Wednesday 30 July 2014


...teeth grinding lips sucking moment when the "expert" on the other end of the phone says ..." well... it SHOULD work if you did what I said"!!!!!!! .like I would do anything else!.....well that's me with trying to get photos to download to this laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When 1. it is sorted ..OR 2. I get mine back there will be Soooo many pictures it will crash the system! lol x

.. there are the pictures of the final swoon blocks x ALL 18 finished and gone in the post x I cannot change the colour choices .. or the sewing .. so its up to recipients if they like the blocks I have made .. or not! lol x

.. there are the pictures of a visit to our local park today xx

.......there is the picture for this weeks photo challenge

and ....the cushions I have made while glued to The games

and .. the pictures from the Congleton summer party

.....AND EVERYTHING else I will be finding xx 

OH! well .. back to watching The games ... and trying NOT to get too frustrated ! xx

DONT forget  anyone fancies  a challenge ...... the first challenge word will be issued on Friday ... x Good luck .. still time to enter x

Diane x 

Monday 28 July 2014

I AM...

...struggling at the moment !! My laptop has a .. fixable!!.. problem that means I am using a borrowed one from my son xx Better than nothing .. I'm grateful for this xx BUT ... it wont let me download pictures .. it rather slow and clunkie ... and (bless it!!) is temperamental .. to put it gently!! lol x

SO.. I am going to try and keep up with posts .. comment when it will let me ... and keep everything that does not endanger life and limb.. crossed that mine comes home soon xx

HANG ON IN THERE .. and I will be back xx lol x

Diane x

Friday 25 July 2014


... LOVING The Commonwealth Games xx Just up my street .. and because I am retired I am NOT going to miss any of it xx

SO .. there has to be some organisation here!

Its get up .. walk the boys .. then breakfast. This morning I made this block... (turquoise navy and white were the requested colours) ...

NOW its in front of the TV with MANY choices as to what to watch xx I am .. of course .. shouting for the English boys and girls ... but will shout on ANY ONE who is doing well ... and am SOOOOOO happy that the disabled athletes have a place at the same venue and same time as the able bodied competitors xx 

NOW.. I cannot just SIT!! .. so I am organised for doing "stuff" that can be done sitting ... you will not be surprised that it does not include ... housework!!! lol x

I have a project that involves ..

and this ...

and this morning I made ..

apple cakes xx yummy x I was FORCED to buy this little book...

.. think you may be able to work out WHY!! lol don't know if any will be made during the next week .. you never know!! xx

Back to the veladrome to watch Jason Kenny xx... YA !just won first race xx

Diane x

Wednesday 23 July 2014


... reached the half way point with the swoon blocks ...YA!!! One happy bunny x SO... I had the day off x

Visited a local garden centre with mum and dad ..and had our dinner out x NOW I am catching up on some reading ..

Later I will be gearing up to watch the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games at 8 pm tonight xx .... its a good life being retired xx

Hope you have had a good day x

Diane x

Tuesday 22 July 2014


.. working away at my swoon blocks ... and as I work I have been thinking about swaps .. and who takes part in them.

IF you are the sort of person who...likes all your blocks to be exactly the same size ...  swaps are NOT for you x

 I do attempt to get them the same .. but somehow .. there is usually a difference! I don't set out to do it .. it just happens .. if its a swap or not ... so I'm happy with whatever comes to me ... a bit of fudging and fluffing and they can be made to fit each other xx If like me you are happy with this .. then swaps ARE for you x

IF you are the sort of person who.... likes all your points to be perky , lined up and pointed ... swaps are NOT for you x

I like to see perky points .. and do try to achieve them .. but sometimes they just don't make it xx For this reason I'm happy with the efforts of other swappers on my behalf ... but when the quilting is done and a bit of embellishment added .. who notices anyway? lol x If you feel like this ... then swaps ARE for you x

IF you are the sort of person who likes all your colours to be the same .... swaps are NOT for you x 

Everyone has different perceptions of colour .. so .. you need to be specific and name a colour and manufacturer.. or send out your own fabric! If like me you are happy with others interpretation of colour .. or you name a theme .. Christmas or Halloween for example ... then swaps ARE for you x

SO .. they are my thoughts .. and why swaps ARE for me xx Do you have any more?

