Thursday, 23 February 2012


First off, hello to Debbie who is joining us here in this corner of what today has been a sunny  Cheshire xx

As the title says , there has not been any sewing done here today....... just watch out tomorrow!!

When I got up the sun was shining, and , it was WARM!! SPRING must be coming at last. I am not going to get too excited ... this IS the UK after all!

It has encouraged the beginning of the garden coming to life..

I had all the doors and windows open, the washer was working and the line was full of clothes blowing and drying.....DAMMN! NOW I have to iron it all!


I have cleaned ALL of upstairs AND down the stairs.... when I got there the steam ran out! Maybe the sun will shine again tomorrow and I will get downstairs done!!

I took mum to the hospital today...YES its my day off... where else would I go!! She had a cardiac echogram and now has a tape fitted that will last for 7 days.... so next week I get to take it back!!

These are my 2 best friends at the moment...

WHY?   Could be because I just took this out of the oven!!!....

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Radka said...

Oh, we also had some blue sky today! It does make you feel better:), but not enough to clean the house in my case ;)
Thanks for your visit!

Pippa Parsons said...

yum yum send me some, we had a lovely warm 12c sunny and gorgeous day on Wednesday but today its been much colder and drizzle with rain :(

PJ said...

Well, no wonder they are your Best Friends! YumYum

Annabelle said...

Good to have a few sewing days off. xx