Monday 8 August 2022


 ..UK there has been a heatwave ….  In the south. There have been warnings and health awareness notices. Here in Cheshire, and other points north ,we had …. THREE days of heat and then THREE WEEKS of rain ! Hey-Ho x  mind you it is lovely today x

However back to what I have been doing in the garden, ….between rain storms that is x

As we come onto the drive … past the new Alpine, rockery…. the drive way continues past the back of our house and becomes our neighbours drive. This is a “dead” area for us, just about the only time we go out there is to bring the bins in and out. HOWEVER we do se it every time we drive in. SO I bought some of these…

I love them! Whoever developed them gets my vote for a special medal x lol x

I have 2 in place at present with lavender…. And as this area gets whatever sun there is they are LOVING it ….. and the smell is wonderful x

These are the 2 pots on the corner 

More  garden adventures soon. X 

Stay safe

Diane x

2 comments: said...

What a brilliant invention! I can see why you love it!

kiwikid said...

Those pots are perfect for where you need them.