Friday 18 February 2022


 ... UK we are currently being BATTERED by back-to-back storms. The advice is to STAY AT HOME for your own safety. SO, I decided to make a start on working on the paper-pieced diamonds.

Having found all these diamonds I have NO idea what the original plan for them was!! I have been laying them out and trying different patterns/ and have now decided this ..

.. is the way to go . As I now have the time I have been wishing for ... I am away to go x

NOW I just need to work out how many starts will be in each row.

Fun times x 

Stay safe out there x

Diane x

Tuesday 15 February 2022


 .. I was looking for "something" and found this bag..

When I opened it I found these..

LOTS of prepared paper-pieced diamonds, which I had completely forgotten about. With my memory sharpened I then went in search of .. this bag

Which as you can see is ALSO full of diamonds x 

I now have a hand piecing project to work on .. OH! For some time! lol x

Hope you are all staying safe 

ps. I did not find the thing I  originally went looking for !

Diane x 

Wednesday 9 February 2022


 .. have those times when you are in and out of the house so much that... you begin to wonder, if you are attached to a piece of elastic ? PHEW! It has been one of those here x

Not to worry x

During the time the family were isolating I got some more of the toys crossed off the grand childrens lists .

They now have a polar bear..

An elephant...

AND a hippo..

Just because I dont have a long enough list daughters best friend has a little boy who LOVES tigers ... SO..

NOW he has a new tiger x 

I am going to ATTEMPT to have a day at home tomorrow... fingers crossed x.. I might even find time to craft ! I will be out in the evening as Sandbach Quilt group meeting ... is ON for February x

Stay safe 

Diane x

Friday 4 February 2022


 .. the tests started to come back NEGATIVE x WOOO HOOOOO ! At last x 

They are all allowed out of the house, the 6 year old is back at school and the 3 year old has been to his swimming lesson. AH! Peace .. for a while anyway x

I hope you are all keeping safe and sound x

Diane x