Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Today we welcome Samantha and Lea as our latest friends...... hope you have a good time with us here in this corner of Cheshire xx

WELL I did it, I have layered up the wedding quilt ....... NOW I need a lie down! It is hanging over the banister rail and I don't want anything more to do with it for a while xx

I am back at work to night, so, there will not be anything very much done to it anyway xx I have 7 nights to work and THEN we will be using these..

for our theatre visit for February....AH! I love to have something to look forwards to xx

NOW to tell you about last night at Congleton quilt group. I took Sally's little bag... very popular again maybe I should make another one xx I came home with MORE than I went with!

FIRST, our gallant leader, Pam, is under going treatment for breast cancer and has put out an appeal for pillows to support arms with lymphodaema......she does not have it thankfully, but a lot of the ladies do..... this soft jersey like fabric and a pattern were on offer

It was wonderful that they ALL went and more are to be made up.

I also came away with more hexagon packs... I made one this morning while having my breakfast...

Some of you will remember that Joan challenged me to make the Christmas quilt with the fabrics she had had for "some" time xx Well last night she produced some more that she has had for about 10 years!! This time there was NO challenge to make it up for next time....... but I could NOT resist!! So, now I have ANOTHER project to make !! ... what do you think? ...

I have quite a few ideas running round in my head xxx and will be doing this ......SOON

We got a demonstration and instructions for the felt project... it is a heart shaped sewing case .... I have not finished it yet so that will be finished and pictures posted soon as well xx

STILL HERE? Well done, I promise I have finished now.... off for a cup of tea and relaxation for the shoulders and knees after all that layering up xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Carla said...

Your quilt is gorgeous. Hope the happy couple like it

Pippa Parsons said...

oh I love that panel, I've got a halloween one to finish, how much of the other fabrics have you got, how about a one block swoon quilt :) love the wedding quilt too btw...I noticed the blocks the other day but thought it was intentional....

quiltmania said...

The floral with the orange looks like it will be fun to work with. Can hardly wait to see what it becomes. Have fun at the theatre! I'm a little jealous.

Annabelle said...

I love the crazy fabrics! Madame Butterfly is my very favourite. Lucky you. xx