Thursday 30 May 2013


....for this time xx I finished yesterday and celebrated by going out xx YAY x

It was a "night girls" night out ...

we had FOOD and laughter...

and FOOD , the company was great..

and we had FOOD ... what more is there to say?..

We went to Panama Hattys ... which may give you a clue as to the type of food we had! ( ) if there is one near you I FULLY reccomend them .. we went to the Tarporley/Spurstow one which is about 20 min drive from here xx.. DUCK for me xx

Do you remember I had some fabric from Congleton to make a bag for the exhibition?.... well I made a big bag...

and 3 small bags ..

I KNOW there are only 2 pictured ... I sold one to one of our Drs at work ... I was adding the beads and she fell in love with it ...SALE xx

I have my mate Sue coming for tea to night ... YES more food xx lol .. so off to check out the cupboards to see what I have to feed her with !! ... may just sneak in a bit of sewing before she gets here xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Saturday 25 May 2013


...from MALVERN... hope you enjoy them xx...


keep smiling

Diane x

Friday 24 May 2013


... you get to see some more MALVERN pictures xx.... here goes...


hope you enjoyed them xx

keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday 23 May 2013


... to show you more pictures from Malvern.... BUT... when I got up today THE POSTMAN had been xx

I got to "know" Vivian through blogging... and as friends do .. I was able to help her out x She in return sent me the most wonderful and stunning parcel ...

The pink panel is SOOOOOOo soft and glorious , she lives in The YUKON just outside a place called Whitehorse xx The pictures are just breathtaking xx... I am truly lucky xx

I also have a little reading material..

and ... oh yes there is more! The simply solids fabric this month is ...

YELLOW .. the fabrics looked a little washed out in the picture ... they are lovely xx

I'm smiling ... hope you are too

Diane x

Wednesday 22 May 2013


... pictures from Malvern today ... BUT... there are pictures from Congleton quilt group meeting last night xx

Last night was our Coronation celebration evening .... we were asked to bring in memorabilia and memories of the day... I was not born then .. so none from me! BUT there were plenty from the other group members.. having heard my parents memories of the day it was interesting to hears others , and see their memories too..


 We also had a challenge .. never let you down do we xxx We were given 4 patterns and told to make "something".. I think this was my favourite.(.tasted wonderful too)..

here are the other enteries..


which was mine ...


HAD to be didn't it! lol x

There was lots of talk and cups of tea... and you cannot have a celebration with out .. (another) cake xx..

....and just incase you thought we got away... there was fabric to make a bag for the exhibition sales table..

OH! go on then xx

Keep smiling

Diane x