Monday 27 November 2017


.. way to describe the weather here is ... AWFULL! It is dark and wet with a nasty icy feeling wind.. and it is only early afternoon! YUCK!

SO... I have pulled up the draw bridge, closed the curtains and out has come the knitting x

The 12 Days of Christmas hanging is coming along...

...there would have been more done over the weekend .. however I had a visitor for over Saturday night ...

.....oh course I had to let her pay her way and so .. washing up was a lot of fun x .. got to start them young xx lol x

My son who is MUCH closer to 40 than 35(!) has told me that he doesn't see why all the grandchildren get hats with bobbles ... and he didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO when the wall hanging is finished .. guess what the next project for their house will be!!  MEN ... they NEVER GROW UP ! lol x

A few more of the shawls/scalfs from the summer months..

I hope your weather is A LOT nicer.. or at least that you can cosy up in the warm and craft something fun x

Diane x

Friday 24 November 2017


.... I hope I can remember how to do this!!

Hello... it has been a while since I was here .. I hope there is a kind fairy watching over me as I try and remember how to post a blog!! lol x

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages x It has been lovely to read them x Mum is not too bad .. she had various treatments over the last months .. for a while we thought we might have been at the edge of the forest .. however we were in a clearing .. and now we have to set off along the path again x Fingers crossed we are following the RIGHT one.

This last week or two I have got back into some sewing .. and so my thoughts have been turning to the blog .. and here I am SHARING!!

From Congleton Quilt group we had our Christmas challenge fabric..

I made my block ....

it is ready to go back for the Christmas party x

I have made my present for the Sandbach Christmas party .. BUT you have to wait to see that one .. no peaking!

NEXT year 2018 for the programme at Sandbach the committee are each to choose a block .. demonstrate making it .. then through the year show how that block can be used in various projects and demonstrate that ..... SO I decided that this...

.. will be my block NOW I just have to decide/work out the many ways that it can be used .. THATS ALL! 

There has been "a couple" of shawl/scalf finishes .... I will post a few over the next couple of posts..

My granddaughter has a new hat..

ready for the COLD winds that are whizzing around here at the moment.

Long time readers will remember that when my son was married I started the 12 days of Christmas hangings for them ... this year is 4 calling birds .....

HONESTLY it will look like birds soon!

My youngest grandson Australia .. had his second birthday .. and broke his wrist!! So is now having a great time "BASHING" with his cast xx lol x

We have some exciting times coming up .. not just because it is nearly Christmas .. but also because my middle grandson.. in Australia is coming home for the holidays xx Such fun I have the Pantomime tickets already xx It is Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs this year x 

Hope this has not been too boring ... wow! I actually remember how to do this!!! lol x

NO promises when I will be here again .. but its a start x

Have fun x 

Diane x