Monday, 3 August 2015


... try to do any more sorting of the craft room to-day ..... AND .. having said I was going to work on a neutral project that could photographed to show the true colour ....

I worked on the Brit Bee block ... which is PURPLE !!!!!!! Hey-Ho !!! Unlike the "circle of doom" this was done in no time .. and will be going in the post tomorrow..

.. it involved more work .... was more fun and I would make it again xx

THEN I worked on my Christmas Block Swap ... I made the block..

and was talking to Sally as I made it ... I gave her the address (my partner for this month lives in Queensland ) to see how far it was from where they live ... and read what I HAD WRITTEN... which was that the edges were to be WHITE.. I had used CREAM!!! SO.... another block was made ...

and both will be going in the post tomorrow x

I had a bag to make ...


it is for a knitter .. so I thought the sheep were a good match xx I made it from a tea towel that ... YES... I found while cleaning the craft room xx lol x

It was a good day x To-morrow I will be making the Quiet Play B-O-T-M block for August which is a monkey. Hope you had a good day x

Diane x

Sunday, 2 August 2015


.... was my 2 monthly catch-up with the girls I used to work with .. this time with a difference... as it was combined with the leaving "DO" for 2 girls that used to work with us xx We went to an Italian restaurant ... not my favourite .. but it was OK .. and some one else cooked the meal .. so I am NOT complaining xx lol x

There were 18 of us .... and just after we sat down a party of 9 were shown to their table .. and they were all district nurses on a leaving "DO" .. between us we knew them ALL!! (I knew 4 of them xx) SO.. all in all it was a fun and NOISY night xx LOVED IT xx ... the next one is September .. back to normal with just 5-6 of us xx

When I ventured into the craft room yesterday I managed some sorting and I also dug out a project that I have now finished... daughters best friend got married FIVE YEARS ago .. remember that! .. and at the time I began work on a bed sized quilt for her ... then for some reason (!!) it got put down .. and pushed away and down and down!

I knew it was there .. I just never got it out ..SO ..FIVE YEARS of marinating later ... it only took me a few hours to finish ... I DID NOT make it bed size .. to be honest I don't know where the rest of the fabric is ... possibly used for other projects .. possibly I never had enough ... WHO KNOWS ? ,,, not me that's for sure!

BUT... I do have a runner that will fit on the end of a bed ...AND I saw her dad today and gave it ... and  ..a sort of an explanation .. to him and he has promised to deliver it for me xx

I went ALL OVER the house trying to find somewhere to take a picture that was 1. long enough for you to see the size....

and 2. be able to show the colours and patterns...

hopefully you get an idea of what it is like .

Then ... another project that I went ALL over the house (and outside) with is another Christmas present off the list x This time it was the COLOUR I was trying to get right x

James (grandson in Perth WA) has requested a Koala .. like the alien!! BUT he wants purple .. what is the worst colour to try and take a picture of ....

...the plain is a lovely rich plumb and the variegated is lots of lovely heathery colours xx Im sure you get the idea x

NEXT time I am working on something small and neutral in colour xx

Diane x


Wednesday, 29 July 2015


.. made 2 more cushion covers towards the Christmas pile ...

it is growing nicely .. if a bit precariously xx lol x

...AND the sorting of the craft room ... stalled again! HOWEVER this time when I opened the bag I DID remember the project xx I was going to make a little bag as a Christmas present .... LAST YEAR!! SO... I set too and a bag has been made.. will do for this year xx AND there were 2 little presents in the project bag ready to go into the bag when made xx WIN .. WIN xx

The Postman called this morning and brought me the pattern and fabric for the August Brit Bee swap block ..

this one will be done a LOT quicker than the last one !! lol x

Remember the stripy jumper? well, as predicted Sally loved it .. so I found a ball ...

and a co-ordinating ball..

which resulted in a LOT LESS ends to sew in ..


....and a jumper was made x NOW as a good patch worker/knitter would I am collecting ALL the bits and making another one ..