In the mean time here are my latest completed swoon blocks ... the recipient of these wanted coral and teal mm .. well this is my interpretation of those colours ..

and then red and aqua...

(ooh!look .. I managed a few perky points!! lol )

They don't make it easy with their colour choices do they? lol x

Diane x

Sunday 20 July 2014


.... when I wrack my brain for this weeks picture in ...Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge this week we were given MOBILE.

Actually .. this week at least .. there was not a lot of searching x My car had to go into the garage .. and as they wanted it over night they gave me a courtesy car xx I was a bit ... OH!MY GOODNESS .. when I first saw it ..

BUT was a little goer!! I really enjoyed driving it ... and would write a reference if required!! lol NOW.. don't get me wrong .. ..although the colour and markings meant I could not loose it on the car park.. and the air conditioning has been wonderful in the present weather ......and I had fun in it and it kept me MOBILE .... I'm glad to have my own car back xx

........AND ... by-the-way ...the scrap challenge colour for July is RED!! 

Wondering what others came up with?... follow the link and have a look .. and maybe join in yourself xx

Diane x

Saturday 19 July 2014


.....  beetling away at the swoon blocks. I have devised a "system" that works for me!! I choose the fabrics .... and let me tell you I think maybe that's the hardest part!!!!

THEN... I cut out the fabric pieces and put them into bags ready for sewing ....

NEXT... I sew the blocks ... so far I have made


you may be able to guess the fabrics requested for these two!!! AND...


It is taking a while ... LIFE will get in the way! lol x But if I keep on the way I'm going I should have time to get them all done by the deadline x They have to be in the US before the 1st September xx

Hope you are having fun with your sewing xx

Diane x

Wednesday 16 July 2014


... to Congleton Quilt Group last night. Our Glorious Leader has been given  a HUGE amount of fabric .. lots of it samples .. and we are to make up quilt tops ... these are then to be bagged out with fleece and in September they are going to be donated to the Salvation Army as covers for homeless persons. There were 6 tables ... and we had 1.5  hours ... GO!!!

Our table had 2 cutters of fabric... 1 pinner of fabric .... 1 sewer of fabric... and ME on the iron!! We managed 2 completed tops...

and we also managed "part" of another one ... our sewer (Gwen x) has taken it home to finish x MOST tables managed a similar total .. with most tables having someone taking home a top to finish x  .... and then there was ... THE ARTISTIC TABLE!!!

Now bearing mind WHO these quilts/covers will be donated to .. and maybe it is just me ...and about 98% of the rest of those present ... BUT does it really need diamond blocks and blocks made from 2 inch strips?!!! They managed to make some blocks!! Good job it takes ALL kinds !! LOL xx  

I am off to choose fabrics for my next swoon blocks .. hope to get to them tomorrow x

Diane x

Tuesday 15 July 2014


... in a state of shock!! WHY? I hear the cry?....

WELL ...after yesterdays efforts with the swoon block #1...

..and a lie down with a wet cloth across the eyes I decided this morning I would ... GO FOR IT with my second block !I was taking NO prisoners to-day!

WHY the shock you ask ... well this..

...little beauty is the result xxxxxx It almost put itself together!!  NOT ONE seam was re-done!!.. SOOOO happy x

Of course I have to look at ... and make ..the others ... but hey ... tomorrow is another day xx

Diane x

Monday 14 July 2014

I HAD....

......a picture chosen and a post all ready in my head for CALM which is the word for this week in .... Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge !! THEN.. as happens .. it all changed xx

JUST prior to this picture being taken ....

Sam had been tearing up and down the garden .. trying to get too my neighbours cat! There are 5 of them and they take it in turn to torment him by walking along the wall... just in sight .. and ..just out of reach!! He came in .. threw himself on the bed .. and seemingly passed out!! LOL X NO Drama Queens here!!

