Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I have one more night to go ...and then life can begin again. AH!! Lovely. I have quite a bit to do while I am off....being the tease I am I am not going to share it until JUST before it happens lol x

For anyone who want to get involved with  BEE swap, Emily at www.strawberrypatchramblings.blogspot.com had details of a stash bee that may be interesting xx

I have a VIOLET offering for you today, this is a quilt  that we made as a mystery make at Sandbach quilt group. I made it in these colours because my mum likes them.....I made and gave it to her as part of their diamond (60 ... like the Queen) wedding anniversary.

Sharp eyes will notice a ....unique design opportunity that arose!! I am good at twisting blocks... and NOT noticing until it is "too late" to do anything about it !! xx

Keep smiling

 (ps www.mammafairysews.blogspot.com also has a link to this .....I dont need EXTRA to do....so why have I joined up? I will be Ms October!! lol x)

Diane xx


Sarah Lou said...

I love the softness of the violet in these pics if you know what I mean. It looks like a lovely anniversary present too, especially for such a special one!

mammafairy said...

Thank you for plugging the hive 3 stash bee, it needs enough folk to run properly!