Wednesday 30 April 2014


... I live in a Victorian terrace ..  my back garden was the "yard" and so is enclosed by walls on all sides x NOW... this means the heat of the sun is retained ... the plants (and weeds!) LOVE it ... in winter I am protected to a certain degree from frost .... HOWEVER.. these same wall hide the homes of these...

THE ENEMY ... (and the slugs but I cannot face going hunting to find some to photograph!)

I was listening to a programme on the radio and an "expert" stated that snails DO NOT like to cross grit and jagged areas!! All I did was walk out and take the picture! NO hunting required!!

I  need to "invite the expert" for a visit I think!!


Diane x

Monday 28 April 2014


 .....Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge ...for this week was BALL

 ... mm I COULD use some of the disgusting specimens that the boys drag around...


but Shaz beat me to it  xx lol x

... mm I could use a flower from the garden..

but are they more circles?

WELL ... anyone who reads my blog will know I LOVE embellishments.... just a bit ...

... SO .. maybe this one will be my picture for this week..

Wonder what the next world will be? Remember to have a look at the other entries ... and maybe join in yourself xx

Diane x

Sunday 27 April 2014


... Do-Your-Own-Thing-Day for Congleton Quilt group ... we meet in a hall that I would say was built in 70s and is not the prettiest building ... BUT our view across the road is another matter...

it is a beautiful building and such a contrast x No wedding yesterday .. but the sun shone all day and it was lovely to see some shadows at last xx

I finished this quilt ..

it is going to the Linus collection that Sandbach Quilt group are organising this year. The back is my favourite...

it is fleece and soooooo soft xx

Some of you may remember that I made some blocks for the Queensland drought effort... well the quilts made have raised just short of $1000 !! So more blocks have been requested .. here are mine..

in the post x

I also worked on a quilt for my friend who has just welcomed her first grandchild into the world .. little boy .. Austin .. weighs in at 8-14 .. so NOT SO little x It is not finished so you will have to wait to see that one x

When I got home this was on the mat waiting for me..

a little light reading xx

Just to finish a little bit of colour from the garden ..

it is just SO exciting to see colour coming back after a wet grey winter xx

Have fun to-day

Diane x

Friday 25 April 2014


... has been busy  x These beautiful fabrics...

came from Simply solids I have a plan in mind xx lol x

My Christmas block came from Jean in Australia ..

I REALLY must start putting all these blocks together !!

My partner for the Sandbach Quilt group hexagon challenge does not read my blog .. SO... I can show you the cushion I made for her...

The back is a lovely warm fleece ...

I admit to being rather partial to it myself..

My mums birthday is coming up .. so while we were at the local  garden centre I bought her the hanging basket of her choice (must remember to get a picture x) .. and while I was heading for the checkout this ..

....DARLING   jumped  into my trolley!! WELL ..... I just could  not put her back!!..

NOW sat in my garden xx lol

Have a good day

Diane x

Tuesday 22 April 2014


... few days there has been some part of every day that I have managed to get in the garden ... between seeing family ...eating cake.. eating dinners cooked by son xx... RAIN.. etc xx ...

my supervisors have been with me  ( of course !)...

this was a mixed blessing yesterday.. because Gus..

was stung by a wasp!! He ran around making a LOT of noise.. and demanding HELP and ATTENTION !!


calmly walked over and ate the wasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never a dull moment xx!! x

Hope you had a good time over the holidays x

Diane x

Monday 21 April 2014


Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge  for this week? The word for this week was POINT ... I chose this one ...

.... which really should be called POINTS !! I  made this quilt about 6 years ago and it has been a favourite ever since xx ... It was  a surprise project to me because it is mostly .... PINK !!! I had a health issue at the time that involved needles....  And my breast ... after it was over I went home and pulled out all the pinks I could find in my stash and went for it ! It proved to be very therapeutic and thankfully all tests worked out OK xx

Here is the whole thing ...

the back ..

is a lovely soft and comforting fleece x

Wonder what next week will bring x

Diane x

Friday 18 April 2014


... I think Blogger HATES me!! I'm sure I'm not the only one ....BUT... it is SO frustrating to be told..

You are not following any blogs .... OH YES I AM!

You are not connected to he internet... OH YES I AM!

This page cannot be displayed... GRRRRRRR !

Prove you are not a robot ... NO WORDS CAN BE READ!

Prove you are not a robot.... NO LETTERS CAN BE SEEN!

...OR the page just does not load!!

DEEP breath... HOLD... slow release ...

OK rant over .. off to try again... smile fixed to my face... cup of tea in hand .. cake by my side ready to eat .. AHHhhhhhhhh x

Diane x

Thursday 17 April 2014

I HAD A ...

... lovely envelope this morning x Inside was a bookmark that was sent by a fellow blogger..

....isn't it wonderful x I think it is too nice for a bookmark .. so will have to find a special project to use it with xx

When I was in the supermarket they were selling herbs on special offer ...xx remember my flowerpot win in the raffle? ... well I have used 2 of those ...

they smell lovely x

I have not been sewing today but.. I have managed some baking x My son has requested a carrot cake for Easter ...

so .. that's what he is getting x .. with a bit of chocolate on the top (of course xx)

Keep smiling

Diane x

Tuesday 15 April 2014

AS WELL AS .....

.. the return of the bookmarks at Sandbach Quilt Group meeting last Thursday we had a hand quilting session x This is the cushion I made with my piece...

I do LOVE hand work x

I also have another hand working project that I finished x Many years ago when my children were growing up I was a demon knitter! My kids did not know what it was to have a shop bought cardigan or jumper .. and to get a little more money I sold knitted goods as well x I have NOT knitted for years ... however my daughter recently asked me to knit her a cardigan ... SO .. to ensure I had NOT forgotten how to do it I decided to have a practice go AND...

it would seem I DO remember how to knit...

I also found one of the labels I used to use ..

in fact I found quite a few labels xx lol xx so I will now look to making the cardigan Sally actually wants (this one is going to her in Australia anyway xx)

Diane x

Monday 14 April 2014


............. a bit windy .. but the sun was shining ..SO picnic, parents and dogs were loaded into the car .. and off to North Wales we went x I'm not sure if we were sun dried or sand blasted when we went home xx lol x I do know that dad and the dogs slept most of the way home x The car is full of sand ... and we had a lovely day x

I also know that this ..

is my picture for this week in...   Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge  .. the word was CANINE ... and they were just about done for and getting ready to snore x

Hope you had some sun this weekend where ever you are xx

Off to get .. at least SOME .. of the sand out of the car xx lol x

Diane x

Friday 11 April 2014


Sandbach quilt group meeting.. do you remember that last month the first challenge was issued? WELL...... The bookmarks came back last night x..


I did not get pictures of them all... I was having to chase ladies around and take them out of their hands!! lol x I did catch some  ..

this is mine ... LOVE it x ...


It was voted a success .... and the next challenge issued x This time the ladies have a packet with 23 paper hexagons to make SOMETHING with them for a secrete partner x 20 ladies took the challenge xx Seems to be popular x

I made up a few items to give the ladies ideas ...


NOW of course I have to make some thing DIFFERENT for my partner ... thinking cap ON xx

AND I won a prize in the raffle !! The last prize .. for someone who NEVER wins this is a wonderful prize ..

will have to go and buy some herbs to suit the pots!! lol x

Diane x