Monday, 2 May 2016

I AM...

... able to join in with The Word Photo Challenge 2016 this week on Shazs Blog. The word for this week is GREEN ... mm ... the obvious one to go for is the garden in its Spring wonder .. however the last couple of days we have had rain ..hail ..and a bit of snow with high winds.. so not at its best! lol x

SO..... I am going with ...

.....this ticks my GREEN boxes ..with the colour and with the fact of being made out of 100% British wool.. manufactured in Devon .. not too local but the same country! lol x.. and with no artificial content will Bio-degrade at the end of its (hopefully long) life ..... LASTLY I made it so its precious to me xx

Hope you like my choice x Why not pop over and have a go yourself.

Diane x

Thursday, 28 April 2016


.... I know that it is just under TWO WEEKS since I last posted... I can read the calendar.. I know it to be true... BUT my goodness.. it seems like months x

In that time ...I have had my oldest grandson stay with me while his mum was away.

Fought off a viral chest infection .. like a "normal" one but with flu like symptoms to make you feel horrid .. if it comes your way .. forget zombies they are pussy cats ...RUN as fast as you can!.. while you can .. because you wont even be able to crawl if it catches you !!

My mother was woken in the wee small hours with chest pain .. yes after five years pain free.. she had a heart attack. Following a rough couple of days she was stabilised and has now commenced on warfarin ... she at home putting an end to the "fun" my dad was having .. no more listening to the radio all day .. or eating what he wants /when he wants !! .... and having to do-as-he-is-told lol x

Best of all my FOURTH grandchild ...and FIRST granddaughter ...safely entered the world .... she and her mum are doing well...and big brother is besotted.. 

I hope you are all keeping well...and doing-as-you-are-told-to!!! Its good to be back in the land of the living x

Diane x

Saturday, 16 April 2016


... a Do-Your-Own-Thing day .....organised by Congleton Quilt Group to-day x

I had the oldest grandson for a sleep-over last night .. so poor boy had to get up EARLY... for a 13 yr old anyway xx... so that I could take him home on the way xx .. poor boy all his mates were still in bed .... well it was 09.25 !!x

I finished the log cabin mini quilt...

...the back is a fleece blanket from PoundStretcher.. soft and squishy.. and Non-moving .. remember the grey one.. groan?... and is a lovely plum/purple colour

I made a start on the next shawl ... is a beautiful mix of colours that remind me of bonfire night xx LOVE IT x... it looks a bit brighter in the picture than it really is in the flesh x

.....AND I worked on my retirement quilt .. that may well take another TWO years before it is done xx .. phew I was busy xx lol x

Hope you had a crafty day too x

Diane xx

Friday, 15 April 2016


... my local garden centre allows me to combine 2 loves... gardens/plants and food... they have a café that sells marvellous home made (well on the premises anyway!! lol ) food. This week I got to combine another love when I spotted...


Gotta love a tea caddy xx I spotted this lovely ...and it just had to come home with me xx I will drink the tea .. green tea with mint....

... and then add the tin to my growing collection .....I found quite a few in the BIG clean up x .. remind me to get a picture.

Last night was the second Quilt Group meeting of this week ...WHY do they all come at the same time?... it was Sandbach last night. We had a lovely lady called Edna who brought fabrics for sale ...YES I am still resisting although I had to NOT touch with my fingers... just looked longingly !! lol x

She brought along a small make for the ladies ... I have done this previously ...


and use mine all the time x ... it was a super night xx

This morning the sun was out and so were these lovely colours...


NOW sadly the clouds have rolled in and it looks like rain ... HEY-HO will make more plants I suppose xx

Benta has been reading my daughters blog.... Sally.... and wondering why I don't share the sort of information such as .....did you know that turtles breath through their bums!!!!!! .....REALLY ? ... I think I will leave that sort of thing to her lol x

I'm off to walk the boys before it pours down xx

Diane x

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


... was Congleton Quilt group meeting... they had a night where sales tables were allowed... SO .. I took along a box of donated fabrics to help raise funds for SANDBACH Quilt group  2016 charity... still with me? lol x

With the help of the wonderful ladies a total of £62 was raised .. fantastic x

Makes me happy that the funds are increasing slowly x Our charity this year is for a local Muscular Disease Centre.. dealing with everything from MS to muscular dystrophy and beyond x

This morning the glow was still in place ... UNTIL .. I opened the fridge door! The spare FOUR PINT bottle of milk ..on the bottom shelf thankfully ..... had leaked! So although the smell was not too bad there was milk all through the shelf and the drawer at the bottom ...

......sigh! You know how much I LOVE to clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... especially when I have to wash the stuff IN the drawer as well as the rest of the fridge!

It did go a bit quicker than I expected though because I had been looking at my daughters latest Blog post ..... ....and there was a link to a podcast about the Biosphere from the 1990s... I remember this from the time but did not know all the details .. makes you think. .....AND for someone who LOVES to read science fiction and the dystopia novels of the likes of S M Stirling and Emily St.John Mandel... and the rest it was fascinating.... WOW! that got a bit deep! lol x

Off to have the brew I was getting the milk for in the first place xxx

Have a great day x

Diane x

Monday, 11 April 2016


.... in Alsha's Word photo challenge 2016 is....... BLACK...

I thought long and hard for this one as there are so many ways to interpret it. My final choice is...

YES Gus is a ... mostly... BLACK dog .. but the reason I have chosen it is because he is going blind and slowly descending into a BLACK place xx He is mostly OK.. but he looses his ball and occasionally walks into things .... and has to be rescued and comforted x

He was never much of a runner .. quick burst then collapse panting!...... AND he always could find food day or night .. so no problems there xx lol

He needs a bit of guidance and extra love now and then ...  he is his usually grumpy/silly/usual self for 99% of the time x ... and he continues to bully and dominate Sam...

100% of the time xx

Wonder what the word for next week will be x

Diane x

Saturday, 9 April 2016


...I was getting ready to retire I heard about long leisurely days where there was TIME to do anything I wanted.. crafting, reading, watching films... reading Blogs .. WELL 2 years on I am CONVINCED I was given the wrong job description! I rarely get to do any of these things !!! lol x

To-day however ...I did xx

Yaaaay x I have been to Marthal for a Quilter Guild Area day xx The speaker was Lizzie Wall.... ... I LOVE her work .....she is a funny and inspirational teacher x I have done several of her workshops before.

(that isn't her at the front .. that is Margaret who as our glorious leader for the day xx) To-day we made chickens....

and YES I came home and finished it off xx ....

...OK ... I know it is very small and I think the background is a bit busy.. but it doesn't stop me loving this little wall hanging x

Lizzie says she loves teaching quilters as they are always happy to have a go .. remember my last quote about this? When I posted it I was having a go at learning to do a knit-on/appliqued border...

well... you know what? It was fine once I got going xx lol ...

.. and I had a go at one in double knitting..

.......onto the next challenge xx lol x

...and while I am talking about .. having a go daughter is having a go at Blogging .. so if you have a few minutes free you may want to go over and have a look x .... x 

Diane xx