Thursday 31 December 2015


... New Years EVE!! Surely it is only JUNE!!!.. it seems as if I missed out at least a month last year.. that dammn time leak ... I cant see it getting any better in 2016!

That said I hope you all have a great year xx

I have a list of things I WILL be doing ... a list of what I MIGHT be doing .. and I am sure many projects to come that I haven't discovered yet xx

Part of my Christmas present collection are these..

..... different ends of the spectrum ... but soooo many possibilities x

The family have been here for TWO WEEKS already ..

....... that is half their stay.. I am savouring every minute .. but it is flying past ... I will need lots of projects to distract me when they leave xx

I had some bananas to use up..

and some apples ..

I consider that a good start to "cleaning" the house before New Year xx ... works for me x

Have a great time to-night if you are celebrating .. and tomorrow onwards into the New Year xx

Diane x

Friday 25 December 2015


... I was in 3 swaps  It was my 4th year in the SSCS ... My parcel went off to Australia and I got one back from.... AUSTRALIA x lol x this is a secrete swap so although we did not know it our parcels will have passed each other x

I had an amazing collection of presents...

ALSO from Australia came a parcel from Sue that included this fun apron ....

Blair cooked dinner so he commandeered it! lol x.. it worked because it tasted wonderful x 

I had a swap partner in France

SO much fun x

My last swap was from Maria in Wales for the Santa Sack Swap ..

she even included the boys...

and my ABSOLUTE favourite...

... SO me x

We had a wonderful day with family here helped along by this little fella....

.. some we saw in person and some via Skype x I hope your day went well and you had FUN xx

To-morrow is Boxing Day here and the fun .. and more family visits .. will continue .. hope yours does too x

Diane x

Thursday 24 December 2015


.... EVE xx I hope you are all ready for the Fun and Happy memories xx

ALL is done here .. mum and baby are asleep .. dad is TRYING to stay awake .. and loosing the battle x AND me... enjoying having the family here x

I hope you all have the most wonderful time xx

Diane x

Saturday 19 December 2015


...... do you know when there is not only a baby in the house BUT ruling it as well...

WHEN .. you have to negotiate your way in and out of the front door..

WHEN... you open the door of the washer and it groans... NOT AGAIN !!!

WHEN .. you "rediscover" times of the day/night that you had forgotten exist!!

AND when you get rewards like these...

ON another note .. I had a lovely surprise package come all the way from Australia ...

and to avoid sharp pins and needles(!!) I finished another shawl... all over lace for a change ..

for the enquiring minds among you .. the sprouts ALL got eaten .. by everyone but me xx

Hope you are all having as much FUN as us xx

Diane x

Monday 14 December 2015


... descended on the house x They are here safe and sound .. the bags have been moved out of the hall... well I fell over them continually so it seemed safest!... the effects of the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG flight are kicking in..

and this little one..

is letting everyone else relax xx .... I'm sure you noticed its the men who are asleep! lol x AH! Its lovely to have them here at last x

I finished THE BRUSSELS SPROUT shawl... (yes I spotted the end too.. woven in just needs trimming off x)

...yesterday the family were here for dinner and I committed the ULTIMATE sacrifice and bought ... YES bought.. sprouts .For them to eat and for you to be able to compare...

SEE!.. esp Maggie .. this was just for you xx

I also completed another one .. this waiting game is tough you know!!...

I wish you could see the sparkle that is running throughout the wool . SO beautiful x I am going to give it to my daughter-in-law for Christmas x  ... oooh! can hear stirring amidst the snoring  ...
lol xx

Diane x

Saturday 12 December 2015


... they have landed safe and sound ... and VERY tired xx Sleeping in a hotel overnight then driving here tomorrow xx

Woop-Woop x Will get to TOUCH them tomorrow

Happy days x

Diane x

Friday 11 December 2015


.... things seem to have be "a bit" calmer here to-day x

Mum had her surgery.. a black eye and some soreness .. but all went well x We go back next week for sutures out and review of results xx

The shopping is mostly done .. that for Christmas anyway xx

We had the Sandbach Quilt Group Christmas party last night. There was plenty of food..

.. everyone brought a plate. The members were asked to make a card ...they were given out in a lottery .. 

.. there was a WONDERFUL response to the Christmas challenge... (the saucers are for the voting .. coins are used to vote and the one with the most coins wins x)

and there was a quiz .. the least said about my efforts in that the better! lol x

I came home with several cards and TWO presents..

I MUST find time to write some cards!!... that time leak is getting WORSE here! lol x

The Postman brought me a parcel from France..

and one from Wales..

..AND my December swap blocks .. and a lovely coaster....

I gave him a Quality Street (chocolate sweet) .. as a reward xx

I found some more of my Christmas ornaments from previous years ...

The family made it to the plane and are well on their way WOOP WOOP .. so now it is just waiting ... and waiting ... and .... lol x

Diane xx