Wednesday 28 September 2022


 … to get into the garden today.However it is POURING with rain , so,, that is NOT happening! I have been in the garage and into the UFO pile…. I would like to say it is only a small pile. ….   but that is only in my dreams ! lol x

ANYWAY I found a pile of crochet squares, and I have begun the process of stitching them together….

.. there are some left…

Mmm not enough to make a full blanket… I did not keep a record SO I do not know which pattern I was using , or what size hook … need I say more!! 

I am going to find a small hook … it is all 4 ply. Wool , and begin working around the edges… and work it out as I go. lol Who needs a plan!

With the rising price of energy we all need blankets, I will be warm as I work and everyone else will be warm when I am finished … win win all round

AND my UFO pile will be very slightly smaller!

Stay safe

Diane x

Monday 26 September 2022


 … like many children has a towel with a hood that he LOVES, however it is getting far to small for him. His mum had “a chat “ with him and Father Christmas is going to bring a new one … green with a frog hat!! 

So  I did a little research and found a pattern to make a friend to go along with it..

I have to say the toes were a challenge. X lol BUT I love it x And hopefully so will he! (The towel is fun too x) 

Stay safe

Diane x

Saturday 24 September 2022


 …this view today…It is beautiful, however telling myself it is mist  (NO it is fog !) does not disguise the fact that Autumn is here x

I must finish off telling you how  we are developing the garden… remind me  lol .. while I was doing my morning walkabout I spotted these lovelies….

We brought a lot of ferns from my dads garden and some “friends” hitched a ride x It is lovely to see reminders of my parents coming to life in our new garden.

Stay safe

Diane x

Friday 23 September 2022

I AM ….

 … not normally a TV watcher, however, after the news of the death of The Queen I knew there was going to be some going on x

SO, it was off to the stash to find SOMETHING to keep my hands busy……… NOW I have a new blanket for my granddaughter…


It kept my hands occupied, used up (a very small amount ) of the stash… and gave me a diversion when it all got overwhelmingly x

There was some of this sparkly yarn left..

… so she has a bunny for her Christmas box too

Stay safe

Diane x