Tuesday 30 July 2013


...... when I am working on a project that I REALLY like/love then I find myself not only working on but THINKING  about that project... A LOT x .mmm . is this just my OCC coming out ?

That is where I am with Blair's Blocks ... as you may have guessed x

As the blocks are rolling in.. 5 more today xx.. I don't want to make any more until I see how many and what colours will be needed x SO, I have been thinking about a border to finish it off... I KNOW.. as if it is not going to be BIG anyway xxx

SO... I started making blocks ... and accumulating..

well the blocks have to be squared up! The blocks..well I have a few...

I am soo enjoying this quilt xx... off to make some more flying geese..

Keep smiling

Diane x

Saturday 27 July 2013


... is done ,it will be delivered next week when I am back at work....


I just put simple sashing between the panels (it came as a big block to use as you like ).. the mum-to-be  wanted animals,bugs and something to do with the garden... think this fills the brief ! lol x

On the back I used a fleece that also follows the theme x...

baby due January/February so will need the warmth then x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 26 July 2013


....the postman came to call x He brought me this beautiful block..

it is from Tammy as my July block from the Christmas Block Swap x She also sent me these beautiful pot holders ..

They are too much fun to use on dirty old pans .. so they will be used on my table xx

I have been working on a baby quilt to-day .. top made and tomorrow will be quilted x I had a couple of spare panels ... so what is a girl to do?   Well make a couple of cushions of course..

Keep smiling

Diane x

Thursday 25 July 2013


... the blocks are starting to come in... and WOW they are wonderful xx

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loving this quilt x Because he knows about it I will have to let Blair have it ... mmm just may need to make one for ME ME ME... lol x

It is going to be one BIG quilt .. it is getting hard to take a picture ! AND.. it is starting to take over my bed room!..


Every time I take a picture I notice "better" ways to arrange the blocks !.. playing with fabric is so much fun xx

SHHHHhhhhh ! dont tell Blair but some one else like this quilt too!!!!!!!!!!!!    GUS! GET OFF lol xx 

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 24 July 2013


...because I have finished my latest rota and can get back to "sewing life".. and particularly Blair's Blocks xx ... AND... it is the BIG REVEAL for the Modern-Mini-Round-Robin organised by Michelle at www.quiltsfrommycrayonbox.blogspot.com

I started off in January with this little block ..

and NOW I have this STUNNING wall hanging..

This is my fav so far of the R R I have done x


I have used minimal quilting to let the wonderful inventive borders speak for them selves x..


I am waiting for the next round now .. mm wonder what centre block I can come up with for next time xx

I included a scrap fabric and asked the ladies to sign it as they completed their border.. I now have a unique label for my quilt ..


LOVE IT .. thanks to all the ladies in my group x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Tuesday 16 July 2013


.. it was my birthday, my mate Sue was VERY upset because the present she bought me was delayed in the post... then, when it did arrive we could not get to-gether because of life and our work rota clashing!

WELL ,yesterday we met up .. and look what she bought me..

I LOVE IT  xx Especially as we ARE having a summer this year and I have been able to sit in the garden of an evening x


(the candle didn't burn down that quick .. I changed it for a smaller one!! lol )

I am one happy quilter x Will have to make her something special to say ...THANK YOU x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Monday 15 July 2013


.. a lovely weekend here in my corner of Cheshire..(hopefully in your corner of the world as well x). I have continued with making Blairs Blocks...I'm going to have to find a bigger bit of floor soon x..

and in between sitting under the umbrella and enjoying the wonderful sunshine I painted the woodwork in the hall,stairs and landing ... OF COURSE there was a little help!..

WHY Sam feels he has to join in I don't know! He is too small to be a zebra! mind you camouflage was mentioned! lol x

My youngest grandson had his 8 th birthday..

the cake was VERY nice .. VERY rich ..but, nice xx

BOTH mum and dad seemed to be unable to keep their eyes open!... (must have been the cake xx)..


he is growing up so fast , time just ticks away xx mind you don't know how I have a son old enough to have 2 growing up fast sons!! lol x


Keep smiling

Diane x

Saturday 13 July 2013


.. are starting to arrive Wooo-Hoooo x Caroline in Finland sent this lovely block..

will fit in very nicely xx

I have been doing some work on my Mystery-Round-Robin... but I cannot share until 24th which is the BIG reveal date xx ... few sneaky peeks wont hurt though.. (Shhhhh don't tell)

The label travelled across the ocean with my block for the ladies to sign... my Round-Robin quilts are much more travelled than I am ! xx

The weather has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glorious the last week I am making the most of it .. sitting in the garden under the umberella xx lol xx.. don't want to get sun stroke!!

Hope you are having nice weather where you are

Keep smiling 

Diane xx

Thursday 11 July 2013


...really slows down my reading ..and commenting on blogs.... AND NOW for 3 days BLOGGER tells me I am NOT following any blogs.. but ...I can add as many as I want!! On enquiry this is "an ongoing problem... that we are endeavouring to correct"!!! HOPE THEY SORT IT OUT SOON!

I have been pattern testing again xx It was to be a table runner... (5 blocks) but I sort of ran out of steam... and my world famous ability to NOT match seams got the better of me xx He-He x

I did make a..

tray/placemat ...or small table runner.. or wall hanging xx call it what you will x I like it xx

Blairs Blocks are starting to arrive (yippee), and , along with the ones I have already made ... this is going to be one stunning quilt xx..


waiting to see how many I get before the final size is decided on. This was the layout he chose xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 2 July 2013


...I was happily ignoring the fact that I am Queen Bee for Stash Hive #4 in October ....THEN I opened an e-mail marked "important".... and suddenly I am Queen Bee for JULY!!!!!!!!!

SO... some quick thinking had to go on... AND quick making of sample blocks!!

OH WELL! I do like a challenge xx lol x

I had LOTS of blocks in my head .. but which one to choose? AND why that one?

I though back to a conversation with Sally (daughter) when she reminded me that Blair (her partner) is always moaning about "OTHER" people getting quilts ..and stuff.. from me .. but not him!.. he also moans that I mention everyone else but not him on a regular basis!! As they live in Australia I don't have to listen to the moaning TOO much!

SO.. I decided I would kickstart his quilt project and get the ladies in the Bee to contribute blocks for his quilt ... see I CAN work under pressure xx lol xx

So off to the sewing room I went .. now I have LOTS of scraps .. and I love a scrap quilt ..so, I made a GREEN block..

and a BROWN block..

 a PURPLE block and a GREY block...

TO-DAY I made a BLUE block..

I recon at this rate I will soon have enough to actually make him a quilt xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Monday 1 July 2013


...BLUE theme going on at the moment xx

When I joined in the Rainbow Charm Swap I was assigned to the BLUE group... when my blocks came I stroked and looked ..then decided to keep the BLUE theme going and bought this fabric...

I made square-in-a-square blocks with half my squares..

Then I cut the remaining blocks in half and made A LOT of flying geese..

The quilt I have is ... to me a beauty xx I LOVE it xx

There was a rose bush trying to get through the back of the quilt!

The back is BLUE as well...

this is one of my SALE fabrics from Aberkhan xx  ( don't get a crick in your neck trying to read the label!! x)

Keep smiling

Diane xx