Saturday 24 February 2018


... here this week has been COLD! It seems (according to the weather people) that the wind is coming DIRECTLY from Siberia .. and my goodness it feels like it! However it has been dry and bright... perfect for getting out and about ..... my son and granddaughter got wrapped up and came to collect me ..

...and off we went. Close to us there are many stately homes/houses and grounds that are open to the public. We went to  Rode Hall to see the snowdrops and grounds....

...there is plenty of room for kids to run .. and adults to walk !! lol x There are wicker statues in the grounds to find...

There is a lovely tea room with "homemade" food and of course CAKE xx 

My mum decided she needed a new WARM and super thick scarf to keep out the cold SO..

I am still trying to decide what to make with my demonstration blocks ..... It seems the inspiration well is dry right now x

Hope you are having more luck with your inspiration x


ps... forgot to say I am now discharged from physio xx

Monday 12 February 2018


... it has been a while.. so there are A LOT of pictures to come .. so get a brew and settle back xx I have NO excuse for not posting .. I just didn't!! lol x

We had snow most of yesterday and over night... thankfully this morning it is warmer and it is going ..

... mind you there is MORE forecast for to-night and tomorrow!

SO the tea pot and cosy are in constant use ..

 the slow cooker is bubbling away..

GOOD time to catch up x

My arm is slowly improving and the physio continues .. so much so that I have my slave/child worker back to visit..

she is getting REALLY good at the washing up !

I did my session at Sandbach ... the ladies seemed to be happy x I didn't get any Booos anyway! lol x
My block was broken dishes.. 

so I made a couple of cushions..

 then I needed a bag to carry them in ..

and then a bag for the granddaughter..

 a table runner always goes down well...

As you can see ....I had lots of suggestions of ways to use the block....!! NOW I have all the demonstration/Blue Peter pieces over so I have to decide what to do with them ...

thinking cap on xx 

I finished the BIG shawl..

.....and a smaller one while waiting for mum to finish her latest round of treatments..

then a hat for my daughter ..

she has A LOT of hair so it needed to be big to cover it all x THEN she wanted a hat for the grandson that was like a dinosaur !!!! THIS is what I came up with ...

the stuffed toy was my best way to show it off!! lol x

Well done if you got this far xx I am off now for another cuppa x 

Have a warm and productive day x

Diane xx