Friday, 30 August 2013

OH NO...

... the postman did not come today.. so no happy post ! BUT no bills either xx

Will just have to go to work .. only 37 shifts left to work... then I am sure there will be LOTS of happy post xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Thursday, 29 August 2013


.. he came again today and brought me this months Simply Solids fabric..

soooo happy with these colours x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


doesnt work.. because of my challenging (lack of) computer skills !! Then go to ..

mammafairy sews: New babies, new projects.. because she IS good and can make a link work!!


Keep smiling

Diane x


.. was a good day for post... I received this wonderful and beautiful fabric..

it came from .. check it out .  Oh yes xx and they will send out internationally too x This is my favourite..

I have a project for this fabric... but.. you will have to wait for my rota of nights to end xx

I also received this fabric..

this time from I just LOVE this shop xx

Hope you had a good post to-day with NO bills in it xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


...because I collected the motley crew...

and off we went to Llandudno (North Wales ).. my mum had promised Josh we would go on the cable car !!...

SOMEHOW we "lost" dad ... he chickened out and waited for us to come back on the tram!!!

Had to have an ice cream to recover..

The boys had a good time ..

so did the adults xx Hope you had a good day to-day xx 

seems you can find quilting inspiration anywhere .. just have to keep your eyes open xx

 Keep smiling

Diane x

Monday, 26 August 2013

I CONSIDER MY STASH.... resemble a sort of primordial soup/swamp !!!!!!!!!

Some fabric floats around on the surface and very quickly transforms into something else... while other fabric sinks to the bottom...


some burbles to the top to be used and transformed of its own accord..

while others only come to the surface after I have been rummaging and disturbed the "soup" xx

Either way it is fun to see what "sort" fabric introduced into the stash turns out to be xx

(gosh it looks scruffy!! .. and even more like a swamp than ever!! .. lol )

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Saturday, 24 August 2013


... are following the progress of BLAIRS BLOCKS they are coming to-gether so beautifully .. HOW am I going to part with this quilt? AND its not even finished yet!!

I have sewn one side ...

it measures 80 x 80 inches.. so not easy to photograph..

mind you the sun has co-operated x..

The other side is coming along as well...

ONLY because he knows about it will I be able to part with this quilt xx

I MUST make one for ME!! Good job I am retiring .. it can go onto my ENORMOUS list of projects to be completed xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

Thursday, 22 August 2013


.......slips trips bumps and bangs in my life to know that when life is bobbing along quietly and calmly ...MAKE  THE  MOST  OF  IT  !!!

In the last month the bloody great elephant in the room .. called cancer .. came and sat right in the middle of my mum and dads lives Mum has been on our local  fast track programme  and has seen the inside of a CT and MRI scanners, several ulta-sound scans and had multiple biopsies performed xx

I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS with the NHS or the wonderful professional I work with xx

The latest news is that.. its not as bad as first thought ..PHEW!!!

One more round of biopsies to be performed .. then EVERYTHING possible will be crossed in the hope that she is accepted onto a programme developed by a Professor in Manchester for NON invasive.. endoscopic (camera) surgery and NO stoma xx

WOW are we dancing.. still have to have treatment but much less than thought

SO can I ask that you all cross every thing you can ... with out risking life and limb that is... and hopefully it will be MANCHESTER HERE WE COME xxxx

You have to keep smiling... and find some time to sew xx

Diane xx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I wondered why....

....the kettle was taking a long time to boil... then realised I had plugged in the microwave... better stay away from sharp needles and machinery and have a sleep instead xx lol x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Monday, 19 August 2013


... a BIG date for me x It will mark the anniversary of the very first day that I began working for the NHS as a student nurse 40 ... YES FORTY  ... years ago!! WOW that's scary xx

BIG anniversaries make you assess and re-assess what has happened in that time x and sometimes they cause BIG decisions to be made x

A HUGE decision for me is that I have completed the documentation and I will be retiring at the end of November x Its a scary thought .. but an immensely exciting one x

I will miss SOME of the people . but not all   I will miss NONE of the hassles or politics or frustrations that are an every day ... or night ... occurrence .. I have  41 shifts left to work .. there are some pre-booked holidays to take .. and then this LARGE portion of my life will be over x

mmmmmm wonder how ever will I fill my time ? Suggestions on a post card!! lol x

Keep smiling.. or in my case BEAMING ...xxxx

Diane xx

Monday, 12 August 2013


.. my Hive #4 block for August, I had my new fabric...

and logged on to read the instructions ... when-ever I read "this is a fun and quick block"... my heart begins to sink!! OH NO !! This time I was hoping to be proved wrong.... BUT NO... I have made 2 blocks as requested..

BUT NEVER AGAIN! They were NOT quick, they were NOT easy.. they WERE frustrating and fiddley.... because of the way the corners were attached they created A LOT of waste fabric .. and I NEVER want to make them again . They are going in the post to-day.. and good riddence x

One of the ladies had posted a picture on the blog with the caption .. they are wrong, they are in the post.. I dont care!.. I SO know what she ment xx

On the positive side I have found I like red and white fabric xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Sunday, 11 August 2013


.. from the Australian-Christmas-Block-Swap, I touch ,and stroke, and plan what I am going to do... then I put them away again!

SO,.. I decided I had to ACT!!!!

I have started sort of medium sized...... then I can get bigger ..or smaller.. if I want to!

I made this table/bed/wall runner..

with 3 of my blocks that I felt went together well x There is no rule as to what block is sent/received .. just Christmas fabric .. (if anyone wants to join in the button thingy is on the side bar) 

the fabric on the back is a piece I have had hanging around .. bought it and it never seemed to fit with what I was working on..

found a use at last x

Keep smiling

Diane x

Saturday, 10 August 2013


... for this month calls for red and white fabric x NOW while my stash is threatening to take over the house.. there is very little red ... and NO red and white! I know.. can you believe it?!!

SO what is a quilter to do?   BUY FABRIC OF COURSE!!! I'm surprised you had to ask xx

This wonderful fabric came today..

from I ordered it YESTERDAY ..and YES .. it came today normal service NOT special x.. talk about wonderful and fast service ... and they have the most fabulous address at MUFFIN CORNER ...isn't that just wonderful? I love it xx

Off to make my blocks

keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday, 9 August 2013


.. that there must be a groove to my door ... worn there by the postman xx he must be on automatic pilot when he gets to me ... long may it continue !

Yesterday I received this beautiful star block all the way from New Zealand..

it will fit perfectly with 2 other blocks I have been saving to make a Christmas table runner xx Watch this space x

I will be going to the post office my self later with these..

have to keep them in business some how xx

Keep smiling

Diane x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

2 MORE.....

.....Blair's Blocks came to-day...

they were made by Christy x she says she has not made log cabin before... she did fabulously well x
She also sent this wonderful dishcloth..(gotta love a rainbow x)...

I LOVE IT when there is an "extra" surprise in the bag xx

keep smiling

Diane xx

Friday, 2 August 2013

Thursday, 1 August 2013


.. are roosting at the moment ... I have my partner for the Christmas-Block-Swap, so made this block..

it will be winging its way to New Zealand tomorrow x

Back to work I go ... proper work.. not fun sewing work x

Keep smiling

Diane x