Saturday 21 July 2018


… that I had not told you that the July Shawl Club is in!!

I finished it at the beginning of the month .. and am getting round to telling you about it ..NOW!! lol x Better late than forget all together!! lol x

This is only a small one .. so it knit up quickly. I found it an interesting knit .. with lace in the main body and then a feather and fan border.

I will just show you the pictures...

It is on my wall at the moment..

….and my granddaughter INSISTS it is a moth!! Well.. if the heat has brought us a moth THAT BIG... I'm off!!!

Diane x

Friday 20 July 2018


… life being busy.. as usual!!… I have managed some sewing this week x …. AND IF FEELS GOOD ….to be able to say that x

Some of you may remember that last Christmas Congleton Quilt group had a block raffle and I was "unfortunate" enough to win some of them!! Well.. while trying to find something else I found the blocks in a bag!! 

I was going to put them back .. BUT .. I thought if I did that I would most probably forget them again until the week/day before the meeting when they are to be returned having been required to make "something" with them !! …. and then I would be saying "why didn't I work on them at that time "!!

SO... YESTERDAY I spent some time layering and tacking..

…. then to-day I quilted and added a little inner border.. Ta-Da..

I now have "something" made with the blocks x It took a little "inventive" (ie. fudging ) piecing to get 3 blocks of different sizes to fit together, they were SUPPOSED to be 12.5 inches.. well that didn't happen!

I also spent time layering the single bed sized quilt that I am making as part of Sandbach Quilt groups "year of making a quilt" . It is destined for my granddaughter .. but I am not going to get time to quilt it just yet. Not to worry , the hard work of layering and tacking is DONE xx

I hope you all find time and a project that makes you happy x

Diane x