Monday, 25 June 2018


….. "crafting" this week has centred around my kitchen walls! I was having a clear-out and found 2 part tins of paint that I thought would work well together .. one a milky chocolate brown and the other a cream. I mixed them together and made a lovely creamy colour that made me happy ... and began  to paint!

NOW my poor arthritic shoulders know what I have been doing …. even though I went slowly and took the whole week for the project.... I am happy its DONE x ….AND the kitchen has had a good clean as I went along!! 

I knew there would not be enough for the whole kitchen (remember I live in a Victorian terrace and ..its BIG!!) … but I also had some white that I knew would work with it … I got a bit creative with the wall I started but couldn't finish...

.. its above a cupboard ..and I can live with it SO that is all that counts xx 

My black current bushes are LOVING the hot weather and EVERY morning this is what I am getting ..

SO tasty .. and I am sure my vitamin C levels are well up x

I will leave you with some colour from the garden as I go and find the gloss paint and … THINK about starting to paint the woodwork xx …. has cost me NO money ..just energy so far .. it is a bit like using up the stash!! 

Have a good week x

Diane x

Thursday, 14 June 2018


.. the bees are loving the poppy's and foxgloves..

..they LOVE them xx Their back legs get loaded down with pollen and it looks like a strain to fly! However they keep doing it so I can only imagine its good stuff x 

We had MORE cake last week...

it was my sons birthday..

..and of course there was LOTS of sharing of cake..

… that is a word we are "encouraging" at the moment ..SHARING not CAKE!! lol x

I finished a scarf that I started while mum was having treatment.. was ideal in plain stocking stitch with the occasional garter bump that took NO thinking about!! lol x AND I used up some left-overs from my cardigan to make a jumper for the youngest grandson ..

..they are going into winter in Australia (as I am sure ALL of you already know!!) and it will come in useful I am sure x AND less to go to the stash!!

At Congleton Quilt group we had a session about positive and negative.. I came home and found some time to play.. (OF COURSE I made a bag with the bits!!)..

.. got to keep the granddaughters obsession ( 2year olds get SO obsessed!! lol x) with bags going xx 

I notice that BLOGGER has STILL not fixed whatever is going on with notifications.. I think I have kept up with replying to comments .. if not I do apologise .. will try to do better x

Diane x

Saturday, 26 May 2018


.. you get the chance to watch THE (Royal) Wedding? 

I did .. and it was so much fun to get the chance to see Happy news rather than the usual Doom Gloom and Despondency that has become the norm. I know it is not every-ones idea of a "fun" watch .. but it was for me x 

We have had a birthday...

.. mum is now 87 x She had a lovely day with family .. and ate a good portion of the cake (shh! we will just forget the diabetes for one day!! lol x) Someone was a bit fed-up of waiting for the singing of Happy Birthday to end and the cake cutting to begin...

Mum has now finished the latest round of treatment .. I swear if she has much more radiation in her system we will be able to use her to power the lights!! lol x 

The garden has been doing its own thing with out me doing much other than sitting out there ..

..can you see the bees?..

The next week is  going to be "quiet" with NO appointments ! Can you believe it?!! I may just be able to get into the sewing room x 

I sewed the buttons onto my cardigan.. now I can wear it closed! lol x

We have had some wonderful sunshine and warm temperatures this last week (or 2 even!!).. however yesterday was cooler and wetter … NOW when you want to water the plants but it is raining … JUST GO OUT IN YOUR COAT...

….and if Grandmas watering can is just too heavy .. an empty milk bottle works just as well x .. lol x There is always a solution !

Hope you have had some crafting time x

Diane x

Sunday, 13 May 2018


... we have had some sun .. some rain.. some cold wind .... AND temperatures between 9 and 17 degrees !!! .... maybe it is Spring after all!! lol x

The garden has reacted by "springing" into colour and action...

.. its lovely to go out there x

I managed some sewing this week.. for once x I am TRYING (always) to use up the stash .. and so 2 bags got made...

using up fabric AND embellishments .. go me!

I have had a cardigan on the needles for a while (for me no less x)...

.. I just need to get some buttons now and it will be done , ideal for those cool times (OK .. most days x)x

Next week between the parents there is an appointment EVERY DAY... so I am not sure how much the sewing room will see me x

Hope you get some time to at least TOUCH your fabric and threads xx

Diane x

Monday, 7 May 2018


... it may be a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK... BUT we have sunshine xx It is BEAUTIFUL x ... and .. this is the third day in a row that the sun has shone .. could Spring have actually sprung .. or is it just wishful thinking ? Time will tell x 

Gus is in his favourite spot..

he is an old man now at 13 and needs the sun on his bones xx

I finished my May Shawl Club offering  ...

I had not worked the mosaic stitch before and am happy with the way it worked.... you only work with one colour at a time and use slipped stitches to make the pattern... 

I like the fact there has been a new stitch to learn each time . ALSO that there is very little wool left to "slip" into the stash...

I think this may just be my favourite so far x Come the cooler weather I will be ready xx 

The family were all here for dinner yesterday .. it is so lovely to not have to be in doors with all the doors and windows closed .. mm we seem to be eating just as much .. nice to have ice cream though xxx Fun memories 

Here's hoping you ALL have some sun and fun times with family and friends x

Diane x