Saturday 30 December 2017


...... to the pantomime ...


It was so much fun x Silly and childish .. well we were surrounded by kids! lol x BIG and SMALL x

For anyone in the UK .. it was Cannon and Ball this year x SUCH a pair of fools x

ALL of us enjoyed it ..oldest 86 .... youngest 20 months ..and all in-between xx My granddaughter was mesmerised x Got a bit fed-up towards the end but it was 2 and half hours .. long time for a little one .. mind you eating her dads ice cream in the intermission helped!! lo x 

I don't think I shared this...

.. latest shawl I finished it a couple of days before the trip .. and blocked it before I went out that morning. NO needles of any sort have been lifted recently .... HOWEVER ...

I am down to HALF  a back slab ..

... and a fancy all singing all dancing ..bells and whistles fancy sling!! Back again to fracture clinic next week and will see what they say/do then. I must be getting better as I am beginning to miss the crafting xx

HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all x

Diane x 

Sunday 24 December 2017


... need any of the hints and tips that I have acquired this last week ... BUT ... just in case...

AFTER .. your grandson helps out by tying your shoe laces just a bit too loose ..  so that they come undone in the middle of the supermarket ....and your son re-ties them so tightly you feel as if your toes have lost their blood supply .... DITCH the lace-ups and find a pair of slippers/shoes/sandals .. anything that you can slip on !!

WHEN ... the family try to help you on/off with your coat they DONOT want to bump your arm ... SO find your biggest coat.. or borrow one from a bigger person .. do it up .. and put it on over your head ... IT WORKS!

BE PREPARED... that all the "things" you normally use will be on your wrong side eg. toilet-roll holders .. bed side light switch .. you can get round it .. just a bit of lateral thinking will do it xx

YOU WILL DISCOVER.. just how many of your trousers do up on your wrong side! However that cardigan that went all baggy but you could not bring yourself to throw away will be PERFECT to fit over the back-cast x

TRY to remember when others share their slip/trip/fall/broken bone story.. its the first TODAY time for them!! Remember you now have a story to share and bore others with x lol x OH! .. and the Humerus/funny bone jokes ..are NOT funny when it is you!!

CARRYING around what feels like a concrete block the plaster-of-paris back-slab EXHAUSTING .. so rest and keep it elevated x

Mind you .. when cutting cabbage for coleslaw the weight of the dammed thing on the knife makes it go through like butter and heat xx..

I had to get a bigger pot as it turned out to be easier than I thought !!

YOUR FAMILY will worry and tell you what you CANNOT DO .... SO wait until they go home to discover what you CAN do xx ... what they don't know wont hurt them xx

This morning this beautiful flower arrangement arrived ..

it was courtesy of some of the Australian family members xx THESE are the things that cheer you/me up xx 

Have a wonderful Christmas x

Diane x

Monday 18 December 2017


....... things go in 3's ?

WELL... I am here to prove that is true x

FIRST off ... I came home to find the remote sensor on the central heating boiler had turned off the radiators! I didn't know it was that at the time of course! My lovely plumber fixed it for me xx

SECOND off... I put the key in the door...

....and it snapped off! WHAT!!!!

THIRD .. last and final !!........ l took Gus for a walk .. slipped on wet leaves NOT ice as I kept being told.. I was there!! I know it was wet leaves !!! now...

....... its not a great photo I'm afraid .. but I am not very skilled with one hand .....yet!!

A "normal" person would break their wrist .. simple just a cast and wait for the healing... ME? OH NO... I dislocated the elbow ... AND .. have a break above that!!!! so, reduction of the dislocation .. a back-slab to begin with .. fracture clinic when the swelling goes down and THEN a full cast!

I do-not (as far as I know) have a worst enemy ..and I am not by any means a wimp .....BUT I would not wish that pain on ANY-ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey-Ho .. on a wonderful note James arrived safe and sound .. SOOOO lovely to give him a hug xx 

hope you are all safe and well xx

Diane xx

Friday 15 December 2017


.. dark and POURING with rain last night .. and COLD!! BUT .. that did not deter the ladies of Sandbach Sew-and-Sews Quilt group x It was the Christmas party WOOOO-HOOOO x

LOTS of food was brought..

