Saturday, 13 February 2016


... the weather has turned dry and COLD... the garden is slowly beginning to get into the spirit of SPRING ...

.. I love to find these little hidden gems x

Tuesday evening was Congleton Quilt Group .. more ideas for the sales table.. I have not made mine yet .. but I made them a bag full of little items last week.. so I'll get round to more soon x The first of the raffle prizes .. with all the blocks made by the members has been long-arm-quilted..

I think it looks great x Lets hope the exhibition goes well and we sell LOTS of tickets xx

Thursday was Sandbach Quilt Group .. we had a speaker who does the most exquisite hand AND machine quilting .. it was a wonderful talk .. more like a great big Show-And-Tell...I  LOVED IT xx

THIS week far.. I only have 2 .. yes thats TWO things to do .. SO.. there will be some sewing done!! lol x I have decided it will happen ! lol x

I did finish my asymmetrical shawl.. you start at the small end (on the left in the pictures) and work towards the "big" end..

I had such fun with it .. you increase on one side and decrease on the other to get the shape I love the colour changes in this gradient...

...the top edge is EIGHTY SEVEN inches across! So getting pictures has been a challenge xx I also found out that reading charts is NOT so much of a nightmare as I thought it would be xx I had extra wool so went beyond what the pattern said .. I feel I should have done a large section of lace at the end instead of  lace...short garter section ... then lace .. but there is always next time ... lol x

It certainly kept me entertained while waiting for one or other parent to come out of their appointments .. and the grandson to come home from school ... ah! No boring retirement for me xx lol x

I have been slowly catching upon reading Blog posts   ... and who knows I may even find time to Post a few myself in the near future xx

Keep warm and safe

Diane x

Sunday, 7 February 2016

FOR 2016 ...

... I have said I am cutting back on the amount of swaps I take part in .. SO .. I had to find something else to join in with!!.. you all know what I'm like x lol x

SO... I am joining in with Shaz's WORD PHOTO CHALLENGE 2016 ( ... her word for us to think about last week was RED... my immediate response .. having been a nurse for 40 years was.. BLOOD!! .... NOT really the best response!.. and finding a picture that is acceptable to post on here could be tricky xx ..

Then I thought of the many flowers in my garden throughout the year...

... SOO many to choose from! ... However the final picture that I decided on is ...

BECAUSE .. its a lovely bright red.. and its a fruit (mmm lovely) ...AND knitted .....AND last but most important .. its related to tea xx

I'm off to see what our word for this next week is going to be.. why go come over and join in too?

Diane x

Saturday, 6 February 2016


.. this week seems to have gone by at top speed xx Either that or the time leak has become a flood.. not sure which xx

I had a dinner out with some of the girls I used to work with, I had an afternoon with a friend whose mother (very fit and active at 79)  died unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago.. lots of tea and cake x.. THEN dinner out with the ladies on the Committee of Sandbach Quilt Group ... this was our annual .. we survived another year dinner! lol x I collected the oldest grandson from school and he and his dad stayed for tea... phew! lol x

I am almost finished sorting my craft room ... its neat and tidy .. just one small pile and a MASSIVE box of fabric to go .. but most of it is done.. you may notice the dogs bed under the radiator xx....

..the floor need a good mop .. but hey.. you can now see I HAVE a floor xx lol x

I have backed a top for a baby quilt with fleece and simple quilted..

...that will be going to my son and D-I-L as soon as I sew down the binding ..and take it to show and tell x   ALSO as this is the year of use it up .. and I have been finding LOTS of small balls of wool .. I made this..

....that will be going with it xx He-He my grandson says it looks more like a Komodo dragon than a crocodile xx

I had a gradient cake of wool for Christmas and have found a GARTER stitch pattern .. with a simple chart for me to practice on .. AND it has an unusual construction for me to try and work out ...

whatch this space x

Hopefully this next week I will have a bit of breathing space and will be able to post more often and your eyes wont be worn out reading it all! lol x

Diane xx

Monday, 1 February 2016


... I managed a bit of sewing time ... no cleaning/tidying got done I will get back to that this week WARNING .. it is getting close to the time of sorting FABRIC!! lol x

I made some more of the pouches...

I don't have elastic for the button closures BUT I do have a lot of ribbon... so used that instead. Congleton Quilt Group have an exhibition in June .. and these will go for the sales table. ALREADY managing to use up some stash in 2016 xx good result x

I have finished another of the lacy shawls...


........the pattern for this is called REYNA. The wool is a dyed gradient that goes from Teal to a silvery grey.. and although I could not get it to show up in the pictures has a beautiful silver sparkle all through it.

I was getting in a bit of a sweat as I was binding off!!..

.. talk about playing chicken!! lol

I had a couple of enquiries about how I found the patterns.. you need to go to Ravelry ( you need to be a member.. but it is FREE and easy to sign up.

