Friday 14 October 2016

IT WAS......

... Sandbach Quilt group meeting last night. We had a talk about smocking .. it was really interesting .. AND it is amazing what you can learn from a speaker who is passionate about a subject xx

We had lots of examples to ooooh! over ...

including this smock ..

...that the speaker has made ALL the embroidery/smocking has been done by hand... stunning x

The scalf is coming along..

I know that if it was  just a straight project I would be SUPER bored .. but there is just enough of a lace pattern on the edge to keep me interested x.... and when it is done? ...well.. last night one of the ladies gave me this little book..

SO.. more fun to come x Hope you have something to make that is keeping your interest x

Diane x

Wednesday 12 October 2016


... (Tuesday) was our (Christmas themed) Quilt group in Congleton. This years Christmas challenge was launched..... we are to make a 12.5 inch block .. ANY block.. using this years fabric..

.....which is much more fun than we usually get (shhh don't tell I said so!! lol) I made my block this am...

I'm happy with it x... I have a little gold bead at the top of  each one ..... Just have to keep it safe THEN remember to take it to the Christmas party xx lol x

We also had an on the night make .. THIS was the sample..

.. and this is the progress of mine...

... I have used beads for the eyes and found a fun bobble for the hat .. I need to get some sweets to go into the pocket now. I will be making some more of these xx 

I have a new scarf on the needles..

....bit of a change for me .. it has been fun so far. I like to challenge myself to make something different every now and then x.... and Autumn colours to make me happy x

Hope you have something fun to be working on .

Diane x

Sunday 9 October 2016


... from a beautiful Cheshire in October x It is a glorious day here .. October/Autumn is just about my favourite time xx

Life here is beginning to calm down  .. although I think I need to find a Time Lord to help with my time leak .. mmm don't think that is going to happen!

Our Quilt Group meetings have started again after the summer breaks .. we had a challenge (set by me of course!) over the summer for Sandbach .. the ladies could make ANYTHING they wanted long as they used a tea-towel in their project...

we had such a lot of wonderful entries x 2 prizes were awarded x I have to come up with the next challenge idea now x

Yesterday was the Quilter Guild Region 13 Regional day yesterday in Frodsham .. about an hours drive for me. It was a great day..

the morning speaker was Judy Fairless who talked about making journal quilts .. she has been doing them for about 10 years .. so LOTS to see x

Then in the afternoon it was Stuart Hillard who on the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee... he started out (as a child with lots of energy!! lol ) as a knitter and spinner then became a patchworker .. he was a lot of fun with LOTS of quilts to show us.

There have been various shawls on and off the needles...

....the yellow one is a special one for a friend of mine who needs a "hug" and some sunshine in her life right now xx

My youngest grandson is ONE at the end of this month ... and walking already! WHAT!! Some knitting is heading their way ..

mostly for next year but.. the East coast of Australia is having a wet and windy spring so maybe he will get some wear out of them this year..

this one was just for fun..

My granddaughter is SIX MONTHS!!.. these babies are growing far to fast!! lol x.. some knitting for her will be ready for Christmas x

Colour in the garden is a bit sparse at the moment..

....did manage to find a bit though x While I was shopping this week I found...

£2... a bargain xx .. and some sunshine for in the house x

PHEW! If you made it this far.. well done x Go get a brew to reward yourself xx See you soon x

Diane x