Saturday, 11 February 2012


Welcome to PJ ,sorry I don't have any other name, hopefully you will enjoy visiting here with us xx

To answer a question, the backing fabric for the wedding quilt is brown and cream, didn't come out awfully well x

I spent sometime reading this today...

OH! It just gives me MORE ideas for projects I want to do! Someone is stealing time off me as it is!!

I LOVE jam!! ....Now, that is not just a random comment!... because I eat it I buy a jar, now, I LIKE marmalade, but not enough to buy a  big I buy the little jars from Morrisons...... when I finished this jar

I didn't just wash and throw in the recycling, I love the fact that it is a hexagon, I felt I had to use it.

The above is one of my (many) embellishment drawers, as you can see one of the packets has bust, so.... I have scooped them out and now...

They live in the little jar xx

This fabric was to be my VIOLET offering for today... but it looks more BLUE in this picture

and this one looks PINK OH well... nothing like a bit of variety lol x 

keep smiling

Diane xx


Judy Blinkenberg said...

I have seen that upper fabric before. Can't remember. You sure get stuff done. And look at your followers. Great job Diane.

mammafairy said...

I like odd shaped jars too, but jars are seldom thrown away in this house- I make too many jams, jellies, pickles- ever tasted cucumber pickle? A small taste of heaven, I promise you! - and marmalade. Nothing beats home made marmalade!

And your first fabric offering is violet on my screen ;-)


I haven't read anything yet but I have a whole load of things in my head that I would like to do (as if I didn't have a list already this year!). I hope I can get involved in some more swaps this year to :) I particularly like your bottom fabric offering whatever its colour it looks like a lot of fun :)

PJ said...

Thanks Diane for the nice welcome. I'm a Pam but sometimes go by PJ.
Strange how picture sometimes can look slightly different in color than their real life colors. It does look blue to me too.