Thursday, 24 March 2022


 .. the road side outside our home ..

I am sharing it ... just because x lol Daffodils are just SO bright and happy x

I hope you can find something to-day that makes you feel bright and happy x

Stay safe 

Diane x

Monday, 21 March 2022


 .. boy had a great time ..

There was cake ..

YES 2 different ones x We all like a choice after all x lol 

I managed to capture the oldest and youngest grandsons ..

BOTH interested in CAKE

Stay safe (and have fun x)

Diane x

Friday, 18 March 2022


 .. the rain ,the day started like this ..

.. and, is finishing like this..

Lol x I LOVE the British climate x

My oldest grandson had his birthday this week ... NINETEEN !! OH MY GOODNESS ! .. He drives a car he bought himself , has (sort of) grown a beard (lol) AND talks with a deep voice x Gosh that happened quick x we are having a birthday dinner to-morrow so get ready for cake and celebrations x 

Stay safe 

Diane x

Wednesday, 16 March 2022


 ... we are all moved in, the internet is working... MOST of the people who need to know. have our new address .. AND  NOW  ... the Amazon drivers are taking our parcels to ALL our neighbours! Hey-Ho its a way to get to know them  x lol x Cannot have it all ways x .. it all makes life interesting x

The boys have a big garden to run around in, and we have some wonderful views from our windows..

..mind you, to-day it looks like this..

I began and finished a book..

at over 800 pages it is a BIG one x!!!

The grandchildren have a gnome..

and a bat..

My diamonds are coming along ..

Ahhhh ! Life is returning to .. normal .. what ever that is x 

NOW that we are remembering where we have put "stuff" and my fabric is more easily "found" we will see where I go next x 

Stay safe x

Diane x

Sunday, 6 March 2022


 .. quick post. I have not gone AWAL !! We are in the process of moving house ... AND our internet provider says .. you do not exist!!! ...Despite them taking our money , and the engineer (while stood in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea !!) Says ......we DO exist!!

GRR technology .. its wonderful .. when it works x 

Never mind .. hopefully I will BE BACK by the end of the week (EVERYTHING crossed ) lol 

Diane x