Monday 12 December 2022

IT IS…..

 ….09.15 am and the temperature is - 3. We have some wonderful cobweb sculptures…

…and the fog is rolling in…

.. if this continues we will be having a “white Christmas” this year x

It did snow a little last week … but soon went x

Stay safe … and warm. X

Diane x

Wednesday 9 November 2022


 … this month is all about Christmas makes. I have been asked to help out with one of the makes, mine is ….

I have made up my packs …

.. and am ready to go x Wish me well x lol

Stay safe

Diane x 

Thursday 3 November 2022


 .. I go out and feed the birds ,and then walk around the garden to see how it has fared over the night x

There is not much colour left as it gets colder….

.. mostly we have a LOT of brown and orange. I found some unexpected brown…

You just never know what you will find. x My grandsons are wondering if the fairies shelter there overnight x Got to love a child’s imagination x

Stay safe

Diane x

Monday 31 October 2022


 … Quilt group we have had an ongoing project for 2022 related to appliqué. The idea was to take an inspiration photo postcard or painting and make a piece… no bigger than A4, using appliqué.

I started one …. Then LIFE happened. My dad became ill and then died .. so all went on hold. When everything settled down and I returned to my project …. oh no ! I won’t say I hated it …. but !

SO.. an new inspiration picture was found…

… and I began again. THIS…

.. will be my entry for the completed piece. I am MUCH  happier with this one x 

I used raw edge appliqué to begin with, then layered organza over the top… this (hopefully !) gives the illusion of distance. Then I appliquéd over the top of this , adding beads and quilting stitches to add texture.

The entries are not due until the AGM in January .. but we all know the season that is RUSHING towards us !

Stay safe

Diane x

Sunday 30 October 2022


 … googled. “What do an octopus eyes look like” ? LOL I know what a question! 

The reason I ask is because one of my grandsons request for Christmas is …. You guessed an octopus! ( I did not ask why!)

I have made it and wondered what type of eyes to use ….. oh my goodness ! What a rabbit hole that was x lol

Here is the result…

. It is kind of fun x

I also finished an ENORMOUS rabbit for my granddaughters Christmas box..

.. it turned into a labour of love x It is super chunky and WRECKED My hands x Good job I do love her x

Over the next few days I am planning to finish a couple of projects … so watch this space x

Stay safe

Diane x

Tuesday 18 October 2022


 … who will be 7 next week “announced “ that he was going to make biscuits ALL BY MYSELF!

Slightly alarming, to say the least,,',,, however this was his result ..

The learning curve was steep, and included the fact that when told it was a good idea to get them out … listening is a good idea ! lol However he did very well and wants to do more x So a win x

While the oven was on I used it to make some sausage rolls…

.. and now the slow cooker has a chicken casserole bubbling away ..

If you pop in the biscuits and sausage rolls are GONE I am afraid … but the casserole smells wonderful x 

Stay safe

Diane x

Thursday 13 October 2022


 .. we have had a LOT of this…

.. and some of this…

SO .. it has been an inside sort of time….. also I have had my COVID and FLU booster jabs and I wanted to be inside and drink tea xx 

 . I made a new badge for quilt group…

My old one(s) are no longer fit to be seen! lol

I also read this book..

I have had it for a while but never picked it …. WHY ? I do not know because it was funny and a good read ! Going to find the next in the series now x

The next book is

We will see how it goes x !

I have not been in the garden very much , we have some colour left

.. but it is sadly coming to an end …. Time to be planning for next year x

The slow cooker is bubbling along this morning … I wish I could share the smell x It is our “bottom of the fridge” soup. ie. Lentils and what ever I can find ! Today is half an onion half a pepper 2 rashers of bacon and a bit of ham, a stock cube and some water x My mouth is watering x lol

Stay safe

Diane x