Saturday, 30 July 2016

I HAVE.....

.... been thinking about another LACE project since I finished this one...

.....earlier this year. They are projects that require a MAXIMUM of brain power to knit ....and keep track of where you (well... ME anyway!!) are up to!.. so an investment of time and concentration is required x I have started this ...

..project .. and am VERY happy with the way it is knitting up x It is really written for 4ply but was easy to adapt to 2ply lace weight .... and is working well x

HOWEVER it does NOT work in anyway when I am out with the parents at their various Drs appointments .. as I am sure you can imagine!

SO.. I went to my stash and patterns and found what I wanted x The skein I chose is BEAUTIFUL.. as it should be .. because it is 50% SILK .... I have had it for a while... HOWEVER ..(isn't there always a ..BUT..) when it arrived in the post it had come undone and was SOOOOO TANGLED!!.. however I set to and sorted it out!!.. see WITCHY powers coming out again xx lol

I just had a little bit that had to be cut out...

NOW... (Hard to get a good picture of the beautiful colours and sheen x)....

....I have a project that can be done on the go and put down .... even in the middle of a row... then picked up again with out any problem as to .. where the heck am I up to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend xx

Diane x

Friday, 29 July 2016


... of days of appointments ...for mum and dad ....I managed to find a time slot .... to make a second tool caddy..

..... this one will be for my friends birthday .. regulars will remember she loves PINK and SPARKLY xx I am sure she will love it .. also she loves make-up so I am thinking I will buy her some brushes etc. to go with it x

I have made another hat..

.. I thought it was variegated wool .. until I started work on it .. nice surprise but I don't think it will work with Sally's wool x

I finished my book and have now moved onto...

this is the first of a trilogy ....all about Witches, Vampires, Daemons and humans .. mixed in with time travel and an ancient mystery.. works for me xx

There is a link to a site where you can answer a questionnaire that tells you which YOU are ... I am a witch!!!!!!!!!!!!.... well that answers a LOT!! lol x

Makes me happy too x 

Diane x

Monday, 25 July 2016


... to get some sewing today. I had the pieces for this cut out and ready to go .. it was a quick job to sew... after a while reading the instructions!.. they were not very clear.. mind you to be honest .. they were not improved by my dropping them into a bowl of water!! lol


....was our make from Sandbach Quilt Group last meeting. I changed the closure .... it was originally elastic .. but I didn't have any .. so improvised xx.. as you do x..

I LOVE to read and ALWAYS have at least one on the go . I just finished..

......which is about Penelope Deveraux who was a Lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth the First .. enjoyable but don't know if I would read it again .. in contrast to ..

......which I am reading for (at least!!) the third time x When I REALLY like a book I it quickly to discover the story .. then again to find the " interesting bits" I missed xx

Diane x

Saturday, 23 July 2016


... is still dry here in Cheshire... just a little bit cooler at 20 -25 degrees ...... and we have NOT had any of the thunder storms that were forecast xx Suits me much better x

I have been to a Do-Your-Own-Thing session to-day organised by Congleton Quilt Group x We were a select group .. holidays , other commitments, and unfortunately one of our members has fallen and broken her leg (!!.. rather extreme way to avoid us xx lol x) 

We had .. not one .. BUT TWO weddings to keep us entertained .. mind you the bells get a bit much after a while! lol

I put together some hexagons.....

and finished off a hat...

YES ....its Double Knitting weight .. but I am trying out patterns to try and decide which to use for Sally's wool... 

.. I spent a fun time looking for patterns ... GOSH ....time can fly away when you are having fun !! lol x I don't think it will be this one .. mm I must find a victim/volunteer to model it a little better! lol .......AND remember .....woolly and warm hats are needed in winter x

Diane x

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


... happened yesterday .. I was too busy enjoying myself xx

I was  doing errands in the morning .. then talking to my grandson in Perth (Western Australia) on Skype... then out for a VERY enjoyable dinner and committee meeting with the ladies of Sandbach Quilt Group ... could have stayed all afternoon AND stayed for tea HOWEVER.. it was the last of the summer meetings at Congleton Quilt Group .... MORE food as it was the Summer party xxx

I won a prize in the raffle ..

I am really liking the note books that are around at the moment x

This morning as I was watering the garden I remembered to take the camera with me..

THEN when I came in I set to and made the Swap Block... has gone in the post already !!!! lol x

AND I finished my latest shawl... is so HOT at the moment it blocked and dried in no time at all x ( it was 30 yesterday and ... just checked 30.5 degrees C to-day........... these are very RARE temperatures for us .. Thank Goodness!))

Diane xx

Monday, 18 July 2016


... I got the pattern and fabric for my July Brit-Bee swap block...

...when I read it my shoulders went up .. and I thought "OH DEAR" .. or words with those letters anyway! lol

SO.. this morning I made my practice block ...

..mmm I was right to be unhappy x Mind you I have learnt A LOT from the practice... I was CONSIDERING making the real one ... when the Postman called

I knew my daughter was sending me a parcel.. and in it was included some wool that she had had a go at dying .. and then got in a tangle. I had said (as you do as a parent!!!!!!!!!!!!!) .. don't worry send it to me and I will sort it out .. and make you something with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT was I thinking!!? lo

THIS... what I got..

.. those words were said AGAIN!!

After 3++ HOURS I had..

.. the fluffy bit on the right is all I threw away x....  after another 10 MINUTES I have... now I can think about WHAT to make with it xx lol .. practicing patience/pig-headedness does pay-off sometimes xxx

Diane x

Sunday, 17 July 2016


... is my birthday month .. and I have some wonderful friends who helped me make it a month long celebration xx

Here are just some of the ways they helped me extend it...

I ALSO had 3 meals out with different groups of friends .. too busy eating to take pictures xx lol x

Have fun

Diane x

Saturday, 16 July 2016


... as well as playing with and learning to use the new laptop ... WHAT have I been doing? Well..... after my session with the foundation piecing at Sandbach Quilt Group I had really good feedback. x One block has become a cushion....

..some of the ladies are going to make their blocks into a Linus quilt...

.....LOTS of smiley faces ... and converts to foundation piecing ..

....some were working on the block at the last meeting xx We had a tutorial for a sewing notions keeper .. mine has been cut out and is going to be sewn next week xx ... because I am finally feeling like I want to sew again xx 

I finished the MANY coloured shawl...

AND THEN.. continued with the MANIC colours and made... 

I am now calming down (!) and have a beautiful semi-solid on the needles..

It has been POURING with rain recently which is doing the gardens good .. but the dogs.. well Gus mostly .. are NOT happy xx lol x

I think I am getting the hang of this again x

Hope you are all well and crafting fun things xx

Diane x