Monday, 15 September 2014


... another tea cosie to share xx After I made the big top....

I decided to make some one who ... not so long ago... would have been the star of the show...

I REALLY have to take a break from these xx LOL xx I have lots of other things to do!! He-He

Diane x

Sunday, 14 September 2014


.... I'll be back soon ... you were NOT expecting this soon! lol

Last week Shaz was poorly so we did not have ... Alsha's Space: Week 34 of 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge .... thankfully she is feeling better .. so we are back too it x

The word is TRIO ... I decided to use this one..

you have seen it before .. but I do like these blocks xx

Diane x


... something of a catch-up post. I have been out and about quite a bit this week .. and will TRY and remember to tell you all I have been doing x

We were back at Congleton (Beartown) Quilt group on Tuesday ... it was a catch-up after the summer meet... so a bit of everything ... including cake ,tea ,and LOTS of gossip xx Here are some of the many postcards that have been made so far this year ...

not wonderful pictures .. but hopefully you get the idea x

Wednesday as you know we were at the sea-side x

Thursday it was back to Sandbach Quilt group .. We had Chandra Law come to talk to us about making and using batik fabrics ..great talk .. very funny as well as interesting  x  AND the bags came back xx They were sooooo wonderful ...

again not the best pictures!! He-He I need to stop getting all involved and take better pictures!! lol x

Yesterday was The Quilters Guild area day ( we are Region 13)... we had a lady called Carolyn...(I cannot remember her last name!! oops!) Who is a mathematician and talked to us about changing around blocks to make secondary patterns .. she was amazing and had LOTS of quilts to show xx  In the afternoon we had a choice of 3 blocks to make ... by hand x with many variations to make patterns with. I chose to make this block...

and this am made it into a cushion ..

shhhhh! Don't tell .. but I HAD to buy some fabric ... got to keep the local traders in business you know xx lol ...

I picked up Josh (grandson no. 1) on the way home yesterday ... and we went to watch Boxtrolls .. NOW .. there is an odd little film ! Watchable .. but odd x

I think you are up to date .. I'll be back soon anyway x

Diane x

Friday, 12 September 2014


...get my sewing done this morning x..

I managed to sew some sweetie blocks ..

for this months Brit Bee swap queen .. she wants Christmassy blocks x AND my stash Bee blocks ..

I was preoccupied and forgot to take a picture BEFORE I parcelled them up! They are off centre miniature blocks xx He-He x

I also sewed down the binding on a cot quilt..

NOW....... the reason I was pre-occupied.... is that I had to work out my strategy to get GUS into the bath!! His relationship with water begins and ends with the need to drink it!!!!

SO .. the plan was ...

When we get home from the afternoon walk

1. Do-not take off his lead

2. RUN (!) up stairs .. dragging him with me

3. Dash into the bathroom and throw him in the bath

4. Wash as quick as possible

5. let him get out

6. get towels on him BEFORE he covers the bath room with shaken water

WELL... it mostly worked xx I had to fight off an excited Sam who wanted to get IN the bath while stopping Gus .. who wanted to get OUT!!! and .. the bathroom got pretty wet!! He NOW smells lovely .. although NOT speaking or making eye contact with me xx lol x...

AH! the joys of pet ownership ... I'm exhausted now!!!

Diane x

Thursday, 11 September 2014


... is insistent that I am NOT following any blogs!! I will up-date you on the chaos that he s been going on here xx

The gas men and plumbers have all gone now .. phew!.. working central heating .. all floorboards and carpets returned to their rightful place x OF COURSE .. I have done SOME cleaning and am working my way around to ALL areas xx lol x I will get there x

Yesterday it was much too nice to be cleaning .. or indeed indoors ..SO we had a trip out to the sea side x The sun was shining and the lovely Autumn nip was in the air ..  off we went to Llandudno in North Wales ..


As you can see the sea was like a mill pond , with some sea mist x There are lots of HUGE wooden Alice In Wonderland statues around the town ..


this is on the front and is one of my favourites x mmm wonder if he has/needs a tea cosie? lol x

Mum managed to find a few shops ..

and dad got to carry the bags ..

Quick update on MY tea cosies ..Having a lot of fun with theses .. this one went with the Halloween Swap bag .. (its a pumpkin!!)..


This one is for the Facebook swap..the word is CIRCUS and this is my big top...


and a few others too...


Be back soon x

Diane x

Monday, 8 September 2014


.... my parents are celebrating that they....

have been married for SIXTY THREE YEARS xxx

We went to Adam's yesterday .. he made dinner ... I made a cake ..


OK!.. no smart remarks about my face!! They said "say CHEESE"!! Then took the picture on.... CHEEEE ... instead of on ......EEEESE !!! LOL XXX

To-day I am delivering the card and balloon..

I found this great weight for the balloon x

Hope you are having a great day too ... off to see if there is ANY cake left x

Diane x

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


 ... I was not sure if I would get to   Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge ... this week x

The word was COTTON .. there have been some good ones ..  while mine is a bit ... obvious ..

these are the COTTON fabrics I managed to work with to-day ... in a corner out of the way!

I made the log cabin as requested by my September partner for the Christmas block swap...

it will be off to Australia tomorrow x

The other fabrics were for Erin's modern meets classic B-O-T-M ..(or what ever it is called ... I keep forgetting! xx lol x)

I am using NOT-in-the-rainbow colours as my modern "bit" xx

Diane x