Every year I like to join in a challenge that REALLY stretches me out of my lovely warm and protective comfort zone!! THIS year it is to make a whole series of swoon blocks !! ... shakes head and wonders .."what-on-earth-was-I-on-when-I-went-for-this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Too late now .. I'm in xx SO I have spent this afternoon making the first one x We make 2 for ourselves .. and 2 for each of the others in the group.. in their chosen colours. I decided to get AS MANY of the mistakes out of the way as possible ..with mine!! .. and let me tell you.. if it COULD or WOULD go wrong .. I DID IT TODAY!!! lol xx.. tomorrow will be better .. and quicker ..I hope xx

Off for a rest with a wet cloth over my eyes xx

Diane x  


... some problem with finding the challenge page ....SO.. Sally has sent a new link..

When you try it ...and IF it doesn't work ... please let me know and I will get her back again!! FINGERS CROSSED !!

Diane x

Sunday 13 July 2014


... grandson ...YES! the one ready to go to senior school!!.. at 11 is "cool" and "non-committal" about things that count .. I'm sure you all know what I mean!.... Mentioned .. in that off hand way.. if you want to make me another quilt grandma.. that would be OK!! I nearly fell over .. or thought I had misheard!!

BUT It's true .. he is happy to have another quilt xx He has made his grandma happy xx despite his efforts to avoid a hug and a kiss .. I got in there!!! He-He xx

Last year I was in a swap for Halloween blocks .. and these met with approval (to my surprise).. so they have been put together and NOW there is a quilt ready to go ..


He hasn't seen the finished quilt yet x SO .. its fingers crossed that it will be approved xx Fabric on the back ..

Gotta love an ALMOST teenage boy x

Diane x

Saturday 12 July 2014


... to wonder if the fabric for July's Brit Bee Swap was going to arrive! Others were posting that theirs had arrived... not me!! THEN .. it did! Phew I was getting a bit edgy there! lol x

I made a sample block first ..

which ironed out a few kinks ... then I used Hannah's fabric and made the actual block..

they will both go in the post on Monday x

Because we have a birthday boy .. I had his cake on the go while I was making the blocks..

HE SAID .. it has to be chocolate grandma!!.. so chocolate it is x

My daughter is setting up a challenge on Face Book .. so if you or any of your family are into ART AND CRAFT in any form and fancy a no obligation challenge ..check out the page .. 12 month mixed media challenge xx ( she has OF COURSE roped me in lol x) it is ANY and EVERY art form .. from fabric to ...wool to to ...paint to ...paper to ..clay... AND anything and everything in-between!! It begins in August and you just need to post a picture to the page in that month .. new work.. old work .. just as long as its YOUR work xx

Hope its been a good day for you to-day x

Diane x

Friday 11 July 2014

WE HAD A ...

..mystery make at Sandbach Quilt group last night . This little fella...

is what we were challenged to make x Isn't he cute xx THIS..

is my effort xx (YES I know I sewed the face on up-side-down!!!... makes him unique!.. lol x) Easy and fun to make x

My oldest grandson has ONE week left ... then in September he will be going to High School !! EEKKK! I cannot be old enough to have a grandson at senior school! lol x


.. and just a bit of summer..

Diane x

Thursday 10 July 2014


... the paper is all scrapped off the walls.. HoooRay xx I rewarded my self by JUST sewing x This time it was the Christmas B-O-T-M. The block this time is a steaming cup ...

.. which became a ROW of cups..

It is Sandbach Quilt group tonight .. we have a mystery make... mm wonder what it will be?

Diane x

Monday 7 July 2014


... it being Monday , and having errands that caused the usual in-and-out like a Jack-in-a-box, and walking the boys and visiting my mum and dad (phew!!) I managed to begin stripping wallpaper!! WHAT a boring job that is! I am going to do a little every day ... spreads the boredom and stops my arms feeling like they are falling out of the sockets!!! lol x

NOW having a break .. also remembered I had not posted my picture for...  Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge this week the word is.. PACKAGE.. I did receive a package last week .. BUT.. I forgot I needed a picture! SO.. instead I am going with this one ..

