Monday, 22 January 2018


.. been busy with ... yes SEWING.. this week x lol x

I have completed the projects and the samples for the session I will be teaching at Sandbach Sew-and-Sews next meeting..

.. NO !! I cannot show you until AFTER the ladies have had their chance.. however the bag at the front is one I have made for the session x 

I also finished the first shawl from the 2018 club...

.. it was an interesting make ... 2 techniques that were new to me .. so that always makes it interesting. It is not one I would have made without it being part of the club... so good start I would say x 

Some of the wool got a wee bit close ..

...but it worked out just right ...mmm wonder if I should have done a gauge swatch?... naaaaa !! lol x 

Hope you are all having a good week

Diane x

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

I GOT ....

... organised this morning and made the 2 blocks for the Congleton charity raffle. You may remember I was sent the fabric and pattern last week..

It was a quick make ...

... I do have a moan though (!).. I KNOW when making charity quilts fabric is at a premium ... BUT .. gosh this was tight.. I used a scant quarter inch seam .. and just made the 8 1/2 inch block requested. When blocks are being made by multiple sewers .. and some of them not very experienced then I feel they are going to get MANY that don't make the requested size... SO.. if you are in this position .. give a bit more fabric and you will get back MORE blocks that can actually be used.

We had a birthday in the family this weekend...

.. my dad was 88. OF COURSE ......there was a cake..

when you have a BIG birthday you need a BIG candle!!!!! lol x

Feels good to have done some sewing x

Diane x

Saturday, 13 January 2018


... Quilt group had their first meeting of  2018 It was the presentation of the cheque for all the fundraising we did last year. The charity last year was the Christie Hospital .. (world famous cancer centre).. that we are fortunate to have in our area x

.. it has been a crazy time and resulted in the group raising FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS !!! When you consider the group has 43 members.... !! YES we had help .. but that is a fabulous achievement xx This year is a year off from fund raising to give every-one a chance to breath xx

OH! There was cake as well..

.. of course !! lol xx 

It was great to see everyone and to have an outing with a group x Congleton Quilt group also started up this last week .. but its a loner journey and a bigger group .. so I gave it a miss .. will go next time x HOWEVER I did not get away with it ....

..they sent me fabric and pattern to make 2 blocks for a raffle quilt!! lol x They ALSO sent me a card to cheer on the recovery..

.. that was lovely x Its the little things like that that lift the mood when you are feeling "fragile" xx ... well for me anyway xx

I have to get on and make the blocks now xx

I finished the shawl that was already partly done...

.. I am glad I did .There was some muscle loss in my arm and the tension was definatly affected. It came out looser and bigger than the last one... it evened out with blocking OK.... so now I am going to start the one with the January club wool and pattern.... 

I have some sewing to do for the next meeting at Sandbach ... but cannot show it until AFTER the meeting x ... good job the physioTERRORISTS have given me exercises to get me going xx

Hope it has been a good week for every one of you x

Diane x

Friday, 5 January 2018


.. to the fracture clinic .. not really knowing what the next step was to be .. but hopeful it would be a positive one !!  PHEW ! I am pleased to report that the consultant is happy with my progress x

The back-slab is gone ... I have to say ...while I was glad to see it go .. I was nervous when they cut it off .. it has been my companion and protector for a while now!! lol x... I now have to .....GET THAT ARM STRAIGHT!! which is easier said than done . .. let me tell you ! When it has not moved for over 3 weeks that elbow does not want to comply!!!!! However I am doing my exercises and waiting to start THREE WEEKS of physiotherapy !! 

Getting into bed was fun! WHAT did I do with my arm before I had a back-slab? I could not remember !. I don't think I ever noticed!! NO back-slab to protect me if I rolled over onto it!! lol x I did sort my self out .. eventually ..but it was tricky there for a moment or two !! lol x

My friend (who is a physio.) took me out to dinner today ... and I told her if she said...STRAIGHTEN THAT ARM... one more time ... I was going to clock her with it!! However she is right.. and I need to get on with it xx lol x

She brought me some beautiful flowers..

.. she knows me well x

I have decided that before I start on the new shawl with the beautiful wool.. I will finish off the one I already have on the needles..

