Saturday 31 December 2011

New Years Eve

Welcome to Ola, I hope you enjoy your visits here and that you continue to visit xx

WELL, today ran up to us in a rush!! I seem to have missed out on part of last year!! Don't know where it went!!

My wish for everyone for the NEW year that is knocking at our doors is... health, happiness and lots of projects that we WANT to do...and CAN do.

VERY best wishes to everyone, no matter how you see it in .....

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 30 December 2011

no sewing?

Last night I did not do ANY sewing!! I KNOW...shocking isn't it?

What I did do the final instalment of Eleanor Burns  ( ) on First Ladies blocks, it was all about binding your quilts. I don't know what her monthly offering will be next year...but...I'm ready to watch.

The other thing I did was layer a baby quilt so that I could sew it today xx

It will look familiar to some of you...I used this same block for one of the girls I work with. It was seen and admired...and I got a request to make another one...this time MONEY will change hands...OH YES!!!

SO, I worked on it today..and its done. It IS only small, and the simple quilting is zig-zag, looks good ..even if I say so myself.

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 29 December 2011


I thought I would change the background in preparation for the New Year celebrations.

Hope you like it xx

Hope it keeps you smiling

Diane xx

WHAT did I do?

I DID listen to my new cd, I DID light a candle...not one of my new ones but a spiced apple one that was half way down...saving the new ones for the New Year xx


I made the December block-of-the-month

I am loving this project

I am pretty sure that a big part is that its a new designer each moth

I was wondering which project to do next when the postman brought me this

I just may have a cup of tea and  a read xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 28 December 2011


Rota finished, no work for me tonight...AHH! That is such a wonderful feeling x

NOW, what will I do with myself tonight? I could listen to this...

This is one of my presents from Australia, I could also chill out while smelling
 one of these...

The brown box (isn't it wonderful xx) has orange and cinnamon candles and incense sticks, they are from my friend Sue

The tea lights are so pretty,they were from Adam and Caroline xx almost too pretty to burn! They have a light flowery smell.

Also the new block-of-the-month has been published...look to the sidebar for the button, badge, thingy-ma-whatsit (!!) for the link, this month's block has been designed by Pat Sloan.

So I could work on that ...will have to see how I feel when I have had my tea

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 27 December 2011

one more

ONE more shift to go, ONE more shift to go!! OH yes...then I can have a rest...and PLAY some. This is one of my Christmas presents

I think it may be getting quite a bit of attention in the next few days

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 26 December 2011

Boxing day

I LOVE boxing day...,maybe even more than Christmas day...why? Well this is the day I see MY family xx

Santa left these presents for me to deliver

Josh was out to meet us on his new bike xx

James was inside watching TV are so different!

The table looked lovely...mind you we soon changed that!! Food was wonderful

We talked to Sally and Blair in Australia (via SKYPE.... technology is also wonderful)

James had these bug glasses as part of his presents

So OF COURSE all the adults had to try them on!!

Hope you all had a great time with your family

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Sunday 25 December 2011

Christmas Day

Hello....hope its been a good one and that Santa brought you all something you wanted. Santa left these for me to deliver to mum and dad

I am just back from having dinner with them...I have time to write this ....and then have a little snooze before I go to work for the next instalment of the insanity of Christmas on Surgical Admissions!!

Mum was making the gravy when I got there.....NO I do NOT eat those VILE sprouts!!

I did drink the cup of tea dad made me.

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

A double welcome to a postie is DEFINITELY on the "favourite" list!!

I will be watching out for Santa tonight...I have requested he put ALL your postcodes into his SatNav no problems!!

This lovely bouquet found its way to my is from Sally and co in Australia...lovely.

Here's hoping you all get AT LEAST one thing you wanted/asked for !!

We are hoping for a CALM night ...we NEVER use the "Q" word!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 23 December 2011

the post man

A very warm and "Christmasy" welcome to Linda, who has joined us as a new member here xx

Have I mentioned recently how much I Love my Postman? I know I have to find, order and pay for the goods......BUT ...he delivers them to my door!

