Wednesday 29 April 2015


... a creative couple of days ... I made the miniature B-O-T-M blocks..

and I made a couple of storage bags/boxes...


I had great fun with them .. AND used a very small! amount of my scrap fabrics xx

AND most importantly I can now "officially" share a creative project of my daughters...



She is 14 weeks .. I have known for a while but was sworn to secrecy xx REMEMBER the wool and buttons .. and ribbon? OH YES!


The old knitting needles have been steaming!! lol x (she is convinced it is a girl ... at last xx So the pretty colours and patterns are .. OUT xx..


I do so hope your week has been as exciting xx

Diane x


Saturday 25 April 2015


... (and I am sure you have all noticed!) I LOVE quilting in all its many forms ... and today I have been indulging that love from an academic point of view. Last year a friend told me all about going to Chester for a wonderful day devoted to textiles and quilts .... and that it would be repeated ... or something similar organised in 2015... WELL .. 9 of us bought tickets and TODAY.... off we went to Chester University for ...

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY ... sometimes we have to be reminded that there are "other" ways to look at textiles and quilts x I am not sure if you can read my (rather crumpled) programme..

but the topics included .. painting with stitches... conserving quilts... a talk from a lady from the V+A (Victoria and Albert museum) .. she was a bit dry but still interesting .. a show and tell from Pat Salt .. wonderful and a show and tell about a quilt to celebrate the university's 175 th anniversary... there was a small display of quilts ... and a WONDERFUL lunch xx with on tap drinks... all day ..

my pictures are not wonderful .. but hopefully give you an idea of the sights xx I was too busy taking part!! lol x It has proved to be a success once more and they are already planning the 2016 programme .. mmm pretty sure I will be going back xx

I managed to buy a kit .. not saying I am going to make it .. but seriously tempted xx

All that concentrating has worn me out .. so off to put my feet up ... and .. you guessed it .. have a brew xx

OH! And before I go look what was waiting for me when I got home ..

quilters are soo clever and kind xx I LOVE being part of this community x

Diane x

Thursday 23 April 2015

I HOPE ...

... you have all had a lovely Saint Georges Day (Patron Saint of England)... the sun has been shining and I am going to sit out and have a cup of tea soon ...

I don't have any Red and White flowers to celebrate the day .. but I do have plenty of other lovely colours appearing to brighten up the garden...


I LOVE his time of year when the colours are new and fresh x I found a new (to me ) magazine this morning..

and have already found several projects that are calling to me xx... off to read the instructions and have a brew xx

Diane x

Sunday 19 April 2015


... the sun shone and it was a wonderful Spring day .. my dad was feeling better and when I said .."lets go for a drive tomorrow.... " he didn't shake his head and say NO!!..

SO .....this morning (before he had a chance to change his mind!!) mum and I bundled him up ... and off we went to North Wales ...


we had the most wonderful day in Prestayn x He slept most of the way home .. but who cares xx Hopefully he will agree to more outings... soon ...Fingers crossed x

OF COURSE .. on the way we has to pass through Mostyn... which means ... Abakhan!!.. well we all needed a toilet and brew stop!! lol x

I PROMISED myself to NOT buy fabric .. this is my year to... USE SOME OF THAT FABRIC BEFORE THE FLOORS COLLAPSE !!... after all x HOWEVER...
I never said anything about .... wool...

or buttons and ribbon ..

and these cards just would NOT be left behind xx lol x

Hope you had a WONDERFUL DAY too xx

Diane x

Friday 17 April 2015


... is the FIRST time this week when I don't have to be "somewhere" .... so I took the chance in both hands and .... drum roll please... The wall hanging for James is not only finished..

... BUT it has a hanging sleeve and a label!!


OH YES!! lol x

The colours are not necessarily what I would have chosen .. but was for James to choose x It will be going to Show-And-Tell and then winging its way to Australia xx

I have been reading Blogs as well .. Blogger lets me read a few .....then has a fit !!.. so reading in easy stages xx lol x I may even get caught up!! WOW!

Off to read a few more .. then onto the next project xx

Hope you are having a good day

Diane x

Friday 10 April 2015


Sandbach Quilt group meeting x We had a demonstration of felt making ... was a good laugh .. and we now wait to see what the ladies make with the felt they made x

It was a also a celebration .... SO we just HAD to have cake ... and what a cake ...

We did not have a challenge as such ... we are giving suggestions for fund raising ideas .. and last night was the first one ... you may remember our charity for this year is Hope House our local children's Hospice.

Our first idea is for...

a tissue holder .. we had some made up ..

... these are all I have left x......and packs to make more ... idea next month x

Today the Postman brought me my April block from Jo..

didn't she do well ? AND she also sent me this wonderful little bag ..

I am sure I will be able to find a use for the contents..

I managed a few more blocks for James's wall hanging .... the secondary pattern is really beginning to show ..

Diane xx

Wednesday 8 April 2015


... I received a lovely sparkly parcel in the post ...

it has flown in from America and is my April Christmas swap block ..

how great is this xx ......AND I got a bonus block too..

I am feeling very lucky x I had NO appointments to take my parents to .. so into the sewing room I fled .... AND  managed to get a couple more blocks done on James's wall hanging ...

 for small blocks they take a fair amount of time to get right xx All-in-all it was a GOOD day x

Diane x