Sunday 19 August 2018


.. has returned to our "normal" xx So we have cooler temperatures and some rain .. its LOVELY xx

So I have been out and about  the granddaughter MADE me go to the park to see the ducks! I forgot the camera .. sorry.. I will try and remember next time x 

We have a family wedding in 2 weeks AND some visitors from Perth in Western Australia .. come on we HAD to go out for dinner xx lol x

There is ANOTHER  cardigan for the granddaughter with wool from the stash on the go... may recognise the colour as it is one of the ones I used for my daughters stripy cardigan x Makes a change not to using a light colour.

A couple of weeks ago I "rescued" 2 very sad looking lily plants from the supermarket .. I thought if they die I am only down a £1 so that's fine! They are LOVING the weather YESTERDAY I had …

and TODAY I have..

SO exciting … it is lovely to go out each morning x

There are other little pockets of colour in the garden..

Hope you are all having your "normal" weather and having fun x

Diane x

Sunday 12 August 2018

IN 2019..

.. Congleton Quilt group are having their exhibition. When they started talking about it .. it seemed SO FAR AWAY... now its less than twelve months!! oh my!

I have not been inspired to make any of the suggested little items for the sales table... but knew I had to contribute SOMETHING!!

So this week I set to and made a few tissue holders...

and then a few more..

and then..

OK THIS STOPS NOW!! lol x I SO want to tell you I have a hole in the scrap box.. or even a dimple.. NO! Cant tell any thing has gone .. hey-ho!

I feel I have done my bit now x Will deliver them when meetings resume in September x

I finished the granddaughters cardigan

.. having made 3 cardigans I had just enough left from 4oo grams to make a pom-pom.. I am ready for the next hat that needs one x

Off for a cuppa and think about the next stash busting project .. have to see a reduction sometime!! lol x

Diane x

Sunday 5 August 2018


… to use up the "stash" is continuing. Slow but sure is the method I am going with xx

A Linus quilt is ready to be handed over …

..using up bits and pieces... AND an "odd" piece of fleece ..

.. that I have no idea where it came from .. but it doesn't matter as it is now used x

I did not have enough wool for a full adult cardigan BUT I have a daughter who loves stripes .. and enough for 2 half cardigans (!!)..

.. she has seen the pictures and claimed it .. good as that used up more stash x

The granddaughter has 2 more cardigans...

and another on the way …

….that will be all that wool used up as well … and a ton of buttons x

The garden has been well watered and has not suffered too much from the EXTREME temperatures we have been having...

My helper has been here …

...her idea of watering the garden is to pour the water onto the flags and then splash in the puddles x … sshhh don't tell the water board. Although the hose pipe ban does not start until tomorrow .. and she is using old milk bottles not a hose pipe x

Hope you are all staying safe x

Diane x