Looking forwards to some fun when....and IF I survive this rota of nights!!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx 

Thursday 22 December 2011

WHAT a night! WHAT a day

Phew back to work with a BANG!! Extra beds opened extra staff (of course) to look after them, chaos rules as usual...WHEN will we stop manging on the hoof ...and PLAN instead?

OH well! we all survived, the night DID end and although we may have been a bit batted and foot/leg weary we will all be back to night...I HOPE!

My cradle did NOT need rocking this morning I can tell you!


I got up to the sun shining...OK its still cold, but it was dry and bright, and I had ALL your lovely comments to read....once again THANK YOU SO MUCH. Its what blogging is all about, knowing you are not talking to yourself lol xx

I have had a brisk, mind clearing (doesn't take much!) walk with the dogs, a cuppa with mum and dad and now I am heating up some home made pea and ham soup for my is GOOD.

I thought I would share this little fairy/angel with you. I made her a couple of years ago.

Her waist line (much like my own) is non-existent!

 Her legs (not like mine) are long and skinny. and her hair is a mess (no comment!!)...but she is bright and cheerful xx

Hoping you have had a good day

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 21 December 2011


I did it!! OH yes I did!!

I have finished the quilt I am wondering WHY did I not just get on with it before?

THANK YOU all so much for your encouragement has REALLY helped.

I understand that ........ as my dad always says, "a blind man on a speeding horse would be glad to see it !!!!" similar to shaz's comment about the train!!.... the missing points don't matter, and REALLY they don't! The pictures are not is pinned onto another quilt!! AND its BIG!!! 

I have begun to like this quilt...its taken a while!

In the New Year I will layer and then think about the quilting....have to buy a BIG piece of wadding!

SO.. give your selves a pat on the back... because it is with your encouragement that I DID finish. xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 20 December 2011

keeping going

Thank you for your continuing support with this quilt top. I am not really a fan of making quilts with lots of small pieces...and lots of points....especially when they have to join up in an obvious way!! Meaning IT SHOWS when they don't!!!

SO WHY you ask did I start this one?

WELL I wanted to prove to myself that just because I don't LIKE to do does mot mean I CAN NOT do it!! Do you follow the logic?

One of the reasons it has been stop, and , go ALL the small pieces, and the NON joining points!

HOWEVER... I am keeping going!!


I now have 2 sides of the border on ....... WHOOPEE!!

This is the final border .......I CAN DO IT...I am on the home stretch now

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 19 December 2011


Well...the short term memory loss well and truely kicked in yesterday! The title was to indicate what I was going to be doing yesterday....and I was going to tell you ALL about it. Did you see ANY mention of dinner? NO neither did I!! OH WELL! ......YESTERDAY we went out for dinner!

Each year we go out as a family for dinner on the Sunday closest to Christmas, it depends on my shift pattern as to when we go...and yesterday was our day out xx

 We had a great time, it is just a local pub...that does good food!

We had crackers, and food, and we had lots to laugh about...and it was a great way to end my week of "getting it all crammed in before I go back to work!!" YES! I was just slipping towards the floor here...NOT due to alcohol consumption...due to James!!

THANK YOU all for your kind comments about the B-O-T-M, I am still working away at it....I added a spacer border....the dark blue...

now I am SLOWLY adding the last star border, there are 72 of these! ALL made ,just need sorting, finishing and attaching as a border! ... easy!

I am also making the log cabin corner blocks.....

All the fabrics have come from my I have to keep trying to ... not match exactlly...just find similar value , colour choices. (I am not sure WHY this has come out in itallics! wont come off...SO technically challenged!)

 I WILL finish this by the New Year, Amanda,I dont know if I will do the new one....I have printed off the pre-making instructions and am having a read!! Thats about it so far. I have not come across Sarah Vedeler before (or not knowingly any way), so it could be interesting. Not made my mind up either way.

Keep smiling

Diane xx