Monday, 20 February 2012


I have been thinking about my award and who I am going to "share" it with...I get to award it to 5 people.

 I want it to be to special  blogs that I really love reading (and maybe would have on Desert Island Discs!)...but WHAT if other bloggers then think I don't LOVE them?

I have found that some of the bloggers I was thinking of ...already have it!!

I am finding it hard to narrow it down to 5!

I think I have to...



and just get on with it! Maybe when I finish Wednesday morning.... but then I off out to the theatre .......OH YES!!

So.... maybe by Thursday morning I will be ready!!? ... watch this space lolx

This is not really VIOLET but close as I can get with the meagre offerings in my snowed Saturday night and was frosty last night..poor plants x

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Annabelle said...

Oh Diane, my crocus look just the same - really struggling for life - but the colours are so ... PURPLE ... and I love this colour. I so envy your excitement (re M.B) ... I so need to be able to get back to my old life ... meanwhile I shall sing along with you! xx

Sarah Lou said...

I love croci (crocuses?) even when they're just poking through - my uncle lived in Mere and there were always so many spring bulbs. I'm sure whoever wins the awards Will be deserving, don't worry too much!