.. my youngest grandson has his birthday later this week and this is his present .. waiting to be wrapped in birthday paper x I save boxes and the family know well that whatever it says on the box.. its NOT what you are getting xx lol x One parcel at Christmas said fan.. and turned out to be a pair of slippers xx lol x,, feel free to guess what may be in this one x

We were out last night at the theatre. The youngest grandson was in a concert playing his guitar x The children were all aged between 8 and 18 .. and put on a wonderful show x ALL types instruments and they played for 2 hours xx WONDERFUL .. not all kids hang around on street corners or cause problems x

Diane x

Saturday 5 July 2014


.....OOPS! comments today xx  The cake I made yesterday was scrummy .. and much appreciated by our visitors xx I was baking again this morning .. banana bread today..

.....and while they were baking and cooling I got sewing!! OH YES!! No problems today though xx He-He x I made the July postcard for my partner .. the theme for this month is any star..

not easy to make something small enough to fit on a postcard!! lol x Then I made the July block for Erin's B-O-T-M...

...having made the first 6 blocks into the Halloween banner I feel free to use ANY colour .. so I went with GREY!! lol I have had these fabrics sat for a while waiting for a project that would suit them x I am toying with making the rest of the blocks in NOT In The Rainbow colours xx lol xx

Might just go and try out the banana bread xx

Diane x

Friday 4 July 2014


... and then continue to say OOPS! about a block ... then you just KNOW it is time to re-evaluate.. or even better.. start again!!

Let me explain... we have some family friends visiting from Australia (Perth) .. and they are getting to us tomorrow (Saturday).. now gentle readers you know me ... ANY excuse for some cake! I needed a project that would be quick and not too demanding for while it was cooking and cooling .. SO I had a quick look at the Stash Bee Block for this month .. and off I went x

The cake cooked and had the sticky lemon syrup poured over it while it was HOT..

the smell was making my mouth run .. never mind water!! It cooled and the lemon butter icing was added..

While this was happening I made the block..

and while I was doing errands the block went off to the USA in the post xx All good x

THEN ...I came home and went to the blog page to let her know it is on its way ... that is when I started noticing and saying OOPS!! The block was to be improvised .. that's OK .. it was to be the colours of the rainbow .. that's OK ..but ...OOPS! She only wanted 6 colours NOT 7 .. no indigo to be added! THEN she wanted the colours in order ..OOPS! 

SO... back to the drawing board and a new block ... with NO OOPS! .. email has been sent to explain and the new block will go in the post in the morning . The rebellious (OK sulky!!) teenager that still resides in me feels that the first block was better xx lol xx ... but its not about what I want xx

SO .. to many OOPS! means .. you should READ the instructions properly in the first place !! Going to eat that cake tomorrow and bet I don't say OOPS! once xx

Diane x

Thursday 3 July 2014


.... a funny old week x I thought it was going to be quiet and I would have LOADS of time to sew... silly me!

 I seem to have been in and out like a Jack-In-A-Box !Gus has been to see the vet for his annual check and vaccinations .. just about his most hated place to be!! My mum had an out-patient appointment in Manchester xx There has been the school run .. and taking James to Lego group x .. phew!

Monday I DID do some sewing .... I joined in with the latest Quilting Gallery Mug Rug swap.. it doesn't need to be finished until August .. however .. my partner is an American lady living in England .. and she will be spending most of July and part of August ..IN AMERICA ... now I could have left it until she comes back BUT .. you know me!! I wanted her to have them before she went .. AND .. we are doing a small bag swap just between our selves ... SO .. off I went .. and Tuesday they were in the post x..

We had Anya Townrow to speak to us on Tuesday at  Congleton quilt group.. I love her work and never tire of hearing her speak x She came to talk to us at Sandbach earlier this year as well x WELL yesterday we went of to a WINDY Prestatyn for the day..

and when we came home I felt the inspiration... and dug out this Anya pattern that was in my "to-do" pile x...

I started pulling out fabrics .. and.. today I finished off and I now have ..

I'm VERY happy with it x

I received my JUNE..

and JULY postcards this week..

I am hoping to get mine done soon !!

I did manage to make my Christmas swap block..

and that has gone in the post to Tasmania. I caused a stir in the Post Office because seemingly Tasmania in NOT on the Royal Mail list!!! It went Australian rates in the end .. after much discussion!

I did not get as much sewing done as I thought I would xx BUT I did manage some .. hopefully I will get a little more done in the next few days xx

Diane x