Saturday 26 May 2018


.. you get the chance to watch THE (Royal) Wedding? 

I did .. and it was so much fun to get the chance to see Happy news rather than the usual Doom Gloom and Despondency that has become the norm. I know it is not every-ones idea of a "fun" watch .. but it was for me x 

We have had a birthday...

.. mum is now 87 x She had a lovely day with family .. and ate a good portion of the cake (shh! we will just forget the diabetes for one day!! lol x) Someone was a bit fed-up of waiting for the singing of Happy Birthday to end and the cake cutting to begin...

Mum has now finished the latest round of treatment .. I swear if she has much more radiation in her system we will be able to use her to power the lights!! lol x 

The garden has been doing its own thing with out me doing much other than sitting out there ..

..can you see the bees?..

The next week is  going to be "quiet" with NO appointments ! Can you believe it?!! I may just be able to get into the sewing room x 

I sewed the buttons onto my cardigan.. now I can wear it closed! lol x

We have had some wonderful sunshine and warm temperatures this last week (or 2 even!!).. however yesterday was cooler and wetter … NOW when you want to water the plants but it is raining … JUST GO OUT IN YOUR COAT...

….and if Grandmas watering can is just too heavy .. an empty milk bottle works just as well x .. lol x There is always a solution !

Hope you have had some crafting time x

Diane x

Sunday 13 May 2018


... we have had some sun .. some rain.. some cold wind .... AND temperatures between 9 and 17 degrees !!! .... maybe it is Spring after all!! lol x

The garden has reacted by "springing" into colour and action...

.. its lovely to go out there x

I managed some sewing this week.. for once x I am TRYING (always) to use up the stash .. and so 2 bags got made...

using up fabric AND embellishments .. go me!

I have had a cardigan on the needles for a while (for me no less x)...

.. I just need to get some buttons now and it will be done , ideal for those cool times (OK .. most days x)x

Next week between the parents there is an appointment EVERY DAY... so I am not sure how much the sewing room will see me x

Hope you get some time to at least TOUCH your fabric and threads xx

Diane x

Monday 7 May 2018


... it may be a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK... BUT we have sunshine xx It is BEAUTIFUL x ... and .. this is the third day in a row that the sun has shone .. could Spring have actually sprung .. or is it just wishful thinking ? Time will tell x 

Gus is in his favourite spot..

he is an old man now at 13 and needs the sun on his bones xx

I finished my May Shawl Club offering  ...

I had not worked the mosaic stitch before and am happy with the way it worked.... you only work with one colour at a time and use slipped stitches to make the pattern... 

I like the fact there has been a new stitch to learn each time . ALSO that there is very little wool left to "slip" into the stash...

I think this may just be my favourite so far x Come the cooler weather I will be ready xx 

The family were all here for dinner yesterday .. it is so lovely to not have to be in doors with all the doors and windows closed .. mm we seem to be eating just as much .. nice to have ice cream though xxx Fun memories 

Here's hoping you ALL have some sun and fun times with family and friends x

Diane x

Tuesday 1 May 2018


... how the .. HECK.. can it be MAY?!! I didn't have April yet! 

I know I have said before that there is a black hole called "TIME" .. but oh my goodness it has really crept away from me this month/year!

Both my parents had some health issues that have involved GP and hospital visits .. but both seem to be OK at the moment.... if they would only be both be ill at the same time then it would make life a bit less busy! lol x Seems I am never happy x 

The granddaughter has been coming to play .. seems we play so hard that she has to catch-up on sleep!... I admit I joined in a bit too! lol x being on the go is just Soooooooooo exhausting xx 

I realised this am. that it was May when the Post man brought the latest shawl club wool ..

.. and it said MAY on the sleeve! The pattern is due later to-day .. so exciting x

I have been doing some sewing for the 2018 Sandbach sewing project... but I cannot show you yet as it is due to be "revealed" at the June meeting .. which the way my black hole is working will be next week!

Congleton had us made some more blocks for a second raffle quilt..

STILL the same pattern and the TIGHT cut fabric. It seems the moaning and groaning from last time has had NO effect. The number of returned blocks has been small .. mm wonder why!

I have managed some knitting as usual.  During the Commonwealth Games I made some little gifts for the 2 smallest grandchildren ..

...there are 2 for the granddaughter because she has had her second (! WHAT! where did that time go!!) birthday 

I finished this shawl..

it was written for aran weight , BUT I wanted to make it using some double knit wool I had in stock (I am trying to reduce that as well as the fabric stash) .. because of that it came out a bit bigger which was just what I wanted x

I also made this shawl..

.. it is a lace weight and is for my mum We have a wedding in early September and she wanted one to put around her shoulders for the evening when it can be cool at that time of year x

Talking of weather it has been ALL OVER THE PLACE recently. One day of sunshine followed by at least 3 days of rain and wind. The plants in the garden are as confused as the rest of us .. although I have Mr and Mrs blackbird building a nest in my garden x

I MUST try and find time to blog this month .. honestly I will do my best xx 

Hope you are all well x

Diane x