .. it just makes me feel STUPID!!!!! ... there I feel a bit better! It also makes me feel a bit better that there has only been ONE picture posted of the finished block (out of 11!)

I have put some fabric in an envelope .. its going in the post and at least she will get some fabric with which to make her block!! Actually I don't feel better! But it will have to do..


This morning I was able to achieve something because I changed this ..(and its friend) from YUCK...

to YUM..

OK off to walk the dogs and get rid of some frustration in exercise xx

Keep smiling (for me X)

Diane x

Saturday 21 December 2013


.....Josh (grandson no 1) came to stay ... SO.. we HAD to go to the pictures xx We went to see The Hobbit .... wonderful night xx LOVED IT xxx Will go again if anyone wants someone to go with xx lol x

THEN to-day after organising Josh ...buying .. and wrapping ... a present for his mum..groan!! Then sending him and his dad off home ... wait for this ... I actually got some sewing done!!!

NOW .. don't be dramatic.. get up and mop your brow!! lol xx

You may remember I had a tea-towel as a retirement present ..

well.. I could not leave it alone and made it into a wall hanging...

recently we had a speaker at Congleton .. Maryka Phillips ..she sews beads around the edge of her wall hangings .. I could do that I thought ... SO I DID ..

I cannot tell you how much I now love this little hanging x It will be living in my kitchen when the Christmas decorations come down xx

I am so pleased to have found some time to pick up a needle again x

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holidays .. and get to do something you love to do xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 19 December 2013


.. for my friends birthday... chocolate and orange .. OK I know its not the best BUT..it was the only orange ribbon I had!!! lol x

She loved it .. we had a lovely evening laughing and talking and being warm and dry while the wind, rain and hailstones generally kicked up a storm out side xx

To-day the wonderful postman brought me this..

it is my December block from the Australian Christmas block swap xx I just love it xx

You may remember that the girls I worked with are making me blocks with their names on .. this one also came in the post to-day..

I am very happy x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Tuesday 17 December 2013


I have been doing some baking.. well it is Christmas xx This is fast becoming a family favourite... (we love mincemeat!!)

I KEEP getting requests to .. make some more .. because its all gone!! lol x

It was my friends birthday yesterday .. AND she is coming for her tea tomorrow .... SO...I said I would make her a cake xx This is a practice orange and chocolate cake ...

THE VERDICT? Yumm Yumm x NOT much left ...so... will be making another one in the morning xx

MMmm wonder how many of you will get the chance to do some baking over this next week? Have fun x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Monday 16 December 2013


... about getting out the Christmas decorations ( I think any way!! loll xx) is seeing all the decorations .. and table runners and cushions that have been sent over the years as part of the swaps I have taken part in xx The whole house (and its a 4 bedroom Victorian terrace!!!) has some sort of decoration in it xx

I had decided that to-day would be the day when I (reluctantly) put away the autumn pumpkins and retirement cards and balloons ....and got out the Christmas decs xx THEN I got this ....

from the post office xx ....It is the second of my secret Santa parcels xx It actually came on Saturday .. but I was off having fun sewing xx SO the boys and I went to the collection office this morning and collected it xx

NOW before you shout at me ... I did not take the wrapping off and open this present ... it didn't have any! ..

I am feeling SO spoilt with the contents of this FABULOUS  parcel xx I think this has to be one of my all time favourites..

House all decorated ..SO don't have to dust until after its all over now ... come on!! Cant disturb all those decorations !! lol x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Sunday 15 December 2013


...closest day to Christmas for us to have our dinner out. This year one of my brothers , his partner and my nephew joined us xx It was a wonderful time .. lots of food.. clean plates, laughter and sharing..

WHAT a motley crew!! ..

The afternoon ended with a VERY COMPETITIVE game of ...UNO !! The kids were great and well behaved ... THE ADULTS? The least said the better I think!! Looking forwards to the next get to-gether now xx

Hope you all get to spend some fun time with your family soon xxx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Saturday 14 December 2013


...... a D0-Your-Own-Thing day today... it seems this is the best way to actually get some sewing done!! lol xx

I managed to sew the binding on 3 cot quilts..

AND a wall hanging .... you may remember I had this tea-towel as a retirement present ..

I LOVE the fabric I used in the borders .. 

I have not finished yet .. I have an idea for further embellishments xx will let you see it when I have finished xx

I am NOW about to tackle wrapping all the Christmas presents .. I have them all sorted and ready ... NOT missed anyone off my list  xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx