Tuesday 31 July 2012


...the weather to be dry and sunny here in the UK we would NEVER go anywhere. SO, when we got up this morning and it was POURING with rain... we still went to Llandudno...

the sun shone..

it was a bit cloudy on the top of the Great Orm...(but dry xx)

AND we went all that way to find a telescope made in CREWE!!!..

glad we did not wait for the sun..

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 30 July 2012


... Josh and I have been busy, we have been in and out ... including taking the dogs for a LONG walk... and now he and the dogs are trying (not very successfully) to keep the snoring down to a low level!!

We also had rather a large tea.. that I think was Josh's downfall lol x

I have taken advantage of this, and while I was making tea I  cut out and worked on my latest mug mat...

OK lets be honest it will hold THE LOT..

cup saucer AND plate xx lol x...

I so like this block..

I have been practising my machine quilting as well..(and the backing fabric is fun xx)

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Sunday 29 July 2012


....OH YES!! we have won a couple today... we may be a bit slow off the mark ... who cares xx they were wonderful to watch... I DO love the Olympics xx

NOW just a warning... I may be missing a bit over the next couple of weeks. From today Josh is here to stay for a couple of days... and nights.. Then I'm off to work, then Deb and Craig (parents of Blair... Sally's partner) come to visit from Australia.. then I have 3 nights out in a row.. then 2 days busy visiting, a study day... back to work for a rest THEN a retirement party!!! August is going to be BUSY xx

Josh put in a request to go to the pictures... so, we are just back from watching THE DARK NIGHT RISES .. we really enjoyed it .

Because of the madness that August is going to be ,when I was allocated my partner for the Christmas swap ( link on the side bar if you are interested x) I knew I had to get going!! So, this morning I pulled on the big girl pants and made my block... it will be in the post tomorrow x..

it is a simple block... but I LOVE it...

I hope my partner does too. I am so keen on it I am going to make another, and make it into a mug rug... think I will be well ahead of the game for Christmas this year xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Saturday 28 July 2012


.... and loved it xx The only part I could have done with out was Paul McCartney.. cant win em all!

To day I have been sat watching the start of competition.... I DO get up occasionally! If only to make a brew!! lol x This is what I am working on as I sit and watch....

its my Australian swap blocks... coming along nicely. I will show you the whole when I finish xx

Work drives me crazy at times... as I share with you! Last Tuesday night, as well as it being a mad house, Rita who was working with me was taken poorly... so much so that we had to get her to A+E ... and she returned to us as a patient!!

To day I answered the door and a very nice lady delivered these..

NO comments on my (lack of) flower arranging abilities..thank you !

they are from Rita!

she didn't have to... but I'm glad she did ...

It was a wonderful surprise x she is at home now and recuperating xx

Hope you find something to keep you smiling

Diane xx

Friday 27 July 2012


.. I decided to work on my Halloween block ... I can show you what I did for mine ...WHOO-HOO ... because it is mine! I promise to you show Celine's when I know she has received it xx

I just love the way this is coming together... I think we have both sort of lost sight of the size guidelines ... but hey... they are OUR work and we pay the postage xx

Today Josh (grandson no 1) came for tea, he was dropped off early and his choice was to go see granny and grandad and then take the dogs over the fields!!


They both found HUGE cow pats ... AND THEN Sam disappeared into a mud slide!!

You want to be glad smell is not available on here!! The car was RIPE!!!

They are now both bathed (under protest!!) ,smelling sweetly ...and fast asleep!!!

AH! The joys of pet ownership!

Getting ready to watch the Opening ceremony for The Olympic games xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


...I will be posting as usual later ...but I just wanted to SHARE with you lovely quilters out there ... and anyone else who is reading this!


check your settings! One of the joys of blogging is being able to share with others , getting comments (and followers) is such fun... and replying to those comments helps to forge friendships xx


If you are a "no reply blogger" you cannot be replied to... (Judith, Sally, Deb ), when I first started blogging I did not know about this until someone posted about it and I checked my setting x

I also received an anonymous comment asking for advice ... from a non-replyer... so GO CHECK your settings xx


Diane xx 

ps No blog worth its salt gets posted without a picture.. so a couple of recent visitors ... who did not leave comments!! They are helping to keep my garden interesting though x lol x

Thursday 26 July 2012

running to JUST keep up!

...PHEW!! Today I had one of those days where I was in and out like a flippin' yo-yo!! My last job was to go to The Post Office with the 2 July Mystery-Round-Robin swaps... I all ready have one of the August swaps and had had an e-mail to say another was on the way.... when I got home these were waiting..

ONE August swap and ONE September swap!!!! I just think I am catching up and I am proved wrong! I dont think I will ever catch up !! lol x

To day I worked on the Halloween-Round-Robin... cant show you until my partner sees it.. only fair!! Sam was too tired to take any notice of what I was doing today... its a hard life being a dog..

ESPECIALLY when your best mate keeps coming and licking your face!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 25 July 2012


.. now its OK to have lots of tins and boxes and  bags... but what you have inside them is just as important...

I have beads..

and buttons...

and braid...

and ribbons..

and treads..

and fabric..

and bits and bobs...

what to come and play... and see what we can find? (I DO know whats in there!!!)

keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 24 July 2012


...well, you have seen the walls... now its the turn of the floors...

I have lots of boxes...

I have some have fabric..

OK a lot of fabric x..

I have a table that is a bit crowded..

I have bags as well as boxes...

and of course (!!) I know where EVERYTHING is xx.. This is James's little creative area... I am NOT allowed to touch it!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 23 July 2012


... just remember YOU asked to see the shocking state of my sewing room xx

The walls are first up...

they are meant to have papers..

and works in progress..

and bits and pieces...

and finished works that I want to look at...

keep smiling... more to come

Diane xx