.. that way if my tension is affected then I can get it corrected BEFORE I start the new one x That's the plan for to-day anyway! lol x I need to build up the muscles in my arm again also x 

Hope you all have something to be positive about to-day x

Diane x

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

IN 2017....

...I tried really hard to use up fabric and wool from my stash ... SO because of this when I saw a club from  THE KNITTING GODDESS  that was a collection of wool/yarn with a shawl pattern from 6 different designers .... come on ! It had my name on it .. and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good in 2017!! lol 

So I jumped in ... the first instalment came yesterday..

OH! I soo want to start! HOWEVER I am not back to fracture clinic until tomorrow ......

HAD to wind them .. just to be ready you understand!! lol x I have printed the pattern .. and found the needles... just to be ready you understand!!

My grandson..came to spend a day and a night ...

..sadly (for us) he will be returning to Australia on Friday .. gosh the time has just flown away x I don't know when he will be back .. and with the "trip/slip/ggrr" I have not seen so much of him as I would have wished .. Hey-Ho it has been wonderful to have him here x

To-day I had this wonderful delivery..

......from the committee and ladies of Sandbach Quilt group .. SO beautiful x Flowers really lift the spirits .. don't they? 

Off for a brew and to stroke my wool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol x

Have a fun day

Diane x

Saturday, 30 December 2017


...... to the pantomime ...


It was so much fun x Silly and childish .. well we were surrounded by kids! lol x BIG and SMALL x

For anyone in the UK .. it was Cannon and Ball this year x SUCH a pair of fools x

ALL of us enjoyed it ..oldest 86 .... youngest 20 months ..and all in-between xx My granddaughter was mesmerised x Got a bit fed-up towards the end but it was 2 and half hours .. long time for a little one .. mind you eating her dads ice cream in the intermission helped!! lo x 

I don't think I shared this...

.. latest shawl I finished it a couple of days before the trip .. and blocked it before I went out that morning. NO needles of any sort have been lifted recently .... HOWEVER ...

I am down to HALF  a back slab ..

... and a fancy all singing all dancing ..bells and whistles fancy sling!! Back again to fracture clinic next week and will see what they say/do then. I must be getting better as I am beginning to miss the crafting xx

HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all x

Diane x 

Sunday, 24 December 2017


... need any of the hints and tips that I have acquired this last week ... BUT ... just in case...

AFTER .. your grandson helps out by tying your shoe laces just a bit too loose ..  so that they come undone in the middle of the supermarket ....and your son re-ties them so tightly you feel as if your toes have lost their blood supply .... DITCH the lace-ups and find a pair of slippers/shoes/sandals .. anything that you can slip on !!

WHEN ... the family try to help you on/off with your coat they DONOT want to bump your arm ... SO find your biggest coat.. or borrow one from a bigger person .. do it up .. and put it on over your head ... IT WORKS!

BE PREPARED... that all the "things" you normally use will be on your wrong side eg. toilet-roll holders .. bed side light switch .. you can get round it .. just a bit of lateral thinking will do it xx

YOU WILL DISCOVER.. just how many of your trousers do up on your wrong side! However that cardigan that went all baggy but you could not bring yourself to throw away will be PERFECT to fit over the back-cast x

TRY to remember when others share their slip/trip/fall/broken bone story.. its the first TODAY time for them!! Remember you now have a story to share and bore others with x lol x OH! .. and the Humerus/funny bone jokes ..are NOT funny when it is you!!

CARRYING around what feels like a concrete block the plaster-of-paris back-slab EXHAUSTING .. so rest and keep it elevated x

Mind you .. when cutting cabbage for coleslaw the weight of the dammed thing on the knife makes it go through like butter and heat xx..

I had to get a bigger pot as it turned out to be easier than I thought !!

YOUR FAMILY will worry and tell you what you CANNOT DO .... SO wait until they go home to discover what you CAN do xx ... what they don't know wont hurt them xx

This morning this beautiful flower arrangement arrived ..

it was courtesy of some of the Australian family members xx THESE are the things that cheer you/me up xx 

Have a wonderful Christmas x

Diane x