Sunday 30 June 2013


...... a bag... oh yes! FOR MONEY!!

She wanted mostly BLUE with longer handles.... so off I  went to the stash to see what I could find xx I found a panel for one side ..

And some lovely fabric for the other side.

I hope she likes it... I know I do xx

 The garden is slow this year but I have some beautiful roses coming out..

I wish you could smell them as well x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 28 June 2013


...favourite things... buying fabric an eating fish and chips on Prestatyn front xx... of joy x

This morning I collected mum and dad and off we went to Abakhan in Mostyn... OH! I LOVE that place xx..

I bought some Christmasy fabric..

 some baby flannel...

 some geometric fabric..

 some Christmas flannel..

and some ..other fabric..

... I do love fabric .. think that's enough for this month though! lol   THEN it was off to Prestatyn for dinner ... lovely x

Hope you got to do a favourite thing to-day xx

Diane x

Thursday 27 June 2013


.. came today and made me VERY happy x

he brought me my 2013 Round-Robin xx I cannot show you as this is a MYSTERY swap and I cannot share it until the big reveal day... so you have to be patient xx

WHAT I CAN show you is my wonderful bag from the tote swap..

I (as regular readers will know) LOVE a rainbow.. and my bag ticks the boxes ..

few "extra" goodies as well to keep me happy x The lining is so pretty with the flower fabric..


This morning I bought the boys a new toy..

the label seemed reassuring..


was 5 mins after they got their teeth into it! Well.. mostly Sam!! OH WELL! Keeps them happy x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 26 June 2013


... can "companies" not leave well alone! WHY ... do they not get the message that ..if it works ...LEAVE IT ALONE!!! Just recently in our area "THEY" have decided to upgrade/improve the Internet/broadband connections  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bet you guessed... AWFUL.. OR NO ....connection at all... for nearly a week!

Hopefully we are Ok now ... EVERY thing crossed x Of course there have been LOTS of apologies .. seems this will not happen again...... silence is the best answer to THAT comment! has got folks talking to each other round here though x lol x

Mind you .. with no Internet there is plenty of time for ..OTHER things x

I have read this magazine..

I have stroked this months Simply Solids offering..

I have decided what to do with my charm squares.. and have been cutting up this fabric...

and I spent some birthday money on this book...

life is not so bad after all xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Wednesday 19 June 2013


... in Congleton last night , we are all steam ahead for the exhibition in July... anyone who is around on the 5th and 6th give it a look..

post code is CW12 1BN for those of you with sat-nav x We also had "speed demonstrations" .. bit like speed dating but 8 different techniques at each table rather than men! AND a mad woman with a WHISTLE  to tell you when to move on!! Good fun x

The postman has been visiting again xx.. LOVE IT  .. he brought me my Australian-Christmas-Block-Swap from Linda.... so sorry this should be JANET!!!

I KNOW I should have waited and ironed it.. but it is so pretty I wanted to share x She also sent me some goodies..

The fabric just made me laugh so much.. so much fun xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Monday 17 June 2013


... a month of MANY MANY birthdays in our family ... including mine xx yayxx

Yesterday when we went to Adam and Carolines for dinner, we finished dinner with MY cake..

made by both of them and the grandsons... (we will have NO comments thank you about the no of candles)..

YES took me 2 goes to blow them out!...

When I cut into it look what I found...

they know me so well.. and my LOVE of a rainbow xx

Hope you have reason to celebrate

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Sunday 16 June 2013


... with the Postman yesterday... he brought me my Rainbow Charm Swap blocks from Cindy at .. she did such a good job of layering the colours I have not un-done it yet!! just peeked and stroked!! lol ..

NOW what am I going to make with them... thinking cap on xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Saturday 15 June 2013


.... the QUEEN of the Simply Solids Swap... is me!! I chose to ask for 2 stars one inside the other , any 2 I'm not fussy xx This is my block..

As you know I have challenged my self to make a practice block .. in red/black and white .. that then has to be made into a different item every month... this month I made ....

a book /journal cover...

these projects usually go to Adam and Caroline (son and partner).. but this one has been claimed by Sally (daughter)..

so .. it will be winging its way to Australia very soon xx

I was out for tea AGAIN last night .. I will never be slim! I went with my good friend Sue .. and she brought me this beautiful plant as well...

I am soo lucky x

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 14 June 2013


... from last night was ... a scissor keeper in felt x This the one I made from the pattern provided..

THEN I  put on a couple of embellishments..

I like it much more now...

Gus survived his trip to the vets xx He sits in the front passenger seat of the car when we go out, and watches where we are going .. as I turned into the vets car park... he got into the foot well!! THEN I got to drag him out of the car and across the car park! Who says dogs don't remember!! lol After a lot of grumbling, rumbling and moaning his examination and booster injections were over ... and he sat in the front seat all the way home xx

This was him just before I went out to quilt group..

he did manage to open one eye in acknowledgement that I was leaving! lol xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 13 June 2013


...and life returns to normal again..AH! I do love my time off x
Remember I made the big bags..

then I made the small bags...

NOW I am having a go at EVEN SMALLER..

sort of big purse/small pencil case bags..

I added little charms to each bag... this one has a cup and saucer because the lining has them on as well!..


the others are just random..!!

there may well be a trauma here later as Gus has to go the vets!! Just his annual check and booster injections .. BUT he HATES going!

I am off to quilt group in Sandbach to-night .. we have a mystery make ... will report back!

keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday 7 June 2013


...for me ..34 years ago today ... at 09.05 my son was born... mind you I am sure we need a re-count on his age!! SO how to celebrate? The sun was shining .. and he was going out with out me! SO I collected mum and dad and WE went out without him!... HEY Fairs Fair! lol xx

We went to the North Wales coast

First stop was Colwyn bay... (mums diuretics start to kick in then!!... I know TOO MUCH info x He-He)..


cup of tea and we were off to Llandudno...phew it was HOT

Mum has a new hat

AND so do I!!

THEN it was off to Prestatyn for tea, food and of course..


ice cream xx

Hope you have had a good day x

Keep smiling

Diane xx