On the home page there is a list of headings at the top .. one says patterns... click on this and there is a list of tabs.. hat, cloves, sweaters ,shawls.. etc. click on the one you want and it gives a whole list of patterns. The FREE ones (my favourites are clearly marked.. click on the one you like and it will take you to the project page .. you can check out the pattern.. other peoples projects and their reviews etc. ... its a great resource

Hope that helps ... there are knitting and crochet patterns just whatever you need x

I am off to look at patterns ... I want to try a shape other than the triangle for a shawl ......mmm wonder what I will find xx

Diane x

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


.... was Congleton Quilt group.. it was a Making night.. there were about 40 ladies and TWO machines ... SO .. I brought mine home and had a go this morning .... BECAUSE .. I can now walk to my sewing machine with no hindrance!! lol x.. don't you love a bit of boasting xx

It is a little pouch for ... sewing notions.. pills... ANYTHING you like really xx....



its a bit rough.. but for a first try I am quite happy... I am sure there will be more in my future x

I am sure you remember me moaning and whining on about garter stitch.. and not liking it! SO .. of course.. I have been looking for patterns to force me to have a go xx lol x ...SO ...the FREE downloads on Ravelry are my friends now xx This is my latest ...

YES I know there is a lot of lace .. well it does reduce the amount of garter stitch !! xx He-He x

As usual I was down to the last bit by the time I had finished x

The colour is called.. THE LADY HERSELF.. which is a Discworld reference to one of my favourite characters.... Granny Weatherwax ... I HAD TO USE IT even though there is a LOT of pink in there x

As you all know I had the dreaded lurgy recently .. well yesterday this ..

....arrived on my doorstep from Sue ( )it cheered me up no end to have a bit of Australian sun and fun to look at xx ... its over my sewing machine x

Hope you all had something to make you smile to-day xx

Diane x

Monday, 25 January 2016


... to the sewing day on Saturday x ....the top was finished and is waiting to go to Show-And-Tell at Congleton Quilt group (tomorrow) before being given to the parents-to-be...

I am really happy with the way it came out .. and the designer seemed happy with the feedback and pictures.

Sunday was the BIG Annual Fabric Sale in Sandbach... our Quilt group (Sandbach Sew and Sews)  were asked to put on a display of members work...I was on set up squad this year .... by 07.45 the dark wee hours here!!.. I was already hard at work putting quilts on stands xx  ..... 2 hours later as I headed for home ...I got a sneaky peek at all the wonderful fabrics .. BUT .. I then went home having NOT bought a single thing x

 I am patting my self on the back for this x Mind you I was PRETTY tired by the time my stint was over and needed a lie down on the sofa with a brew to recover xx lol x 

This morning I began The Plan for the craft room tidy. I set an alarm ... and then worked away for an hour.. at the end of that time I went down stairs made a brew and had a rest.. THEN I went back for another hour.. at the end of this time I shut the door and went and had my dinner xx lol x

I have 2 bags of rubbish in the bin .. and 1 bag of rubbish for re-cycling. I am REALLY pleased with the progress so far.. I can see (small amount admittedly!)  sections of flooring .. and my cutting table is free of clutter and "stuff"... there is a huge pile in the middle of the room .. but that's OK because tomorrow holds some more hour-long segments when I can go back ... or not! lol x

Taking the pressure off my self to GET IT DONE is helping so far... in fairness I have to admit I have not been anywhere near fabric or embellishments or buttons... or ... lol x

Hope your day has held some fun

Diane x

Friday, 22 January 2016


.... New Year Resolutions...... because I know I will .. forget them.. get bored.. find something else I would rather be doing... etc. etc. BUT I do like to have some ideas for what I MIGHT want to do in the coming year xx

LAST year I was going to buy less fabric ...and... use more from my stash.. Notice I don't say STOP buying .. we all know that is unrealistic and NOT going to happen!! ALSO I wanted to clean and tidy my craft room

WELL.. I did reduce the buying.. and I did use some stash.. although at times it is hard to see where the reduction happened ! lol x

The tidying.. well that was a stop-start project.. and it seemed mostly STOP! I think part of the problem is that it is just SUCH A MESS ......that it gets just too overwhelming to tackle.

SO the last couple of days I have taken time out to sit and look around in there... AND I am going to tackle this elephant one bite at a time... I have started by sorting and putting into bags ....fabrics and blocks that I have clear ideas of what I want to use them for....

.. looks interesting hey!

Some of these I have been collecting for YEARS and not got round to using.

 Next I am going to start going through my boxes of fabric ..... I am going to decide... will I use this .. and if the answer is NO.. then I have 2 options ... bag it up and take it to one of the quilt groups I belong to and give it away .. OR .. and you may want to sit down here ... throw it away!! YES I am giving my self permission to GET RID xx

It actually feels good to have made the decision and I  KNOW it will allow me to move on.. it may take a good while but that's OK xx

I hope that at the end of the process I will have fabric etc. that I WILL use.

I have A LOT of books as well and they may well get "sorted" at some point !! xx Maybe I will find patterns I want to make!!... oh my goodness lol x

To-morrow is the Do-Your-Own-Thing day and I am feeling up to going .. so the baby quilt will be finished...  I have made a little friend to go with it...


... using up some of that stash too xx

Hope you have had a good couple of days x

Diane x