Monday 28 September 2015

This is.....

...... Just a quick post.... I have a problem with my internet connection ..... So I will not be posting for a couple of days
BUT I will be back xxx

Diane x

Wednesday 23 September 2015

I AM...

.... continuing with the ..Getting Ready .. sewing by making a few Tree ornaments... may remember there was a duplicate block in the miniature B-O-T-M patterns and while we are waiting for it to be sorted I thought I would use a couple of the blocks .. for something else xx

It was quilt group in Congleton last night ... it was try something new night .. and we decorated bags with stencils..

.....not necessarily my best effort .. but it is going to be OK to keep in my shopping bag as an "extra" ... esp. as the supermarkets will stop giving away free bags in a couple of weeks

You may remember that my friend is going to be 50 later this year .. WELL.. I have been thinking of "special" presents for this BIG birthday... she LOVES pink and sparkly .. so I thought I would knit her something with that sort of wool.... just like fabric .. you get what you pay for .. so before I use the "GOOD" stuff I decided to have a practice run ... you know me I do that with my fabric projects just the same xx



I have made my first ever shawl , and I am VERY proud of myself lol x It is blocking and drying at the moment. I learned some "new stuff" with this one .. including how to do a TAB cast-on and a purl 2 tog cast off .. so I'm glad I had a practice first.

NOW to wind the sparkly stuff into a ball and ... away to go xx.. watch this space x

Hope your weather is dryer than ours right now xx.... off to look at wallpaper.. wish me luck !!

Diane x

Sunday 20 September 2015


.... Area day for Region 13 of the Quilters Guild ... when I got up the fog was NOT GOOD!!!!!... having debated on and off for about an hour .. I eventually decided to chance it... I was going past Jodrell Bank I had to take it on faith that there where all those thumping great telescopes to my left  .. as all I could see was a small bit of road in front of me!!! However I was really glad I did go ... isn't it the way that when you DO stir your stumps and go .. its fun and worth the effort!...

ANYWAY... the speaker was Anja Townrow ...

I ALWAYS enjoy her talks x I was VERY good and did not buy any more patterns as I already have some of hers that I haven't done yet.. and to be honest the fabrics were much the same as I have ... NOT tempted even!!!  ... but then I have it in mind that I will be looking for .. and buying ....wallpaper for the front room x

The flock grew ...

I was asked to make another one...

which has already gone to its new home xx ... and I hear is much loved xx I did not have to buy wool as it was left over from the panda/kangaroo that is now living in Australia !!... I am doing VERY well with the .. use up what you have .. efforts this year x Mind you I have so much STUFF hiding in my craft room I will have to live a LONG time to use it all .... which suits me xx

I have just been decorating a cake ..(well throwing stuff at the top anyway lol ).. is for my oldest grandson who has done well at school this last week x His choice is ALWAYS chocolate cake xx

Diane x

Wednesday 16 September 2015


.... came today and brought my Seasons Swap package from my partner in NZ

Unpacking is at least HALF the fun....

I got so many wonderful things ...



AND a bag to keep them in..

Swaps are just SOOOOO much fun x

As we all knew ... when Sally saw the lamb... she would "request" one ... for the baby of course! SO the flock has grown.....

it will be flying to Australia very soon x

I have been making some "stuff" for the stall we are having to help raise funds for Hope House children's hospice .... if anyone is in our area on September 27th you are VERY welcome to come along and spend some money xx lol The Postcode is .... SK11 9DU if anyone needs it . It is close to Jodrell bank ( so the family could be bribed !! to join in too xx lol

Diane x

Monday 14 September 2015


.... a lovely e-mail from my Seasons Swap partner in NZ... her parcel has arrived safe and sound .... and more importantly she LIKES what I sent ... PHEW xx

You may remember I showed you the parcel that went ...

well... I made a project bag..

which she tells me has already put her latest cross stich project into x AND..

all these lovely goodies x I made a little zipped bag that she has put in the project bag with her scissors etc and I sent some 100% British grown and dyed wool for her to make a project, some threads to use in her cross stitch and LOTS of fun stationary to use every day xx..

Her season of choice was SUMMER so I went for all the bright colours I could find xx

Don't you just LOVE Happy Post days x

Diane x

Sunday 13 September 2015


... to make the final block in the Quiet Play B-O-T-M I would need a chunk of time .. and NO interruptions .. well it did not happen on Friday .. but I was determined that Saturday would be the day !

I shut myself away and managed to finish xx YA xx This ..

is my final block x This has been an interesting  learning experience x Some I would make again . OTHERS.... NEVER EVER AGAIN!! lol x It was mostly fun NOW it is done xx I have it layered up ..

and ready for me to think about the quilting. I have used this fabric for the back...

I DID have a minor interruption when the Postman called. He brought me an unexpected ... and lovely package. You may remember I made the bag with the sheep..

for a knitter friend.. well look what I got in return..

The bags at the back have a selection of teas x mmm WOW I am VERY happy x I LOVE these stitch markers...

This lovely wool..

has now become ...

I had such fun making this lamb... and he is staying with ME!! Grandchildren keep off! The band said it was DK but it felt a bit thin ... so I used both balls at once ... and I really like the colours it made in the finished lamb ... it totally change the look of the x

 The spicy tea has been tried .. and it is very nice .. yet to try the others ... mmm might just go and have another cup x

Diane x

Friday 11 September 2015


... at Sandbach Quilt group last night . We were beginning to get .. just a bit !! ... nervous when she didn't arrive!! Especially as we had heard there had been a smash on the motorway .. and nothing heard from her! HOWEVER with FIVE minutes to go ... she arrived xx Yay xx

It was a wonderful night ..

Maureen was informative, and funny .. and such an engaging speaker xx AND she found a "volunteer" in the audience to help out..

of course there was cake and tea .. and cake as well x

I finished my dads Christmas slip over..

so that him sorted x I was NOT going to make anything knitted for my oldest grandson ... THEN during the (ongoing!!!) sorting out of the craft room I "found" a bag of ......more than .. enough wool to make him something ...SO..

.. well he still likes .. and more importantly uses/wears ... what I make ...SO I will keep going until he says NO MORE xx lol x

Another lovely day here to-day .. don't know why we bother with summer and all the rain!! lol x Told you Autumn is my favourite xx

Diane x

Wednesday 9 September 2015


... Autumn .. the weather has gone cool at night .. so sleep is easier. The rain has stopped .. at least for a couple of days .. and the sun is out in the day ..AH! Bliss x ....AND to add to that the colours in the trees and plants .. AH xx

Yesterday was my parents 64th wedding anniversary .. we actually went out for dinner on Sunday ... BUT there has to be cake ...

none left now though x

It was the beginning of the Autumn/winter Quilt group meetings yesterday with Congleton ...cake again.. and chat and tea AND catch-up chat xx We also got the next instalments of the mini B-O-T-M ... you will have spotted I only have 7 not 8 ... well one of the patterns is a repeat of one of the July blocks .. so I want to check if it is a mistake ... and we are missing a block ...OR are we really to make this one twice .... I left a message and am waiting for a reply before I make the last one x

I have printed out the last Quiet Play pattern (lion) for the B-O-T-M ... maybe I will get time to make it on Friday.

Every year I buy or make my mum a toy for Christmas ... she never had a teddy as a child and would tell (moan ) us when we were younger ... SO ....

this is this years offering xx I made it with Aran weight so it is a bit bigger than the others x Fun to do it a bit different x

Thursday is Sandbach Quilt group meeting ... its all go here xx lol x

Hope you are all having a good time x

Diane x

Thursday 3 September 2015


... to the "FUN" from Blogger .. I found out that when I reply to comments NOT ALL of them get sent back!!.. so .. if you have left a comment and not got a reply..... I do apologise .It seems that some bloggers are being classed as ..NON-REPLY.. even when this is not true! .. I am informed it is being "looked into"... once again .. SORRY xx

Hey-Ho xx

To-day I got my fabric for the September Brit Bee Swap ...

NOW.... I LOVE log cabin and so... blocks are made .. and as I had to go into town this afternoon .... THEY ARE ALREADY in the post and heading home xx... Im keeping the Post Office going at least x

WOW!! I am on a roll this week x... now NO MATTER what crisis comes my way I am still (sort of) ahead of the game xx... despite Blogger  ... lol x

Diane x

Wednesday 2 September 2015


.... log on to Blogger today it tells me ... YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING any other blogs!!!... but I can add as many as I want!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am a bit frustrated with this massage? ....ah! Deep breath ...

I worked on my Christmas block swap block to-day... I was sewing away fine when my tension had a fit ... AGAIN! I sorted it out and off I went ... again..


I unpicked and mangled one of the blocks .. hope it doesn't show.. and made another ... just to prove I can beat this d$%&&D machine !

I decided it was time to walk away ... and went out for dinner with my mum and dad xx Sometimes its the best solution xx

Hope your day has a better start than mine did xx

Diane x