Thursday 13 July 2017


..... sitting in waiting rooms .. it can get VERY boring x YES, you take "stuff" to do that keeps it at bay, BUT, sometimes you just have to give in and read the magazines that someone else has used and left behind for the rest of us x lol x

On (more than ....!!) one occasion I did this and one time read an article that said .. DONOT throw away the resources in your kitchen .. plant them! 

A couple of days later I was cutting up a pepper..

.. yes a yellow one .. and thought .. mm why not ? So instead of throwing away the seeds .. I planted them. NOTHING happened for quite a while ....but I left the pot alone ... and then  tiny little shoots began to pop through ..... now I have....


The same article stated that a tomato could be cut in half and planted .... NOTHING else.. just leave it alone (well water it occasionally ... but that's it !!!!!!!!!!) WHAT!!? 

Well I had one that was going all wrinkled ... so again ... why not?  NOW...

YUP! That's my free tomato plantation xx  lol

I am not a threat to any serious.. or not so serious.. growers, but, its fun ...  at no extra cost .. and, sort of free x I may never get fruits from them but, again.. it  has been FUN xx

Diane x

Saturday 8 July 2017


... this blog as a way to chronical the sewing I was doing and as a to link to my daughter who had just then moved to Australia. It was meant for just me and her ....  HOWEVER, to my astonishment, it became like Topsy.. and other people began to read it .. and comment and like it .. and it became a community for us and for others as well, some family.. (they always get in on the act!! lol) .... and also new friends who came along for the ride xx 

In the last few months I have been AWOL.. I am sure you noticed xx

The reason for this is that my mum was diagnosed with ... and has been having treatment for ....bowel cancer. At times it has been hard for all concerned, at times it has been stressful and there have been tears and tantrums and SHOUTING... lots of shouting!

At times there has been laughter and  side splitting gallows humour that I am sure some people have been shocked by xx BUT it helped get us through .. so who cares what "others" think xx ! 

Now at last ... as with all things has been "got through" x The treatment is done and while there are still some "after effects" that we are dealing with in the main it is over with (we hope!!) and EVERYONE has survived xxx 

I do not know when .. if ever I will get back to full blogging ... but I am still here x Thank you for the messages that were sent .. it means a lot x

There have been times when I have sewn .. and times when I haven't, at the moment I have the time ... but not the inclination or even the concentrated brain power required !! So I having a break ... despite part completed projects that are sat looking forlorn and abandoned  x lol x

Knitting is easier as it seems to be more automatic and doesn't need a brain for long stretches of time xx lol x 

SO because a blog with no pictures is boring ... here goes x....

It has been a glorious summer here (so far!! don't want to jinx it !) PARTS of my garden look like this..

...and PARTS of my garden look like this...

(mmm have to get round to them xx lol x)

Some of my knitting ended like this ....

.. and some ended like this .... was THERAPUTIC to rip out and think about starting again xx 

I hope all is well in whatever part of the world you are reading this and that you can find something that makes you LAUGH today x

Diane x