... just the second sleeve to finish ....and yes ... there will be LOTS of ends to sew in as there are MANY bits of wool being used up xx BUT there will be a tiny teeny space in the craft room xx lol x.... by the way the sun came out for half an hour so I took advantage of it and got some pictures that are pretty good .. colourwise x

Diane x

Monday, 27 July 2015


..... been to the same hairdresser for 15 years .. they are always have fund raising events going on and mum always joins in . In the whole of that time she has NEVER won a thing!!... until last week ... and she shared her winnings with me xx OH YES!! 

She said I was to use it for some thing special .. and I decided on a candle .. after years and YEARS of working around smells I NEVER wanted to take home I really enjoy standing in a shop that smells lovely xx  


is the one I chose .. a lady next to me was smelling them and asked me what I thought of one I had not sniffed before ... and you know it sort of jumped into my basket!!! NOW.. how did that happen ! lol .....

I had some of the neon wool left and so teamed it up with  orange .. I followed the koala pattern and .... mmm .. I knew it reminded me of someone/thing but could not pin down the memory...when I showed it to Sally she recognised it as a character from Deep Space Nine who is a Feregii !! SO I seem to be making aliens now!! lol ... what do YOU think?...

Diane xx

Saturday, 25 July 2015


...... of the sewing room is going slowly.. because I keep getting DISTRACTED!!! I find things and have a little dream about how to use them ... or I find "stuff" and have to sort that as well xx lol x Good job I am not in a hurry x

An example of this is ... I found a bag with 2 charm square packs and some backing fabric .. NOW I have no idea where they came from! They are not the sort of thing I would buy .. and if I did for some reason .. that reason and the buying have completely flown away!! I am wondering if I was given them?.. who knows!!

ANYWAY ... I decided to make them into a simple cot quilt ... there are always requests for them .. so now I am ahead of the game ....


I just need to sew in some ends and the binding down .. and Im good to go x AND YES that is a shadow!! The rain visited this am .. but now the sun has decided to come and pay us a visit xx

Talking of sewing ends in...! Sally wanted a jumper for baby with STRIPES ... I had forgotten what it is like to sew ALL those ends in....


never mind xx I like the pattern so will probably do it again ... the stripes mmm... will let you know xx This is the 6-12 months size so maybe if the stripes were wider....... well I made a hat and it was A BIT less traumatic ....


Have a good weekend

Diane x

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


.........trying to sort out my craft room ... I KNOW there is a floor in there SOMEWHERE!!!! .... AND I need to use up SOME of the mountain of fabric that is threatening to take over!!

I have many piles of blocks from some of the (many !!) swaps that I have been in ..... you may remember that I swapped some swoon blocks last year .. mine were in Christmas fabric.... and I thought a good use would be to make cushions that can be used as Christmas presents.......


I still have MANY blocks left ... I just need to get some more cushion inserts xx 

I have made another baby cardigan..

NOTE... it has buttons AND button holes xx lol x and a new toy..


the pattern was for a giant panda .. but I mixed it up a bit .... as usual xx The wool is the neon again .. but this time there was A LOT of pink in it... so I toned it down with some yellow xx

Diane x

Sunday, 19 July 2015


.... the sun was shining ..... SO .... I went and got the parents and off to North Wales we went xx

NOW as you know I really HAVE TO get some buttons for my Aran jacket ..

well I found a few!!  I KNOW they are different sizes .. and colours BUT..

I managed to find some that fit x (the top picture is much closer to the correct colour)

.....AND Christmas is coming and I need some fabric for the backing  on a project I have in mind..

......AND if I am going to get some Christmas knitting projects done I need to start NOW..

....AND when the shade is called LIPSTICK ..  it MUST have my name on it somewhere!.. would have been criminal to leave it behind xx

The weather was beautiful .. so we sat outside for dinner ..

overlooking one of the MANY craft supply areas ...

.. can you see that lovely blue sky ? I LOVE Abakhan ( ) .... and there is some money left in my purse xx AH! When can we go back again xx lol x

Diane x