Sunday, 26 February 2012

an owl

Good afternoon...yes, that's right, I am actually posting in the afternoon....must be Sunday xx

You may remember that at the Regional day yesterday, the afternoon session was making an owl. It is a simple drunkards path pattern...with fabrics and placement to suggest an owl.

This one is NOT going to Sally in Australia is staying in Crewe.... with my dad xx

I  made a mistake when I was cutting out ... and did not have enough fabric to make another I sort of winged it ...and fudged! You may be wondering why he is going to my dad? Well..... my dad likes the wonky and not quite right! They have several "odd" Christmas ornaments that he has "found" over the years! He finds the ones left on the shelf after the "good" ones have been sold.... he usually gets them at a reduced price too!

One particular one is an owl ...called Eric... see where the name on the cushion comes from (my dad is Peter) I finished him off last night... I think I must have been influenced by the morning speaker (Elizabeth Wall) because I had a go at machine quilting!! Scary stuff xx

To day I made my block-of-the-month as well (see the side bar),

 I liked this months MUCH more than last xx.... I can hardly believe we are already half way through

By the way.... I checked and next months colour is YELLOW, now there is a colour I use, I should be able to post more pictures than I managed for VIOLET..xx..and the project is Easter..... so only a few more days of this migraine inducing background!! Thinking cap on as to what I am going to make xx

Keep smiling



Anne said...

I like your owl cushion. It would get much love here as all my children love cushions and wedon't quite have enough for the five of them. There may be some wonky owls in my future (after the Harry Potter cloaks I need to make for Friday!) Your quilting looks great too, well done for trying something new!

Anne said...

Oh, I forgot to say I really like your colour choices for the bloggers block of the month.

Anonymous said...

I think your owl looks fab! When you mentioned wonky, I had to have another look at the photo because I really couldn't see what you meant, and it took me a good while of peering before I found anything that could be deemed even vaguely wonky!

A friend of mine _loves_ owls so I think I'll have to see if I can make her something like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks for not having recaptcha turned on :) Makes this commenting malarky so simple.

Maggi said...

I'm glad Eric is staying in Crewe, he is so cute.

Jan-Maree said...

Love your owl cushion - so cute!!!!

PJ said...

Fuyn Owl pillow - and I like the BOM too! Good job.

Amanda said...

Your owl looks full of character and I'm sure will live very happily with your Dad.

Annabelle said...

Excellent quilting on the cushion. Lucky old Eric - is he a wise old owl? xx

Judy Blinkenberg said...

Just Love your blocks! Such wonderful fabric choices.