Wednesday, 1 October 2014


.... how can it be OCTOBER already? OH MY GOODNESS!

I have to tell you that THE spider has gone this morning ... so I can now walk down the middle of the path with-out being on guard and ready to leap like Johnathon Edwards at the slightest sign of movement from that section of the garden!!!! .... now THAT would be a sight to behold!!

I have a busy time coming up SO.. I have ..of course signed up ...with the CHRISTMAS block swap girls .. to do a HALLOWEEN block swap!! I KNOW!!

Anyway .. partners have been allocated .. e-mails exchanged AND... both my Christmas block.. (made a churn dash .. then felt guilt at doing such a simple block ... and made another one!! snort!)

and Halloween block .. ( a change for me .. went with quirky applique rather than piecing x)

are in the post x AHHHHHH!

Yesterday  I HAD A PARCEL... from America xx Remember all the swoon blocks I made? ALL 16 of them? Well ....

14 of them are home xx There has sadly been an issue with one of the swappers ... but that has not stopped me being VERY happy x

Diane x

Monday, 29 September 2014

I AM...

... not going to be doing much sewing to-day....  because I have a LIST of things to get done!!... oh! this retirement lark is exhausting! lol x It is mostly housework ... and you KNOW how I feel about that!... why do you think I am here right now instead of getting started? (snorted my own cup of tea then xx)

I was out in the garden ... now isn't that funny .. I go out every day and brush up the dead leaves in the garden ..WAIT...

.... (sample pile ) and as I walk away there is a sssshhhhhiiiinnnggg noise and more leaves fall down ready for brushing up to-morrow ..... and it doesn't bother me ... out I go x BUT when it comes to cleaning up and ironing and washing ... which is also always there ... I moan about it! lol x

ANYWAY... I was out in the garden ... and I have to tell you I recently listened to a radio programme that was all about the hot dry summer and how the spiders have grown BIG ... for us anyway .. and how the females are all coming looking for mates!!... (I seem to going off at all angles this morning!...) and I saw THIS...

I had to put a piece of paper behind to get her to show up in the picture!!... risking life and limb I might add...

GOOD GRIEF!!... I am off to do some of the housework on my list ... and NOT look at the cobwebs in the corners xx

... just re-read that and had a thought ... do you think she could be eating the groom!! YUCK!

Diane x 

Saturday, 27 September 2014


.....I meet up with the girls I used to work with. We take it in turn as to who chooses the venue ... this time was Panama Hatties.. you may be able to guess what type of food w had xx


One of the girls has a due date to give birth NEXT WEEK!... and it became a VERY funny and silly game to see if she squirmed or drew a deep breath xx Was a WONDERFUL night .. next one is November xx

There was A LOT of food .. we managed to get through it xx... and this was my AWSOME pudding..

I don't think I need to eat for a while xx

You may notice the tea cosies ... I let them choose one each ... it was like we were a tea group!!!! .. He-He ... yes it got a bit silly at times with all the food and SOME alcohol!!.. such fun x

Diane x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


... was quilt group in Sandbach (Beartown) .. and we had a speaker (Nigel)who came to tell us all about ribbons and how they were made  I now know WAY MORE than I ever did about ribbons!! Who knew there was so much involved!.. certainly not me!!

It was a good evening and of course ..

you have to keep these local businesses going xx (that's ALL I'm saying xx lol x )

I was also given this..

OH MY GOODNESS! a sneaky taste almost took the top of my head off! I am SOOOoooo going to enjoy this xxx

Because  I KEPT telling you about it ..! I know you know about the workmen I had in recently ... well.. I am getting sorted BUT ...I keep finding projects .. in bags.. that I have obviously sorted ready to work on...

OH ! I will have to have a session of ... SORTING OUT!

Hey-Ho .. no time to get bored here xx

Diane xU

Monday, 22 September 2014


... the September block for the Christmas B-O-T-M I thought ... oh no! not another tree!

However .. I had a think and decided to change it up a bit ... well it is MY wall hanging/quilt after all xx !! lol x

SO... to-day I made my block..

and then continued the process of putting it together... there is one more long strip for the top .. next month...

I have to say I'm very happy with it x

Diane x

Saturday, 20 September 2014


... its a bit dull here this morning .. not complaining though , because, for the first time in WEEKS we have had some .. much needed .. rain . The air is much fresher .. you can hear the plants sucking it up ... AH! Very nice x

I have been putting off making the postcard for the swap this month. The theme is ....wait for it... free machine quilting!! GOOD LORD!!! I barely machine!! I know you need to practice at this .. but first, you have to have an interest!!... and I don't!

Hey-Ho... I'm not going to let my partner down.. even when I don't like the theme! SO...

this is my crummy effort! I had a go .. no more will be said! lol x

I was asked to make 4 Christmas bags ... money will be crossing palms here xx..... SO within 2 days of being asked I have made ..

SEE THE DIFFERENCE when I am motivated? lol x

I was looking at this cushion ...

.... remember I made it at Area day? Well I was thinking about how she said the whole look  can be changed around ... and so I changed it around and made ... 

I am really pleased with it x.....ALL I did was change the white from a dominant position .. and very obvious to a minor position ... its EXACTLY the same block xx

 How cool is that x ... I do have to laugh at myself sometimes !!! lol x

Off to find some more motivation ... NO free machine quilting ... or housework either come to that xx

Have a lovely time yourselves

Diane x

Monday, 15 September 2014


... another tea cosie to share xx After I made the big top....

I decided to make some one who ... not so long ago... would have been the star of the show...

I REALLY have to take a break from these xx LOL xx I have lots of other things to do!! He-He

Diane x