Saturday, 25 February 2012


OH! I AM SO HAPPY I am dancing on the ceiling....the dogs think I have gone mad!!!

I have been out all day....more about that later!.... on the way home I called at mum and dads and had a cuppa.... then I came home , there was a parcel on the mat from Australia...OH! I thought Sally has sent me a present THEN because the boys have been on their own all day I took them for a walk...STILL WITH ME?   when I got back I looked at the parcel properly AND THAT'S WHEN IT STARTED


This is what was in it ...


Its my mouthy stitches bag xxxxxxxx

I was not expecting it to arrive until later this week!!

These are my "extra" bits (ps forgot to tell you it was made by Katie, )

Mine went earlier in the week because it has gone to Canada and it seems their postal service is C£*>P!!!

OH! it is so ME, rainbow colours.....AND GREEN, and embellishments and quirky!!



You don't know it but I have been for a cup of tea and a stroke of my bag xx.. NOW the rest of this may be a bit boring so I understand if you nod off, or go for a walk... or just leave and come back tomorrow ! xx

Where have I been today? Well I have been to the  Quilters Guild Regional day (we are region 13). The venue was changed... and yes I missed the turning and had to go up the road and come back!!

The morning speaker was Lizzie Wall... oh her work is STUNNING.( I think she may have a web site..not sure XX)

Then this afternoon we made an owl... I will show you this when it is finished...I feel it is a "he" and will become a cushion cover when finished.

OF COURSE there were traders and as I had a bit of money "in the back of my purse".. that special place where money for special project lurks! So these came home with me..

AND this panel..

DID I MENTION how much I love my bag?

If you made it to the end..well done and bless you xx

I'm BEAMING so you keep smiling

Diane xx


ga447 said...

You have had a wonderful day.


No wonder you are so happy, that was definitely a goody, the Australian postal system must be good! Guess the rest of us will just have to follow the tutorial and make our own ;)

Anne said...

Lucky you! I have been watching her make that pouch on her blog.

KOcanQuilt said...

Wow, I love that twist on the side of the bag. Very creative. And I love your fabric finds.

Annabelle said...

That is so cute - I love the quirky design. xx

quiltmania said...

Nothing like a wonderful surprise in the mail. The bag is very cute!

Sarah Lou said...

That's brilliant, I love the two different styles - they're so different but complement each other really well. A nice reward for all that hard work you put in on yours!