Friday 22 April 2022

AS WE...

 .. are settling in ,we have been moving some furniture around. My daughter has a table that she is no longer using ... so I have grabbed it for my bedside (MUCH better than the previous rather wonky one!) ..

NOW, it is functional.. it is the right hight ... BUT, it is BORING!

SO, I made a runner..

... AND I used only stash fabric (shiny halo or what! lol) There are several options ..

.. for which way to have it, and, if I fancy a change from the patchwork... I can use the "other" side..

I am very happy with it now x We have been slowly "sorting" out the garage .. and NOW I can see (just how much!) fabric etc. I have .. less a tiny bit for this runner x lol

Stay safe 

Diane x

Sunday 17 April 2022


 .. Sandbach-sew-and-sews quilt group meeting this last week. We had a GREAT evening and were given..

.. YES! It is an A4 size piece of fabric! We are to have an on-going project this year ... more will be revealed x lol 

Next time we have a speaker .. and CAKE x Oh yes! I will be there x

You may remember .. from previous pictures.. that there is a tree outside of my bedroom window. WELL, the last couple of days the temperature has been creeping up ,and, this morning the tree looks like ...

. It is beautiful...., (picture taken while leaning out of the window and trying not to drop the camera! lol) and so lovely to see when I draw back the curtains x

I just love discovering new things about my surrounding area .... and new garden.

Stay safe

Diane x

Thursday 14 April 2022


 .. mornings, I am awake before the rest of the family. This gives me time to sit ..QUIETLY.. and eat my breakfast, drink my tea  and watch the birds come to the feeders. It is a lovely start to the day.

This morning I had some colourful and unexpected visitors . This pheasant ...

..and his 2 lady friends ..

.. came to call x We have seen them in the field at the back, but this is the first time I have seen them in the garden.

Hope you have a good start to your day.

Stay safe 

Diane x

Wednesday 6 April 2022


 ... be the first week in April ALREADY? I always used to be sceptical of the .. as you get older the time goes quicker .. comments BUT my goodness .. it really does!!

I have been sewing more diamonds onto the "little" quilt top..

.. it is becoming a project that .. just keeps growing .. I have to run out of diamonds at some point .. dont I? 

I finished 2 books ..

.. VERY different! But in many ways they are both about love, grief, laughter and loss .. and what it means to be human x I enjoyed them both x

My granddaughter has a birthday soon , and I have begun the task of finding/making the presents that will appeal to a 6 year old ..

.. going good SO FAR! ( these are from the looonnngggggg request list!) lol x

I hope you are all keeping busy and staying safe x

Diane x