Thursday, 28 August 2014


 .... with this weeks post for ...Alsha's Space: 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge .. but better late than never at all x lol x

The word for this week was BLUE... a good colour .. there are flowers and birds and the sky .. oh! The list is endless x I decided to show you a wall hanging that.. according to the label..

I made in 2006!! Now how did that get soooo long ago? lol x I used LOTS of different BLUE fabrics in this one ...

I also used lots of different embellishments xx

 I had fun making it and playing with different fabrics and techniques .I didn't have a plan .. as usual x ..I just went with the flow xx He-He x

Diane xx


..... my own lap top is coming home xx HOPEFULLY all be back to normal x

That means PICTURES xx .. and being able to read and comment on posts x

.... NORMAL .. if such a thing happens here ! lol

Diane x

Sunday, 24 August 2014


... I'm back already xx I forgot I was going to share some news with you !! The old grey cells you know !! lol x

As many of you will know ... because I don't let you forget!!.. my daughter is in Australia x Her partner is a member of the volunteer Fire Brigade .. and they have been organising a fund raising for leukaemia.

Blair had LOOOOONNNNGGGG dreadlocks .. and a beard ... WELL he DID!!

Yesterday .. as part of the event .. they were ALL shaved off! He alone ( between here and Australia ) raided $2000 !! The total for their unit is nearly $7,000 x

If you go to and click on the picture link ....he is the 3rd article along .....and you can see the transformation x I did not recognised him!! Looked a bit like Ragnor Lothbrook at one time !! (that's for VIKINGS fans .. they will understand xx lol x)

Sally will need to tag him as I am sure she will lose the "new" Blair and not be able to describe him!! lol

Diane x


... a visit from the Postman x He brought my Christmas block .. all the way from Australia x..

so pretty x

I also found this lovely tree ornament wrapped up inside ..

mind you it looks good on the light switch too x

Diane x

Friday, 22 August 2014


... to say  ... I AM A SWAP ADDICT!!!! lol x I don't think I will be going to a swap addicts anonymous meeting anytime soon x lol x

I was sent an invite to join a Flikr Trick-Or-Treat-Halloween-Swap .. and while I was thinking ..should I ? I realised I had already partially filled the form in!! lol x .. OH! Well never mind x

I managed to find a bit of fabric in my stash..

We are to make a little bag .. all the same size .. but in our own style x I had a go today .. inside ..


the suggestion was to tie a knot in the draw strings ... but WHY when a couple of beads makes it look good?..

I had fun making this ... and if it turns out my partner will prefer something different ? OH DEAR! I will have to keep this one .. and make another xx lol x

Waiting for my partner now xx

Diane x

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


... there must have been a time when I could not read .. but I can't remember it x I have always been an avid reader .. of ...well anything really x I DO like Science Fiction/fantasy .. but will give most things a try .... including non-fiction .. mm quilting books are pretty interesting xx

When I was working it did sometimes slow down ... but the kids grew up with me "in" a book .. I can knit and read .. and wash up and read .. should I go on? lol xx

Since I retired I have picked up again ... I have found and read some new stories ....and re read some old favourites x

I have read and re-read Game Of Thrones since the first book .. copies are in tatters! ...

... the TV series has been such fun .. what have they kept .. what have they changed ? NOW the family are taking note and asking .. where is this going? lol x

Another I have returned to is ..

( don't know where my original copy is !! Had to buy a new one .. not complaining though x) ... just in time to find out they have made a series!!... OH YES!!.. so now I have another series to get involved with xx Not on in the UK yet .. but they had lottery funding and BBC input .. so soon I hope x In the mean time there is the Internet x... maybe be my name .. McClure .. but there is SOMETHING about a man in a kilt!! lol x

I think it was reading and listening to them speak Gaelic that set me off ...  I am a MEGA fan of ..


...this t-shirt is very old and washed out  .. the concert was in Manchester in 1995 .. (GOSH THAT SEEMS LIKE A LONG TIME AGO!!) my mum and Sally were with me and we ALL stood on the chairs and sang our hearts out .. YES even my mother!! lol x

I have been listening to ..

.....which sets me to missing Sally and having a GOOD OLD CRY xx Does us all good occasionally x I have MANY of their albums .. notice this is also somewhat tattered!.. but this one ALWAYS get to me!! lol x (you can find them on YouTube .. they sing in English too ... RUNRIG... x)

Have a wonderful day x ..I'm going off to start re-reading Dragonfly In Amber .. next in the series x

Diane x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


... for August has been the Stash block .. there has been a delay because this months queen had a last minute family event. So ... here is my last swap for this month..

went in the post yesterday .

I was given some blocks to make a Linus quilt ... (it is Sandbach Quilt Group charity for 2014 and they will be delivered later in the year x)....

I made them up into an alphabet quilt ..

and used the fleece I got in the sale at Abakhan for the back ..

some of the blocks are a real mixture of words .. not sure where she got them from .. OR how long she had them .. "maturing" !! .....

how many K words can you find? ... I got ... kangaroo .. kerchief .. kebab ..ketchup.. kettle .. kitchen 

I was struggling for a while until I realised that .. for some reason there is NO letter W !!

I also used this In my daughters Facebook challenge page     as the word for this month is ANIMAL ( )

It is pouring down here so .. off to sew I go xx Its a tough life being retired xx lol x

Diane x