Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I finished my rota of nights this morning. Now, normally I would sleep until about 3pm... then tootle around (doing not a lot!!) and go to bed at about 10pm and sleep DEEPLY until about 7am next morning. BUT today I had to get up at 1pm....I KNOW!! I went and got mum and took her up to the hospital ( I obviously don't spend enough time there!) for an outpatient appointment, this was to be the final visit after her cardiac stenting last December.

WELL, the Dr said ...your blood pressure is fine, your weight has reduced, you have passed all the assessments with the cardiac rehab programme....BUT....your pulse does not seem quite right!!

SO TWO HOURS LATER ... following an ecg, x-ray, blood tests and leaving cards in the ecg dept for ANOTHER cardiac echo and 5 day tape recordings!!! Plus a visit to pharmacy, we have come home with the news she NOW has AF!! OH well! At least she goes for the conditions that are treatable XX

I found these in the shop while she was in x-ray..

A "proper  VIOLET  offering ...... I didn't know they came in GIANT size! and they are a different colours to the ones I remember xx

I am off for my tea and a cup of tea.... may manage a little snooze as well xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Catherine said...

You're a hard worker. I hope you have a really good night's sleep!

Maggi said...

Glad that your mum has something that is treatable although I suspect you would rather not have had to spend your first rest day in a hospital. I remember Parma Violets well but have never seen giant ones before either. I didn't know they were still made - a nice bit of nostalgia.

Rosemary said...

Hope all is well with you mom. You're a very good daughter and deserve to sleep all day! I'm wondering if you're going to end up eating those parma violets! I wouldn't be able to resist!

Mad about Craft said...

They probably used to have a colour in them that isn't now permitted. I must have been the only child in Christendom that didn't like them, they certainly used to be popular.

Ola said...

Oh, poor you, just finished a night shift myself:( Was ok but I want my bed... Hope your Mum feels better soon. x x

Kelly said...

Oh your poor mum and you! Those sweets are the devils work though, yuck!!!!