Saturday 30 November 2013


.. that the girls made for me on Wednesday has been "mended" ......

and now is the best I can get it  x He-He. It is the retirement "do" #2 tonight .. going Chinese food this time (Indian last time you may remember x) ... THE HAT will OF COURSE  be worn ... and my sash ..still got to try and mend it!!...

AT LAST I think I may just have found a toy that the boys can make last more than an hour ...

they have had .. and played with .. this one for TWO DAYS!!!!... its a bit nibbled ..but mostly intact ... mmm may just have to get another one xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 28 November 2013


...morning when I finished work, it was wonderful to see smiley faces and hear lots of laughter xx The fun will continue on Saturday when we have the next party x

I was given a challenge to complete x It seems that there are "supposed" to be lots of squares with names embroidered on .. because they did not have me behind them.. until NOW.. they have been a bit slow coming in!! WELL.. I'm on their case now! There are more to come on Saturday and then I can follow the instructions to do "something" with them xxx

These are the ones I have  received..

LOVE that even though most of them struggle to THREAD ...never mind USE ...a needle they are having a go xx

While I was out this morning I found this ..

can get practising now !! lol x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 27 November 2013


.. a bit boring for some of you xx I don't expect you to have to read it all!! lolx

I had my last night .. EVER .. last night , the regulations say you have to wear BLACK socks at all times .. seems that makes you a better nurse! SO.. my choice for last night was ..

ALSO .. the regulations say NO head gear .. SO these are what I chose to wear ..

ALWAYS the rebel xx lol x

I had my pockets FILLED with confetti by my co-workers ... it dropped out all night ..I'm sure the cleaners were cursing me this morning!! AND over the night My uniform gradually got ... adapted ..

mmm don't think that one will be going back!

This morning I was decorated with a hat .. sash and "various" adornments .. however they fell apart so I have to try and "mend" them before posting pictures! I walked .. or .. skipped through the corridors with the help of 2 others and a wheel chair to my car xx THANKFULLY they had NOT been able to find my car on the car park! I had balloons ..

Have you EVER tried to drive with a car full of floaty balloons? Its an experience I'll say that!

THIS is the rice and pasta that I found in my coat pockets..

my bag was also full ... at least 2 packets of each .. that went IN THE BIN!!..

This is how my front room looked this morning ..

I had 20 cards xx I don't get that many cards at Christmas xx Mary Berry needs to step aside because look what they bought me...

mind you I have to put it all to-gether first xx I also got LOTS of other presents ...

I NEVER knew I had so many friends xx

More tomorrow as I think you may all be asleep by now xx

I'm smiling .. hope you are too x

Diane xx

Wednesday 20 November 2013


... the excitement building up xx To-night I begin my LAST EVER rota of nights xx This time next week I will be an OFFICIALLY retired person xxx SsssooooOOOOooo excited x

Last night was quilt group in Congleton (Beartown x) we had a speaker by the name of Maryke Phillips .. she was really fun x and brought lots of beautiful and inspirational work to show us xx

I managed to find just a few things to buy from her xx...

gotta keep these small shops going xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday 19 November 2013


.. November block for the Christmas Block Swap came to-day... all the way from Australia xx..

also I got some wonderful trim..

mmm wonder how she knew I LOVE anything like this ? lol x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Monday 18 November 2013


.... the girls who works with me has parents who are moving house and downsizing x SO they have been sorting out .. her mum found a cushion..

and some fabric..

she asked if I could make her a cover from the fabric? WELL .. I also have one of those cushions .. that I keep meaning to do "something" with! SO... I had a go at a practise cover (don't want to ruin her fabric!)....

Claimed by Adam and Caroline xx

THEN to-day I made the cover ..

I used plain on the ends....

and the binding.. make a statement you know xx Just hope she likes it now xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx