Thursday, 2 February 2012

panic !!

Its time for the dogs to have a BATH!! SO, the bedding has been washed, they have been for a long walk....... and then I can creep up on Gus and dump him in the water...HE HATES WATER!!! I have to restrain Sam from joining in and having 2 baths ... yes...he LOVES water!

They are both dry... had their "flea stuff" on and .......

There you go!

Now .... what is the title of the blog about? WELL, one of the girls who works with me announced at New Year that she and her partner (been together for 15 years!!) are getting married xx wonderful news. Will I make them a quilt?... Of Course I will ... when is the wedding?

MAY 5TH!!! now ..............SEE WHY I AM IN A PANIC?

I have been trying to pin them down re DETAILS!!

They are paying for the wadding and back, I will make and supply the fabric for the top. WELL, yesterday I got them to agree to colours, she wants bright and pretty.....he wants "manly" ... I think we have managed something close to what  each of them wants ..... NOW the work can begin.......

Did I say .....its MAY 5th?

Keep smiling

Diane xx


pattypan.2 said...

Hi Diane

I can see why you are in a panic! But what a lovely pressie.

Suggestion re the dogs; we use one of those hand held sprays that you put on the taps (you know the rubber ones. Don't turn it on until the dog is in the bath and then gently turn the water on and so far Missy has been really good doing it this way on. Just a suggestion might save one or two wrestles.

Take care



Shaz@Alshas said...

What a wonderful opportunity for you to make something so nice for the couple, even if it is May 5th!
Now you can join the fun 'cos mines March 30th (grand daughters 18th!)
We'll have to keep posting details so we can egg each other on!

Your boys do look soo exhausted after their baths.


Annabelle said...

Nce manly colours - now to make it pretty. Ah ... dog bathing .. the joys of NOT needing to do it any more! xx

Amanda said...

It will be fun to see how your quilt progresses. We have to bath Ruby every month or so as she gets so wet and muddy in the fields. She's okay, but moans gently the whole time, and because she's got so much fur stays damp for ages. I've tried using the hairdryer but she really doesn't like that.

Debra said...

aaaah, now I can see the bubble background. I like it. Great idea to walk them before bathing. They look ultra relaxed and I hope you are too now.

Good luck with the quilt, get stuck in.