LOTS of present were swapped..

there was a quiz... I was even worse than Tuesday!!! NO brain power left! lol x

The food was eaten .. the swap went well .. there was a lots of laughing and talking x A lovely night was had by all xx

This is the present I bought home...

To-day is cold and occasionally wet .. James (grandson no.2) arrives from Australia this weekend ..SO NO SNOW please Mr Weatherman!! ( .. at least until AFTER his plane lands!! lol x)

Keep warm and safe

Diane x 

ps. forgot to show you the lovely card I received last night ..


Wednesday 13 December 2017


... my friend and I braved the cold and snow and took ourselves to Congleton for the Beartown Quilt Group Christmas party. To our surprise they had LESS snow than us .. which is the opposite of what normally happens x

NORMALLY I would have pictures to share .. guess where my camera was ? OH YES safe at home!!! Sometimes I wonder where my brain is!! lol x

There was LOTS of yummy food x a quiz .. our team of 3 got 22 out of 30 .. not bad we thought lol x A raffle .. no wins for me this year .. never mind x 

THEN it was time for the raffle of the blocks with the challenge fabric ... I have "won" blocks before .. and did my best NOT to do the same this time!!! BUT NO SUCH LUCK!!!! 

Hey-Ho .. they are not too bad..

...and I have until next years party to come up with a FINISHED project with them xx

The latest shawl is finished...

.. it is lovely and sooo warm x

Hope you are all keeping warm and safe x It is raining here this am .. OH YES the snow is going ..... but OH NO... it is forecast for frost tonight .. we are never happy with the weather are we !

Diane x

Saturday 9 December 2017


.. what the weather man said...

well it came overnight .. and it just started again x Sam off to investigate ... Gus? On his bed under the radiator ..of course! lol x

Diane x

Friday 8 December 2017


... our first snow to-day ... some parts of the country have been hard hit .. fortunately for us it soon turned to rain .. however MORE is forecast for overnight and the weekend! It has to be bad for us to get any as we are surrounded by hills that keep us safe .. hey-ho! Drawbridge up and heating on for me x lol x

I had Miss snotty nose with me to-day .. oh how quickly you get fed-up of the snotty sneeze!! The button box was a great help keeping her entertained ...

Her dad had forgotten her hat (!) ... (mind you they had been up since 1.30 with Miss snotty as she could not sleep!) .. so it was a good job I had the new one ready to go...

I did relent and make her dad ...THREE hats x 

I met a friend who was telling me she had bought a new needle .. and couldn't get on with it ... did I want to try it for making hats?.. YES PLEASE xx ... had an odd feel to begin with .. but soon has become a favourite .. hence 3 hats x lol x

He must be happy as he has gone home wearing the cream/brown one ..

ALL with bobbles x

Stay safe and warm

Diane x

Monday 4 December 2017


... my son wants a hat with a bobble on. The conversation went ..

ME.. so this hat, what colour do you want?

HIM.. oh whatever you have

ME.. well what sort of pattern do you want? OR.. do you want it plain?

HIM.. whatever you feel like doing

ME.. do you want a fitted beanie or a slouchy one?

HIM.. I don't mind 

ME.............. ggggrrrrr ..........!!

SO .. I made a pink one for my granddaughter! lol x

I have now however, relented and started one for him...

AH! Family 

Hope yours are not driving you too crazy!!

Diane x

Friday 1 December 2017


.. the sun came out and cheered us all up.... shame it is FREEZING! lol x

Never happy lol x

I have to say I prefer this weather .. there was a heavy frost last night and the cars that have not been used this am (including mine!) are still all frosted up x The dogs love this weather and will be ready for a walk after dinner x

I chose this am to defrost my freezer .. it is in an outhouse and it was SO cold out there NOTHING defrosted!

I must have looked a right cutter! I was wearing coat.. hat.. scarf and gloves while directing hot water and air into the freezer! lol x did the job though.. now I can go and shop to fill it up with Christmas goodies x mmmm yummy x

I am about to put the finishing touches to the 4 calling birds wall hanging It looks like this at the moment ...

I am going to attach beads and sew down the binding. HOPEFULLY there will be a picture soon .. will hold off posting this until I finish x....

These two shawls are the last 2 finished ones...

I have another hanging on the needles ..of course! AND I have to sort out the hat for my son .. don't you love it when there are new projects to think about and plan for x

Hope you are all well and having  some time to craft x

Diane x