Thursday 16 June 2022


 .. has requested that I make her a top and a cardigan ... using cotton yarn. This is something I have only used once before SO I thought I had better do some experimenting before I committed myself to an answer.

I had a go at this hippo ..

I LOVE IT xx lol x ..... And so does my daughter who has beaten off the grandsons and claimed it! 

Of  course I had to make some clothing.... well, a bathing suit!

LOL x Now I need to have a go at the knitting x I do find the cotton dries out my hands .. but I have plenty of hand cream x

Stay safe

Diane x

Friday 10 June 2022


 .. to get the gnome back .... and now ..

.. he has his beard x lol x

Stay safe

Diane x

Sunday 5 June 2022


 .. a great time at the hog roast, and it stayed dry for the lighting of the beacon and the fireworks x


.. lovely peonies were in my dads garden ,so, we brought them home to enjoy, and remember .. mum bossing dad about, and him grumbling under his breath !! lol x

During the watching of Trooping-Of-The-Colour I wanted something to do... so, the grandsons chose ..

Next day for the Service of celebration they chose..

.. it should have a beard, HOWEVER  I have to get him back to make it!! 

Stay safe

Diane x

Thursday 2 June 2022


 ... is starting the celebrations tonight for ..

.. we have our invitations..

.. to walk UP the hill the village/parish hall..

(those 2 pictures came out in the wrong order! Hey-Ho x)

.. for a HOG ROAST x OH YES! Then when it has all been consumed the plan (!) is to process back DOWN the hill to the church field. 

This is our local church..

.. we will be next door in the field to see the lighting of the beacon..

.. and fireworks x I dont know if there will be pictures .. we will see 

The field is directly across the road from our house ,so, if it is cool .. at 10 pm. we will be watching from the bedroom! lol x

Stay safe

Diane x

(ps. the reason it is quiet with no cars etc. ... is because I was out before 7.00 am. and could avoid the few that were about x)