Wednesday, 1 February 2012


WOW! Now that's a background for you!! I have struggled to find anything with VIOLET in it.....I am not sure I can live with this for very long!! Maybe back to the drawing board xx

It was quilt group in Congleton (Beartown) last night , I took the Christmas quilt to show Joan...she now thinks she has some more I may want!!! OH NO! As if I don't have enough to do! lol

We were to make a tassel.. it consisted of covering one of theses wooden balls with a piece of fabric and then attaching beads....NOT for me I am afraid I thought it was awful!! Shhh don't tell! .......I bought the balls anyway (only £1 ) I am sure I can find something to do with them xx

We also were given these...

HUNDREDS have been donated! So each time we go we will be given some more and .... EVENTUALLY .... we will make a quilt to be raffled! Don't know how long it will take!

We also were given the requirements for next time..... it will be Valentines day, so, a heart is in the offing. I may be FORCED to go to HobbyCraft to get some felt! OH DEAR!!

Keep smiling (as long as the background does not make you feel ill!)

Diane xx


mammafairy said...

Well done for getting that quilt done!
You are being very brave with your background. I do not think I would be that bold!
Good on you. Perhaps if it is just this month, you can cope?

Go on, show us a tassel!

Sarah Lou said...

Wow, it's looking very bright over here - I like it though! Well done for getting all those green posts done last month too!

Pat said...

I like violet too! Hmm, not sure there are a lot of colors I don't like! ;O

Debra said...

Hi Di
I don't see any violet, just black! Maybe I'm missing something.

Anyway, I visited a store I have been trying to see for a while now, managed to get there last Saturday. Here is their blog site

In the blog they mention Prints Charming, they are 2 women who design their own fabrics and have classes etc. and are a very dynamic duo. I know one of the women, Kirsty. The fabrics they make are gorgeous, very colourful, yes, that's what I like. I am hoping to go to some classes at Calico and Ivy and Prints charming soon. The Prints Charming ladies have recently done a tour of some USA stores with their fabrics and classes. Here is their web site: they also have a blog

Stuck at home today with back problems, it's been raining lightly all morning, the temperature is 22c and the humidity is 83%...summer in Sydney! February is usually the hottest month here.


Annabelle said...

Now that really is a zingy background. Must just zoom off to take some migraine pills! xx

quiltmania said...

As a hexaholic, I think the hexagons look like a lot of fun! LOL! You go girl!

Kelly said...

Bright!! Cute christmas quilt :)